Monday, February 21, 2011

He's A Doll Marshall Copeland Cut Out And Jubells Conan!

FallenAngel has been experimenting with the cut out doll idea for a while now. Yesterday he surprised me with this really thoughtful gift. Marshall Copeland as a doll is pretty slick! He beefed him up really nicely. Check out how big and thick that scarf is! NICE!
To add to the surprise he set about creating a classic explorer outfit for him too! I will have to try to think of some more outfits to see him in. I like this concept a lot! It's great to try out new concepts with and maybe get a little feedback along the way.

FallenAngel didn't stop there! He came up with a brand new prototype character just for us to play around with. He's nameless and story less at this time. All we know is he is a beach boy. Maybe he is a from a tribe on a gay Island paradise, or a surfer of the Prehistoric Paradise seas? Maybe he can be one of Marshalls crew men, or a caveman sweet heart for Dore? Feel free to leave your thoughts on him! He's one chunk of dark hunk!

Thanks so much Fallen!

Speaking of dark hunks, take a look at this super fucking hot image from Jubell! Jubell and I were talking about cartoons from our youth that don't get much attention. Conan the Adventurer instantly comes to my mind. With it's continuing story line and awesome cast of hunks I am shocked that there is not even a fraction of yaoi regarding it. Let's face it, the show has as much potential as even the great He-Man. The shows a total sausage fest! I am thrilled and delighted to present this image to you here of Jubells take on Conan and Prince Zula!

I have been totally dreaming of this pairing for decades! LOL. I actually wanted to have a few images of these two done, but each time I attempted it, the plans never came to be. So I am really thankful to Jubell on this one. Jubell went all out here, double finger action, beautiful cut cock on Zula, soft comfy pillows....Conans red nose made me laugh. Looks like he over did it with the drink this day. The wine is doing it's job though. I would guess Zulas incredibly handsome face is definitely sober and enjoy this attention to the max.

Thanks so much Jubell! Awesome stuff!

Might as well end this with one more gift. A friend of mine went to Hong Kong and brought back some really cool stuff. One of the things he brought was this collection of Rumic World bobble head figures.


  1. Nyarf! lookee those chibis :D - FallenAngel

  2. Oh those are so cool! X3 I love the Inuyasha one, personally. He is pretty static but it's simple pose also makes it great anywhere on a shelf. Oh and he's cool. Really cool collection, that's an awesome gift, for sure. :D

  3. Oooh I love this picture by Jubell, the characters are so cartoony, totally expressive ! Look at their awesome faces !



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