Sunday, May 31, 2015

Acamas Tops The Cake

Actually if Acamas topped a cake, there wouldn't be much left of it at all.  Instead he is adding some extra toppings to it!  A very thoughtful gift to go along with Vann at Banana beach from the week previous.  They were both sweet birthday gifts from FallenAngel!  You won't get fat off the sweetness Acamas added to the birthday cake.  I wish I could really grab a slice of that! ;D

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birthday Balancing Act By Sirio

Hey guys! I got some early birthday gifts to share with you all. I can't think of a better image to start then with this boner bringing balancing act by Sirio! Ah, man, this just sums up my lie going into my 38th year. It's one big balancing act! Always hoping I can bring the sexy and not make a mess online! Hee hee. Maybe Sirio is trying to say that I'm at the point where I am stuck in balance between being old and still being kind of ....well, not really young, but certainly not old! XD Anyway I love it and wish I could tap an ass as sexy as Will Northerns here.  (That's not happening tonight with family over!)  He might be a joker, but he always sends out a serious message about his sexual intentions. I hope you guys love this one! I know I do!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Space Cadet Void Tribute

I got something super special for you guys today.  Yesterday was Victoria day, but I didn't need to go out to see  fireworks. Nah, my PC was pumping out one heck of a display thanks to Makuro.  What I have is a couple of pieces so grand, that Patrick Fillion himself created a cover variant for the Void comic using one of the pieces.  I was very honored.  (He did this some time after he got back on his chair, that is.hee hee.)

The reason I decided to ask Inmomakuro to draw an image of Byron with Void was in celebration of my own personal love for this comic.  How many days has this been out for now?  I can almost count the days by the tissues used.... BLUSHES.  Yeah, I have been returning to both this and Space Cadet 3 a lot, I am not embarrassed to say.  YES THERE ARE SPOILERS in the images below.   So avert your eyes now if you  haven't read Space Cadet three yet!
I hope you guys are ready for this feast of space meat!  Inmomakuro has Void totally enjoying his young pray. I ordered up some foreskin stretching, ass spreading, nipple caressing action and he delivered in freaking spades!  Get ready for a full body boner!

In this variation we get to see right up Byrons butt!! Sexy!!! XD  

This one has his cock solid, but smooth as silk! 

Void creating an wormhole for Byron to pass through in this bit of eye candy! 

Byron makes the painful and pleasurable trip through void.  His ass is open wide and if Void tugs any harder, he's gonna be circumcised again!!! 

You can check out all his wonderful art here:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Vann Is Ready For Banana Beach!

Happy Victoria day 2015 everyone!  With summer pretty much here, our boys are ready tit the beach.  Vann Illia is really excited about showing off his new beach outfit Fallenangel created for him!  I'm not sure what exactly he is looking at, but by the way he is stretching those speedos, I would bet it's not bananas!  This awesome gift was sent to me from FallenAngel on Friday.  A perfect way to usher in the first long weekend of summer.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  I'll be here, at home getting caught up on Bob's Burgers and American Dad. I have one more surprise to end the weekend with.  Hope you will come back to see it!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Skelldon Stands Tall By Xelgot

Hey guys I got a slew of great art for you this long weekend.  Stuff from many talented artist.  I'm going to start my posting with this pure piece of eye candy by Xelgot.  I am new to Xelgots art.  I discovered him on Tumblr when I had just started posting.  (Thank you explore feature.)  I must say, he does some absolutely wonderful pieces.  Many of which I have reblogged!  I was really excited that he opened up his commission just now and I was fortunate enough to snag a slot.
He's very sweet to work with.  The communication is great and he produced this piece with great speed. I can highly recommend him to anyone looking to get a picture done.  He does not do nudes, but as Mr. Burns says, "Call me old-fashioned, but movies were sexier when the actors kept their clothes on."  That is certainly applicable to this piece! The focused eyes of Xelgots Skelldon drew me right into the image.  It was like I could feel the breeze and almost caress that perfectly chiseled body.   Sigh... :D  Where was I?  Oh is the picture.  Enjoy!

You can check out his tumblr here:

His Deviantart page can be found through this link here:

You will find a wide variety of beautiful fantasy men and woman on both sites!  I hope you guys will take the time to check him out.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vann Is All Tied Up AGAIN!

Hey guys!  Ready for the long weekend?  Let's start the May two four fireworks a little early, with some art that is sure to light up your Thursday night.  Tonight I have the first project in eons from Kagami06.  He's got our hunk hero Vann Illia all tied up.  Ah,  just like old times!  This is similar to how he was first presented back in 2011. It's hard to believe that was 4 long years ago. 
This time though, I doubt he's been tried up by a sage centaur.  At least he is not alone. Captured along side him is the stunning Kraw Lash.  The reptile man is looking very mature under Kagamis pen.  Who it is that has managed to capture these two beauties is unknown.  Vann is looking super pissed though. (Not to mention a little turned on.)  Kraws snarky look at whoever is approaching them, may be a good indication that he knows those ropes won't be able to hold our heroes for much longer. In that case, their capture better have some tricks up his sleeve, or he is as good as fucked....

I am very proud to present these to you tonight.  Kamagi surprised me with a number of verification!  Enjoy!

Woo woo, incoming totally naked version:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dimata & Barbarian Dick Size Comparison

Hey guys, this was another little, well not so little gift for Lastmanouthere on his special day.  Fallen and I decided to have his Barbarian bone hunter warrior placed amongst some prehistoric beasts.  The warrior is used to winning any challenge he faces. It's hard to come up on top in a dick measuring contest with a mammoth human though. You can only flex and pop your boner so much.  The bone hunter has lost to Dimatas megalithic man meat. He might be looking frustrated, but I am sure Dimata knows how to make him smile..or at least moan... I hope you guys enjoy this piece.
Shall we continue this pairing?

You can find Lastmans original work (originally done in 2010, but given new life in 2014) here!

Bone Barbarian

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Inmomakuro Has Got Centaur Suiji Kǒudài Cumming!

Inmomakuro had a very busy night!  I went to sleep just after sending him a concept for Suiji Kǒudài and woke up at 6 am with this waiting in my inbox!! (And I stress that it had been waiting, it wasn't just there!)  Being a centaur, even a Lucky Chinese one, means that jerking off can pose a bit of a problem.  Suiji is a clever boy though. He's found the best way to tickle that itch ever mounting in his loins is a good feather.  When the lusty feelings grow intense and his boner won't settle down a good 10 min tickle is all he needs to blow a steamy wad.  It's a bit torturous, but Suiji always enjoys inducing a little pain, even if it is on himself. That's what makes sex for him so enjoyable, I guess!  What I am enjoying this morning is this extraordinary piece by Master Makuro. I hope you guys like it too!

Please check out his other works here:

You can support him here:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vann Illia Meets Disney's Hercules! Barbarian Circle Jerk Ensues

Hey guys, let's us kick off  this first Thursday of May with some mega Disney action!  It is all thanks to the talented pen of Phausto.  Phausto has been setting tumblr on fire with his awesome renditions of Disney hunks getting it on. When he offered some commissions on the weekend, I decided to see what our Elfish one would look all Disney Style.  I had to pick my favorite Disney hunk of all time to come along for the ride, of course! Phausto gladly drew Hercules and Vann Illia having a hot circle jerk. Order up of super thick uncut Grecian cock for the barbarian!  Phausto was nice enough to even feature both of Vann Illias hair styles and a sticky cum filled version as well.  I hope you guys like it and will check out his tumblr and commissions! 

Check out his tumblr here!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ueuecoyotl The Warrior Is Ready

Hey Guys. I meant to post this last night, but I got caught up playing a game called Evolution.  Dang thing says play time is one hour, but two hours later we were still fighting through it. Anyway, I am very proud to present to you guys Sirio's piece for Lastmanouthere.  We chose Ueuecoyotl the jaguar brother.  He might be below Janatu on the military scale, but he's certainly not lacking in hotness thanks to Sirio.  His big, brown, floppy dick is getting rock hard at the thought of inserting Lastmanouthere with his birthday surprise!  I hope you guys enjoy it!  I wish I could plant my mouth over that cock, I tell you what... XD

What is Evolutoin?  It's a board game that I picked up during my trip to Toronto last week.  My buddy is heavy into board games and drags me to all sorts of stores. Well, no one had to twist my hand to make this purchase, being based on dinosaurs and prehistoric life. (Or so I thought.)  Truth is most of the animals in the game are from recent times. There are a few prehistoric and exotic animals cards, but not nearly as many as the box art would have you believe.  That's okay though, since you can mix and match animals to make all sorts of creatures. Though it's visually a bit disappointing as you can't create anything to represent what your animal might look like.  They do give you a glossier to help name your species if you like. 

The game is pretty fun, but like so many games I have played recently, a lot of the instructions are pretty ambiguous.  I went onto a couple sites and found numerous questions, so I am not alone in the thought that the needs better instructions.  The say they played 1000 games before releasing it onto the market, but the instructions feel more like they wrote it after playing once. It's not an overly complicated game, but I found that we were struggling to figure if we were playing certain cards right, or not. Many minor, but important factors are not laid out clearly.  Still, you can just decide how you want certain cards to work, so it's no real big deal.

The price is pretty steep for what is essentially a deck of cards, some tokens and a small board representing a watering hole.  It should retail for about half of what it cost to purchase. Overall I don't regret my purchase. Despite a few issues with the rules, it is super simple to pick up and play. You can have a lot of fun creating creatures and eating your friends up.  There's nothing to stop older, or younger players from getting a lot out of it.  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guards!!! Guards!!! Acamas Vs Yoluk

Call as he might, it was too late for Yoluk.  He's been swept into the strong embrace of Acamas.  There's only one escape from that hold and it's gonna involve first ingesting mass amounts of cake and cock!  No one came blame him for getting weak in the knees. It's a common affliction of people having Acamas spring on them with a full hard on. 

Someone is jealous in the background there...Not sure if it's the cake, or the Affection our little Vanny wants most! 

FallenAngel was MOST insistent that he thank Lastmanouthere for HIS wonderful rendition of Acamas, by having the barbarian host a party for the Mayan captain.  Yoluk is drooling from both ends at the thought of a private party hosted by every bodies favorite pumped Pinoy. Vann on the other hand wishes he was invited to this private get together.  Maybe next year my blond bad boy....

A huge round of applause for FallenAngel for doing this so wonderfully. :) Tomorrow I have Sirios and I's gift for our dear Lastman.  Lastmanouthere, I hope your birthday party is just as heart stopping as this image!


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