Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Space Cadet Void Tribute

I got something super special for you guys today.  Yesterday was Victoria day, but I didn't need to go out to see  fireworks. Nah, my PC was pumping out one heck of a display thanks to Makuro.  What I have is a couple of pieces so grand, that Patrick Fillion himself created a cover variant for the Void comic using one of the pieces.  I was very honored.  (He did this some time after he got back on his chair, that is.hee hee.)

The reason I decided to ask Inmomakuro to draw an image of Byron with Void was in celebration of my own personal love for this comic.  How many days has this been out for now?  I can almost count the days by the tissues used.... BLUSHES.  Yeah, I have been returning to both this and Space Cadet 3 a lot, I am not embarrassed to say.  YES THERE ARE SPOILERS in the images below.   So avert your eyes now if you  haven't read Space Cadet three yet!
I hope you guys are ready for this feast of space meat!  Inmomakuro has Void totally enjoying his young pray. I ordered up some foreskin stretching, ass spreading, nipple caressing action and he delivered in freaking spades!  Get ready for a full body boner!

In this variation we get to see right up Byrons butt!! Sexy!!! XD  

This one has his cock solid, but smooth as silk! 

Void creating an wormhole for Byron to pass through in this bit of eye candy! 

Byron makes the painful and pleasurable trip through void.  His ass is open wide and if Void tugs any harder, he's gonna be circumcised again!!! 

You can check out all his wonderful art here:


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