Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ueuecoyotl The Warrior Is Ready

Hey Guys. I meant to post this last night, but I got caught up playing a game called Evolution.  Dang thing says play time is one hour, but two hours later we were still fighting through it. Anyway, I am very proud to present to you guys Sirio's piece for Lastmanouthere.  We chose Ueuecoyotl the jaguar brother.  He might be below Janatu on the military scale, but he's certainly not lacking in hotness thanks to Sirio.  His big, brown, floppy dick is getting rock hard at the thought of inserting Lastmanouthere with his birthday surprise!  I hope you guys enjoy it!  I wish I could plant my mouth over that cock, I tell you what... XD

What is Evolutoin?  It's a board game that I picked up during my trip to Toronto last week.  My buddy is heavy into board games and drags me to all sorts of stores. Well, no one had to twist my hand to make this purchase, being based on dinosaurs and prehistoric life. (Or so I thought.)  Truth is most of the animals in the game are from recent times. There are a few prehistoric and exotic animals cards, but not nearly as many as the box art would have you believe.  That's okay though, since you can mix and match animals to make all sorts of creatures. Though it's visually a bit disappointing as you can't create anything to represent what your animal might look like.  They do give you a glossier to help name your species if you like. 

The game is pretty fun, but like so many games I have played recently, a lot of the instructions are pretty ambiguous.  I went onto a couple sites and found numerous questions, so I am not alone in the thought that the needs better instructions.  The say they played 1000 games before releasing it onto the market, but the instructions feel more like they wrote it after playing once. It's not an overly complicated game, but I found that we were struggling to figure if we were playing certain cards right, or not. Many minor, but important factors are not laid out clearly.  Still, you can just decide how you want certain cards to work, so it's no real big deal.

The price is pretty steep for what is essentially a deck of cards, some tokens and a small board representing a watering hole.  It should retail for about half of what it cost to purchase. Overall I don't regret my purchase. Despite a few issues with the rules, it is super simple to pick up and play. You can have a lot of fun creating creatures and eating your friends up.  There's nothing to stop older, or younger players from getting a lot out of it.  

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