Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dimata & Barbarian Dick Size Comparison

Hey guys, this was another little, well not so little gift for Lastmanouthere on his special day.  Fallen and I decided to have his Barbarian bone hunter warrior placed amongst some prehistoric beasts.  The warrior is used to winning any challenge he faces. It's hard to come up on top in a dick measuring contest with a mammoth human though. You can only flex and pop your boner so much.  The bone hunter has lost to Dimatas megalithic man meat. He might be looking frustrated, but I am sure Dimata knows how to make him smile..or at least moan... I hope you guys enjoy this piece.
Shall we continue this pairing?

You can find Lastmans original work (originally done in 2010, but given new life in 2014) here!

Bone Barbarian

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