Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vann Is All Tied Up AGAIN!

Hey guys!  Ready for the long weekend?  Let's start the May two four fireworks a little early, with some art that is sure to light up your Thursday night.  Tonight I have the first project in eons from Kagami06.  He's got our hunk hero Vann Illia all tied up.  Ah,  just like old times!  This is similar to how he was first presented back in 2011. It's hard to believe that was 4 long years ago. 
This time though, I doubt he's been tried up by a sage centaur.  At least he is not alone. Captured along side him is the stunning Kraw Lash.  The reptile man is looking very mature under Kagamis pen.  Who it is that has managed to capture these two beauties is unknown.  Vann is looking super pissed though. (Not to mention a little turned on.)  Kraws snarky look at whoever is approaching them, may be a good indication that he knows those ropes won't be able to hold our heroes for much longer. In that case, their capture better have some tricks up his sleeve, or he is as good as fucked....

I am very proud to present these to you tonight.  Kamagi surprised me with a number of verification!  Enjoy!

Woo woo, incoming totally naked version:

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