Saturday, May 9, 2015

Inmomakuro Has Got Centaur Suiji Kǒudài Cumming!

Inmomakuro had a very busy night!  I went to sleep just after sending him a concept for Suiji Kǒudài and woke up at 6 am with this waiting in my inbox!! (And I stress that it had been waiting, it wasn't just there!)  Being a centaur, even a Lucky Chinese one, means that jerking off can pose a bit of a problem.  Suiji is a clever boy though. He's found the best way to tickle that itch ever mounting in his loins is a good feather.  When the lusty feelings grow intense and his boner won't settle down a good 10 min tickle is all he needs to blow a steamy wad.  It's a bit torturous, but Suiji always enjoys inducing a little pain, even if it is on himself. That's what makes sex for him so enjoyable, I guess!  What I am enjoying this morning is this extraordinary piece by Master Makuro. I hope you guys like it too!

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