Monday, May 31, 2010

A Tale of Two Sinbads

Sinbad is so underrated. It was a such a great movie. The relationship between him and Proteus definitely hinted that there was more then just feeling of friendship involved! Proteus gave him more then a few casual looks! Pairing them seems very natural, but alas you don't see it ever. So after asking Ink-B to do Kale, I decided to ask some artists to take them on as well. Here is Urbanmusiqs amazing new piece! He did two variations of this! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Proteus is genuflecting nicely like a knight, accepting his friends thanks. :)

Sinbad minus the Chest hair! The plain white background makes the colours even more vibrant. :)

I have to say that Proteuses face is DREAMY!!! WAI! What eyes and his mouth makes me steam. Mmmmm I want to kneel in front of him! He has been given nice flowing hair, especially the detail above the ear. One of my favorite parts is how Urbanmusiq made Proteuses chest stand out. Notice the extra line coming up between his pecks. Makes it look very built, gives it a sense of motion of the muscles and makes him looking very I can't put this right, but I would say bouncy for lack of a better word. Like he has nice full compact pecks. Great for fucking! LOL. He is Sinbads perfect bitch boy now!

He looks much better in that kind of costume cause you get a real feel for his bodies handsome shape, like his nice shoulders :) I love his arms sticking out of his shirt like that. The fantastic shading on Proteus's muscles on his arms combined with the costumes tightness makes it look like he is not wearing anything. I had to take a double take. I really like the details in the shading like the shadow beneath Proteuses head on his neck. That looks cool. :) Proteuses dick is wild! Nice and thick and the head and the pink area below the shaft looks so tender! I just want to lick it up!!! XD
Love love love the details on his sash on the ground. Urban really did such a great job on his outfit!!!!!

Dang..Leon made me fall in love with this guy! I never felt so strongly about him before. I forgot how smitten by him I could be!

Do I even need to get into how freaking amazing Sinbad is? XD WOW WOW WOW! I mean, that face is very handsome and has so much expression in it! I really adore his chests and torsos! His cock and balls kick pirate ass! His cock looks super thick. That is one massive vein on his dick too! LOL. hot. XD hee hee Urban gave him some hot chest hair. The kind you rub your palm over time and again.
Ha ha ha, Sinbads eyes are full of a lot of surprise. The white really brings that out! XD I kept looking at his eyes to figure out what colour they were before this. His has really dark ones in all the images on that site. :P I like the brown, it's very fitting. They look nicer here then in the images I found. :)

The skin tones are perfect! they should be tanned being on the open ocean all the time. Mmmmmm Sinbads abs are fine! Loving the darkness between them. Hee hee, that is hot. With the bottom of his chest like that he looks like his is towering over Proteus!

Some of you might be wondering where this Sinbad image came from and where a more familiar image is. Ah, in a perfect world all commissions would go smoothly, or at least better then this process went. I guess I have to tell the story behind todays great image. I commissioned the artist Ienzo to do a picture of Sinbad and Proteus, the same one as above. He was very inquisitive about what I wanted. And as much as I do like these questions, I soon realized that as I explained the image in more and more detail, similar questions kept coming and that based on past experiences I assumed troubled waters may loom ahead.

Guys I gotta say, if you are curious about what a commissioner wants, all you have to do is sketch out a couple sample stick man style poses. And don't rely on the NOTE and PM system. Use MSN, Yahoo, AIM, or e-mail. These are the best forms of communication. In the end I did this. I sent out a stick man sketch to show what was desired. He got it. The pose was not a problem at all.

The artist said it was most important to get the image right and as I wanted it. I do not doubt this was his intention. Sadly it's a very hard to do this when you don't send your customer previews, or sketches and just post a final disastrous image up on Y! Gallery without the costumers consent, or at least allowing them to view it in private first.

I am gonna say something, nothing takes the fun and excitement out of an image as this action. In doing so, you remove the customer from the greatest thrill, the unveiling. In essence you give away the image to world at large, removing a sense of ownership and pride from you commissioner client. This is by far one of the biggest mistakes an artist can do. These sites are not paying for this art, the customer is. I have always said this. And online posting should always be secondary. It's just common courtesy. Maybe that comes off as a bit selfish, but at the same time, some people will not want their commissions up at all. So one has to prepare for that eventuality.

Now of course art is meant to be shared, but there is a time and place for these things and that is after you get the okay and both artist and the customer are happy with what has been accomplished. After all it is embarrassing for both artist and client when something goes up and then needs a major overhaul. Minor changes of course can always leer their ugly heads. XD

Proteus is looking good here. His leg is too close to his torso and his skin is too light. A line hanging from his lip should be taken out. Sinbad is the main problem...I gotta wonder why a smudge line at the top of his sword was left and even highlighted?

Sadly the image was not at all up to par with the art I saw littering Ienzo gallery. This was very upsetting. The colouring really paled in comparison to his other works and he needs to think about this and state it in his commission guidelines, that the customer cannot expect the level of attention he gives his personal pieces.

I won't sugar coat this, the first image has elements that were just terrible. Proteus was good, his leg was off and his was missing an aspect I had asked to see, but over all outside of his light skin, he was quite enjoyable. His face was cute and his hair was great. The cock is very well done as well.

The problem was Sinbad. The guy looked a fright. I was told he basically looked like the Zombie of a street bum. I mean, if you are gonna do sexy art for people, one would thing the artist should want to do is improve a characters physique. The chest and abs made him look very off. His chest is too small, his rib cage sticks out and his abs need definition. Features were added that I was not looking for as well such as the thick chest hair. Well I threw caution to the wind and sent my harsh critique to Ienzo. I figure this was it the end, the image was done and I had been left with something I was not happy with. A shame cause I really was excited about this pairing. I did ask for a change and Ienzo complied, after a lecture to me of course. So I did my best to guide the inspiring young artist on the right path. He was very receptive to my overly harsh critique. This was very heart warming at first.

Now right after getting the image and seeing it posted up, I discussed the art with great appall to Urbanmusiq. I pointed out what I didn't like and what I did and compared the fantastic art found within the artists gallery.
I even mentioned this being a very special pairing to me and how I had strong thoughts of getting someone else do to the image. With the image completed I figured this was a total wash. Just another missed opportunity and a good idea gone to hell. Well opportunity was knocking for Urban. He liked this pairing very much and felt I had been totally ripped off. So he graciously offered to redo the whole thing. I have never had anyone offer something so amazing before. (Then again I can count the amount of images I didn't like in the end, on one hand, with lots of fingers left over.)
So I said, 'sure why not?' I know Urbanmusiq would do a spectacular job. I hear that this is a common practice from artists as well.

Before I even had a response from Ienzo Leon was there with the completed Pencils and a magnificent image. I was very happy with what he delivered and okayed the completion of the image.

Soon after this the process with Ienzo continued. I never thought that he would actually try to improve the image. Usually at this point, completion, large changes are hard to do and very much frowned upon. I certainly understand that. But I thought the heck with it, I was left out of the process and felt I had wasted my money. Well he was good enough to fix it a bit. This definitely shows that he is learning and willing to meet his customers demands to a certain point. He could have easily told me to piss off. So kudos to him for that. And for that I can't say I wouldn't recommend him. I was fairly satisfied with the final result and we parted ways. Somethings never changed and I was left scratching my head as to why. My final e-mail went unanswered. Oh well...

The chest is smoother and the body while the same size has a nicer features to it. Sadly his body and face is still not very sexy. I think the chest could be bigger, the abs still need work, or should be removed. The lips on Sinbad are better placed and the skin tones are much nicer now. I do not hate this image, there is a lot to love and enjoy here too.

Today Urbanmusiq completed the image to my liking and did a fantastic job. He not only captured the characters he added to them. Building on their basic design and added elements to sex them up instead of adding a style that defeats the purpose of an image like this.

I guess the lesson here is if you dog your work, don't communicate and give a half hearted job, in the time when people feel all is lost they will turn to others. Especially those they already know will do the job with care.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Something different, My Original characters still in development

I actually sit and doodle a lot. So much of it winds up staying on the drawing board for so long, I thought you guys might like to take a look at some things I have in store, or may never be commissioned at all. I really would like feedback on this cause I don't want to wind up scaring people away with my art! LOL. Trust me, this won't be a common thing, but any kind of feedback is encouraging. Especially if it can help me improve!

First off we have a character I created just yesterday. I call him the Leaf Galaxy Snail. Maduinshorn was kind enough to sketch him for me. That guy is always so encouraging. I am very lucky to have met him. He did the Snail up perfectly. So I just had to share him with everyone!

Maduinshorn captured the lazy selfish and slightly twinky look I was hoping to achieve with my images. This has given me a TON of confidence in continuing to peruse this Kemonomimi character. I do so love the smug look and face he gave him! Great Barret too! He looks like he fell out of a 1920's fantasy comic! Much better then what I did! XD

He is another insect for the Niyols world. :P

My snail boy, the result of Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Mario!!!
He is a lazy twink who only awakes for 5 hours every day.. XD He lives on a leaf in the Tree Asteroid Belt that floats high above Earth. During that time he exercises for 20 mins, eats for 30 mins and then waits to fulfill the wishes and desires of any young men that venture to his home. With his phallus Brush he can paint you any body you like, which will be yours for 7 days! But you must let him have his way with you, or meet his demands first.
I was thinking of giving him blue slime for chest and pubic hair. ZipOpen had the great idea of having his precum secrete like slime! That guy is full of great ideas!!! XD It was funny to learn how many people find snails scary!!! I always had them as pets when I was kid.

He wears a French Barret and his hair sticks out in an M shape from it above his eyes. X

My first doodle of him.

In this image I wanted to give him a big fat slug like cock!

When he takes off his hat his hair covers his eyes. Urban said this makes it look like a snail helmet! I didn't even realize it, but he is right! :)

Okay so Second off we have a couple I actually created on Easter Sunday. I sent these two out to a few friends as part of a silly Easter gift. :P I created a Giraffe Centaur and his stable boy companion. I didn't name them. I am still interested in commissioning them out and will probably do so in the coming weeks.

This was the original image I drew at work, then did up on Sai. He started off with two sets of balls. I then I gave him another dick inspired by a recent character. Tee hee... I think in the end he will wind up with one penis..but with something very special still about it....

The Giraffes story is simple. He was born into a poor family. Half human, but not an outcast. Sadly as he grew his family was unable to keep him and he was given to a rich kindly animal trainer. There he fell in love with a young groom with beautiful dark black skin. Will he feel the same about his four legged friend?

This is a character I drew after feeling down about turning older. After I drew him I felt a lot better. He actually is a really old creation of mine that I have not drawn in eons. Basically he was a beautiful young man who gave up his life for others and now is cursed with this horrible body. There is a lot more to it then that.

Well that is it for now. I was going to post some more, but I think I will leave it at that for today. Don't worry I will be posting more great art tomorrow! ^_^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patrick Fillions Rikuo meets Caravaggias mystic brush! ! Gninrom and Nookiedog are making this the Longest Birthday Ever!

Hey guys! Wow, this is one never ending birthday celebration week, let me tell you. I am so spoiled!!! I completed Mario Galaxy 2 today, so I am in a great mood. So good I actually came up with a new original character! I will have to share that in another post though.
Okay down to da business! Everyone should remember that Mr. Fillion was awesome enough to draw Rikuo for me last year. It was the most exciting thing ever for me. Well, you guys might also remember that I had to choose between two images. After Patrick drew Joey, I asked him if I could find someone I trust to colour him and he said sure. That got me thinking...what about Rikuo? He is just too awesome to leave unfinished. Well yesterday I turned to my dear Caravaggia to take him on. Her colouring is turning the world on, but I was not sure if she would like to take on such a huge job. She was so into it, I had him completed to perfection for everyone to enjoy this morning! Have a look at the wonderful combination of two of my favorite artists talents!

The sketch becomes a complete splendor!

All Caravaggia had to work with was the sketch so she said she had to step it up for this one. And she stepped it up all the way to the moon! Caravaggia really knows how to bring out a boys muscles does she not? Look at how Rikuos features gleam in the sunlight! His muscle on his upper left leg and calve really bulge out at the viewer. It's so sexy. She really brought out the curvature of the back and the great details in the fingers. Love his blue eyes! That cock is outstanding! HA! She went ahead and did the top dark green and the bottom to match his chest and balls. I have never seen that cool!! Especially with that dark green vein running down the side! She added lots of nice touches of her own to Rikuo, like nice black nails and sexy pink nipples! The wave motion coming from the hand was a really creative addition and gives the piece even more energy and playfulness.
Caravaggia I just had to get this up right away, I am so proud of your hard work!

Let's keep the Caravaggia spotlight going shall we? That girl poops rainbows!
Next up is an image I had the hardest time of all containing..oh man...The wicked MiOworks drew Tonia and Skelldon on the beach a few weeks ago. I could have posted the line art, but I wanted to spring it only after Caravaggia had coloured this piece. They both did such fabou job, the image speaks for itself really!

Tonia doesn't like to work out, he would rather eat ice cream and work on his tan. Teasing his friend Skelldon makes it taste all the sweeter!

This is so cute!!! MioWorks art was so great, I got so excited my tummy started hurting! LOL!!! Tonia is so adorable! Nice big balls, thick flaccid cock, bushy pubes and a mischievous face! How could I ask for more? Caravaggia really brought out his eyes! I asked her what she thought about giving him baby blues and she went for it. I think it looks great. She really brought out his arching neck, big muscular arms and chest that MiO did so well!
I wanted Tonia to have on some Flintstones style head phones with dactyls for the longest time. MiO really got them just right! I knew that MiOworks would do the image exactly as I envisioned and add so much to it at the same time.
Skelldon is awesome as well. Big and beautiful! That cock is MASSIVE! What a thick shaft and yummy cock head! The pink really makes it stand out! XD That thing is about to be full erect any second. Twinks eating ice cream has that effect on a hard working stud. MiOworks gave him a great chest, huge nipples and nicely muscled arms. And Caraggagias colour on him accentuates every detail. Especially that long flowing blue hair that is highlighted so well! It looks soft as silk!

Thanks guys! Truly a classic! I am happy I chose you two to bring this concept finally to life! :) Love it and you two so much!

Last night Gninrom sent me a birthday gift! He is such a dear heart! I was playing Galaxy at the time and I came into my room, exhausted from the final few stars to find this masterpiece in my e-mail! We had talked about Hercules for a long time and we saved it for me for my birthday. AWE! Big hugs to you man!

I Had no idea he would do YOUNG Hercules! He is such a hot and most welcomed surprise!!! WOW! Loved him in the TV show. It was so hard for me to catch when I moved to the country. It's so amazing how spot on Gninrom got him! It's like he walked right out of the movie screen! Just perfectly gorgeous work!
Ha this is the perfect idea for him! You can just see his dorky young self cumming all over his face and smiling like that! Fits him exactly! XD You so know Phil would catch him doing this! LOL. :P
Gninrom gave him a freaking NICE long cock! Meg is gonna love deep throating that in a few years..but for now Icarus will have to do! LOL. That thing is wicked! Really beautiful colours. Especially his big blue eyes. They penetrate my heart. His expression is so delightful. ^0^ Ha ha ha those big awkward hands and feet rock! Dang guys have no idea how this is touching this is to me.
It has come like Mega Man, at a perfect time. This movie came out a few weeks after I turned 20 and the image is really taken me back to that wonderful summer. It was the first movie I took my niece to see. She wanted all the toys. ^_^ I collected almost everything I could from the movie, using all the money I made! (And I watched it 4 times with friends and family.) Thanks man! You really made me feel so carefree and young again with this. Ah to be back in 1997 for one more summer..Well this is the closest I will get! You kick ass Gnin!

Last we have another wonderful image that became a heart felt gift! My oldest buddy Nookiedog was working on this way back in December when I got Assassin's Creed 2 for Christmas. I started to play part one again, cause I never finished it...XD Anyway..XD I started to fall in love with the character Altair. Nookiedog is the best at doing realistic style men and I wanted to see how he would take on this up and coming video game start. Altair turned out to be a dark dreamy hunk, Check him out!

This must be one of the few times he smiles in life and what an expression! Alright, you caught me, now suck it.

There is a lot of Altair art out there and Nookiedog has given the world a take that is unlike the rest!
He is GORGEOUS! His face is very dark and alluring. Really dig the dark shadows around his eyes, with the stress lines beneath them. They give him a bit of well placed age. Nice job on his stubble which is thick and unshaven. Just how I would imagine a man of this age, constantly on the run would look. No time for constant grooming. XD His lips came out perfectly, so yummy!

Man I love that curve shape of his penis shaft and the pink head. The finger grab is really detailed. This got me hot! XD That turned out so spectacular! All the small details like the cuts and scars and hairs look really wicked! Nookeidog even gave him marking on his shoulders! Nice!!! Now he really does look like a real human! I like how his abs are done. They are hard, but not too defined, this is something you see rarely in art, but often in real life. Great stuff!! Nookiedog created a soft looking and wavy cape. I bet that would be nice and cool against his bare skin in the hot medieval sun. :) Wow, take time checking out that armor on his arm! It is really well done with so many tiny details. :)

Thanks again guys!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Space Cadet Book One Review and Joey by WTJohn!

Hey guys! I just read through my copy of Space Cadet and I am DRAINED! I was pleasantly surprised at how great the book is! Cadet is far out of his normal element and has been thrusted into the fantasy realm of Ordovica. Here he must come to the rescue of the world (including the delicious Vallan and a Harem of sexy young men) from the clutches of the vile Baron Von Phallus. There is something in this land that makes Cadet a rarity and most sought after by the creatures therein.

The colourful realm is beautifully envisioned by Rob Grey. His art has a knack for capturing these sprites in a fitting fantasy style. Among my favorites are Samm the blue bearded fairy and Zun a satyr with a wavy Mohawk of hair. My favorite however, is the king of the Centaurs Strider, another beyond brilliant creation by Patrick, that is drawn so sexily by Mr. Grey. His panels are worth the price of the book alone! This hunk is a stunning specimen, with his long flowing mane, bristly chest hair, gold rings and thick dark fuzz covered uncut cock! I really love the way Grey brought him to life and the colours he chose to bestow upon this wicked new Boytoon! There is a picture of him standing behind Cadet as Bryron washes himself by a lake that is still driving the precum from me! XD I can only pray there will be a lot more of him in the future.

                                                          A Sneak peek at Strider!

The book is wonderfully written by Patrick Fillion with all of his usual humor and wit. ^_^ It also features 4 wonderful bonus images by Patrick as well! If you love fantasy titles you more then owe it to yourself to pick this comic up!

                                                        Sexy Cadet by Rob Grey.

                                                       Samm the hung Fairy boy!

                                Zun and his buddies do more then Rescue Space Cadet!  
                                          They just can't obey orders..who could? XD

                                            Cadets cock is beautifully captured here!

Last night I got another wicked birthday surprise! I wish I had known, cause I would have waited and added him to the blog entry. That's okay though, because WTJohns take on my Joey is so sexy and hot, it deserves to get a little spot lighting today in a this separate post! Johnny you are the best! You know how much I love your take on Joey and lord knows I send your image out to everyone as ref cause he is soooooo cute by your hand. You really stepped it up this time and maxed out his upper body! WOW! Here is is folks, WTJohns newest Crayola Classic! :) (Can you believe he does this with just those?)

My Reaction:

Wow wee Johnny! This is hot!!! Joey au naturel huh? Sweet! Thank you so much John! This is a shocker! XD :exclaim::heart: Look he has blond armpit hair!!!! :heart:WOW! HA HA HA, don't we all wish we had that? XD

Your cocks are always so amazing but this one blows me away. Nice work on all the details, like the way the balls are resting on his leg! The foreskin is really hot nicely folded back and the shaft has some epic curves going on! Sweet work on his big round pecs and his rock hard abs. He has the look of determination in his beautiful blue eyes! He is ready for action and nothing is gonna stop him! Those arms are so big and well drawn. Nice an muscular! Yummy! Wonderful hair and cute ears! It never cases to amaze me what you can do by hand.

Ah John you're such a blessing to this site my friend. Thank you! :heart::widesmile::heart:

Someone said Joey looks like a model and I agree! I would not doubt he would be so full of himself that he would pose like this for more money and fame! Thanks for adding to his personality John!

Oh crap Space Cadet took all my energy. I'm gonna faint...Time for Breakfast! Ah one more peek at Strider first.... ^o^

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 24th Birthday Explosion! The Fireworks are HERE!

Okay guys and ghouls, it was my birthday yesterday. I hit a high number I never would have thought I would ever see! Starting Sunday night, I have been the humble and so lucky recipient some very special e-mails and out of this galaxy art! Guys I swear getting older sucks..but this year I don't feel it at all. I didn't think about my age for a second! You guys make my future so bright and inviting. I welcomed this day with open arms!
What a May two four weekend I had! Lots of good friends, games and good times! XD I got Mario Galaxy 2, Resident Evil 4 and 5 and Prince of Persia Wii. :O It's hard to pull myself away from the TV! XD

Let's start with my sexy Mexican stud buddy Lastmanouthere. He asked if I had any ideas and I did as usual! LOL. This was an early gift from him. It's Skelldon and Rex friendly sparing and it looks like some other emotions are beginning to surface as well!

Skelldon and Rex do more then Flex their muscles!

Ooops too much admiration, the boys couldn't hold back anymore!

These studs have a lot of poise and elegance to them. Especially Skelldon, whose pose and hair is just so graceful for such a strong tough being. Lastman has a way of doing his horns so large and cool looking. And those leg muscles! XD They are awesome!!! They are both so well built with cool swooping tails! He even added in a pink circumcision scar on Skelldon. XD
Both have beautiful abs, especially Rex, which looks like you could play them like a xylophone they are so hard! Rex has a great muscular, yet Slender look. That loincloth is no match for his massive uncut dick! It's just gently to the side..that must have felt great, the smooth silk slowly pushing back as his monster grew. Skelldon got quite the show. XD Rex has such a handsome face with nice little pouty lips! XD The way his head is tilted, the position of the cock wonderful. The arms position like that, it's a show of steady strength. It's like Rex is moving slowly, making those big muscles fix right into the position he wants.

You will notice the Rex has a new Hammer here. It's actually a Dinosaurs head. I thought we could step it up a bit with the design and asked about putting an Apatasaurus (Brontosaurus) statue on the top of it. Lastmanouthere went one step further and made the hammer a face! Making the weapon much more frightening. He held back on giving it red eyes though! XD Lastman added a cool new feature, chains on his tail! :) Sweet! Love his sandals and his ivory nails!

When I first looked at Skellodn I imagined that as a human in a dinosaur world, it's like you are looking up at this giant being. He has the feel of a true DINOSAUR here, classic and big, when I look at this, I get the feeling I am looking up at him.
Of course the effect is greater in the full res of the image, where he towers over you as you scroll up!
The orange skin makes him look like he is fully tanned and really healthy after training in the desert sun! His beautiful blue hair and big green palm leafs make him a delicious looking piece of man meat! The shading it great! Check out the darker underside of the penis shaft! These guys are so big you could sit in the shade cast from their boners! XD I gotta say it, Epic Balls! Lots of nice details there!

OK so you would think this would be enough correct? But This apparently was not my gift, no, just a little something to go with it! Lastmanouthere had been teasing me for weeks about a super secrete project. I assumed this was to do with his own original characters and then he sprang something on me! He sent me these links with really neat previews of the following image in parts. One, then two, then three..then....I started to become very speechless! I will have to post the cool previews with his permission some time. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his masterpiece that I am gonna share right now. This is so epic, I will not be able to do it justice, so grand I would never even attempt to commission something like this, but he took it on, as a token of our friendship and I could not be prouder and more grateful then I am now!

The DinosaurPrince Original Character Poster By Lastmanouthere!

Okay I would need to spend days typing about all the great stuff to behold here! If I ever published an art book, this would make the perfect cover! Heck this would be awesome for a movie poster! XD Hey I can dream can't I? XD Ha ha ha!
He added to the personalities of the Dilophosaurs brothers, making the older a bit sterner and grumpy! (Based on his relationship with his own brothers? XD) Love it! He even gave gave the younger some traditional Indian ornaments, (with a rainbow no less..XD) Love the feathers spilling out of his armpits as he tries to get the most attention. XD
Pyis, who I promised myself would never appear nude in public, is so awesome, so sexy, so fucking desirable, he HAD to be displayed for all the world too see. Just love how his scarab is placed on his chest, his cute eyes are shut, as he whipes the sweat from his brow. The whole pose and figure rocks!!!
Skelldon has an epic wandering Barabbas pose. He's so regal! A perfect pose for a perfect image!
Then there is lazy bones Tonia, lying down and giving his approval! It was so great to see him take on Tonia after almost a year. Gotta love that spiky wet looking hair!
Metro is so dreamy that he made him translucent, like a hunk wandering out of existence from some perfect dream! He can enter my slumberland any day! His eyes are face are really sexy. Like that strong lower lip! grrr...XD HA HA HA! let's not forget his perfect bouncy bum! :P

I really am in love with the pose Christer and Carlos are in. He is so big and strong, holding his cyborg close. There is such power to him, but his skin comes off so soft and lovable looking! Hee hee..the dildo around his back is too cute! XD I really like this new take on his hair, gold to match his abs. Nice touch man! You know me and blonds...they make me melt! XD His dark eyebrows are a cool new take as well. His jewels glow like never before! Even his nipples are sparkling! WOW! He's a pure spectacle of studlyness! Carlos is so handsome too. That boy always has his jeans open huh? XD

I can see that you did it with all your heart. I can't begin to thank you enough. This is the most in depth thing you have ever done Lastmanouthere and I welled up with tears of happiness the second I saw it and will cherish this for all time. :) Thank you my dear friend! You are my Angel!

What's the May 24th holiday with out some fun in the pool? XD Next up instead of birthday gifts I want to show everyone these hot commissions from Ink-B and Aneros!

Aneros was kind enough to take on Christer Echo! Check out this wild image! I thought of having him standing in the water holding a space Banana. Anerons asked me a couple times about the banana and did my best to explain it by comparing things in the Jetsons! XD Ha ha ha, he liked that idea and even added to the Phallicness of the fruit! Look at it's head! XD What naughty a genius he is!

Now that is a face that would bring anyone to their knees! His puppy dog eyes are so wonderful! AWE~! Someone get me a fan! XD Aneros did such a spectacular job on him. He gave him the most well defined body the contours and muscles of which are emphasized by the great coloring job he did. The shine of the light on his chest with the shadows on his muscles, is spectacular. Every muscle stands out and is gorgeous. You want to grab him from behind and feel all over his soft chest! He's divine! The penis head is so shiny and ruby like, just as I would imagine in to be! Those legs are really hot..XD Aneros really got this character and after looking at this again, I am for sure going to commission more Christer from him when he has the time!
The background is fantastic! The Planet covered by clouds about his head, the rocks jetting out of the lake and the amazing reflection in the water make the image a wonder to behold! A perfect warm alien day with a cool breeze. Thanks man!!!! :)

Now one thing I wish I could have done this weekend is shown in the image done by Ink-B below! The world loves his Space Cadet and we were thinking of another commission idea, so I asked him to pair Cadet with one of my other favorite Class boys Captain Jung. Here they are in a jacuzzi, the Ink-B summer spectacular!

Can Jung Take all of Cadets big cock? Oh you know it! XD

This turned out amazing!!!! I saw this from start to finish and let me tell you guys he really worked hard on it. The skin tones are wonderful. They look so soft and huggable!!! XD Ink-B has captured Space Cadet to perfection now. He is as awesome as in his comics! I love the water around the trim of the image, this is a nice boarder design, that adds to the mood of the image so well. WOW! Jung is PERFECTION! He looks EXACTLY like he does in Boytoons Aventures. That is such a wonderful cock head surrounded by a thick to die for foreskin! WAI! What a great puffy chest! XD That water is gonna steam out of there, cause these guys are so hot!

I was so happy the day this was found in my e-mail. Poor Ink-B, he worked on it till his eyes were blurry and he nodded off to sleep!

Not only did he great me with the commission, but a great surprise as well! All that Resident Evil art inspired him big time. So here is Ink-Bs take on Chris! (This guy is too good to me, wait till you see..)

He is so rough and gruff here! A real mans man! Love that! I like the shaggy facial hair! It's so thick around his chin. He's been out in the field for some time! The over all sketchy look of the image is like urban art. It's Sexy, bold and unique. These guys are making me love Chris even more!!! XD

Now Ink Teased me last night about my birthday gift, stating that it's not very good and he hopes I wouldn't be too disappointed. THAT BUGGER! XD Ink went above and beyond anything I could have expected and did a whole Comic page as a gift for me! What a sweet guy! It's so cool! He even gave Lil'Deep an accent! XD You gotta see this, even the boarder is stylish! XD

Inks Dimata is still my favorite, he's so cute and innocent! What a great frame! Its thick and tapers down to that tight little butt! XD His whole body is yum! That picture of him looking up to Lil'Deeps giant cock with those worried eyes is the best! XD He's taken Deep back to his original form, but by doing so got a chance to show off his bum! The little hearts and swirls around Deep as he enjoys his blow job is priceless! The Manga sound effects made me giggle. Dimata is especially cute here with is cheeks filled with blue cock and his eyes closed! You can imagine him humming to himself, so happy with this treat! ^_^ The boys have such wild hair. And the inscription in the cum shot was not only hot, but heart warming and touching in another area as well....This comic hit all the right spots! hee hee.
Thank you so much my dearest Ink-B! You created some amazing shots for this blow job spectacular! I cannot thank you enough!

Busiris and Crimsonblood had me staying up till midnight (the moment of I official was a year older) to spring this every so cute picture on me! The two of them worked together on it. Crimsonblood did the line art and Busiris did the colouring! What can be more wonderful then something created by two wonderful friends? :)

Awe Dimata and Deep! I wonder if he is shy after giving Deep that blow job above? :)

My reaction on Y!Gallery says it all!

Hey guys! Thanks big time for this one! WOW! What a shock, I knew you had something in mind, but I didn't realize I was gonna get gang banged! XD:exclaim::XD::heart:
Crimmy you really made a cute and innocent Dimata! I adore him to no end!
I love how Dimata is so shyly hiding his head in Lil'Deeps shoulder, but is still brave enough to view the audience with his big spirit filled eyes. Want to kiss his forehead! :blush: You guys did a great job capturing him and adding to him as well.

Get that ultra fuzzy fro he is spotting! That is so cute!!! Such a wonderful thick head of hair. Hee hee. That's the kind you want to cuddle against. Dang, it's all over him. XD :widesmile::inlove::heart: The way it spikes around the top of the chest is very sexy. And I really like the way you added the spikes in the shading, it looks really cool Bu! It gives him this warm fuzzy feel! Very petable! These boys are hanging in mid air like too angels, frozen in time, forever in love. :)

Lil'Deep is a very cautious lover here! He is giving us a look that says, 'He's mine, I am protecting this one, approach with caution!' XD He's so handsome too. What a face! :kiss: You gave him the Crimsonblood abs of perfection! That belly button is so big and sexy. The way it sticks out is divine. Oh my gosh, I just noticed how HUGE Dimatas tusks are, they are coming out from behind Deeps neck! That is sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!! WOO!

Beautiful colouring on Lil' Deep Busiris, you gave him wonder shades of blue and the shine on his penis head is very cute! XD His skin looks nice and soft and inviting. A baby blue bad boy! The shading leading from the back to the crotch is really well done. And it's very impressive how you followed the muscles on his sexy arms. :)
Guys I can't thank you enough for this and your constant friendship as well. I can always count on Crimmy to cheer me up. Just by saying hello in your funny silly fashion makes me smile! and Bu, you have been a wicked friend to me for a long time, spanning far beyond the interests of YG and art. I am very taken back by the fact that you actually took the time to colour something for me so professionally. It left me very speechless at first!

You guys are the bomb and make a perfect team! But then you already knew that! LOL.
God as I type this I am officially a year older...never thought I would make it this far....:depressed::lol::heart:

The same night Demona had a surprise for me as well! She Drew Panthro from Thundercats for me. This was a big deal, as time and again I have heard her say she would never dare to draw the heroes on Thundara! The image is awesomeness and I am really thrilled she took the time to do something so wicked just for little me!

My Reaction:
HA HA HA this was a shock in many ways! A Thundercat by Demona? WOW!!!! NO WAY!
Now that is an honor and a half. I know these are you most sacred characters from your childhood, so this makes this all the more sweeter and heart felt. I had my mouth open for a few mins when I opened this. Shock is an understatement! LOL.
Panthro is perfect! He fell out of the cartoon and right onto your page! Love his big freaking arms and those frigging huge balls! What a foreskin on that perfectly shaped head. Does this lady know what I love, or what? XD HA HA HA! :widesmile::heart: the pose is so original too. Never would have thought of using his nunchucks like that! Nice massive legs, heaving chest and defined little butt! He is epic! Thank you so much! I am going to eat a piece of cake just for you! LOLZ. :sweatdrop:
Love ya lots my dear friend! :kiss::heart:

On Sunday night Mr. De Leon had something too awesome to share with me. He was trying to convince me that I should accept it early all week! LOL. But I am stickler for tradition. I figured, it's not so bad of me to accept it as my Birthday dawns in Australia! XD RIGHT? Here is a thrill and a half, Urbanmusiqs future boys to wish me well in my future! First off it's my favorite Robot of all time Mega Man!

Looks like his Mega Buster went off in his speedos again! XD Hey Proto Man come take a look at this!

Oh Ubranmusiq! You are way too good to me man!
Talk about stealing my heart here. Take an all time favorite and sex him up as only you can! I had to take step back cause my heart was pumping too hard! XD
Ha ha ha, okay, never was I gonna guess Mega Man would be the guy Urabanmusiq would draw for me! NICE ONE! And Trust me I guessed a million characters! XD Considering how much we mentioned him back long before April, the whole thing should not have slipped my mind completely! I had a lot of theories and I am glad it was such a delightful surprise!
Ha! The POWERED UP Caption is awesome! XD He is soooooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!

Mega Man is a really hard character to make sexy and Leon did a great job of it! Love his stern army boy eyebrows and pouty lips...he kinda reminds me of this actor I had a crush on when I was 19! XD I won't say who though! He was in a famous sci-fi film. AHHHHH I looked at his face and I blushed when I thought of that! He is so fucking cute! And you are so cute for doing him! I like how Urban did him like Chris in that you can see all his features through his tight clothes. It's like he is wearing nothing at all! (stupid sexy Flanders..sorry Simpsons joke!) I'm gonna dub that the De Leon Urban clothing technique when I talk about it in future images! XD LOL. Awe you made him cut with a scar too! HOT! I like the size of his dick, it's huge, but not overwhelming. It suites him very well! :P
Wonderful design of his costume, it is JUST like the in game one! I can tell he really studied the art works cause he got it perfect! The shine on the helmet makes me feel all tingly as does the shine on his cock head! XD HA! It's just awesomeness personified on paper!

Mega Man Keeping it together. He has a nice sexy bulge and my buddy Crimmy would say! XD This is my wallpaper on my PC right now!

This and the follow image is so great. It's amazing to see how the art comes together! :)

You know Mega Man is such a fitting gift cause, I actually got a few Mega Man games as birthday gifts growing up. I remember on my 24th birthday coming home, the days had just gotten summery, feeling so great and finding the Rockman Complete Works for Playstation in my bedroom. I Sat down, cracked them open in sunlight and ate up all the wonderful art inside the manuals after turning the PS on and playing Mega Man 4 and 2 for a couple hours. :) Because of times like that he's intertwined to summer and birthdays in my head and this image really touched a soft spot in my heart! Yesterday was a day just like that one..warm and beautiful..much like Leons heart!

Leon did stop at this, no! I had talked to him about a couple ideas with Space Cadet and often mentioned to him how Ink-B and I would love to see him take the character on, knowing his version would be something to behold. Well...wishes come true..cause this was my second gift! Urbanmusiqs Space Cadet is a Deep Space Dish!

Oh man Space Cadet is so handsome and cute! God what a jaw line! I love his nipple poking over the suite! I think that was one of the first things that caught my eye! XD Nice touch man! What a veiny dick! Holly cow... XD Can you imagine how much that would pulsate in your mouth when you sucked it? THROB THROB..oh that's my pants...oh man.
I adore how chunky his testicles are! They are SEXyyyyy!!!!! Big thick and hard. And his curly pubes are wicked! I can't stop looking at them! XD So kewl!!!! That's a great design on his cock head too. I really like the shape he gave it. It's very strong, square and sturdy looking. Like there is this perfect symmetry with the cock head and the shaft, it's perfectly placed on the shaft. His face is very handsome, especially with that crew cut! Seriously bro, thank you from the very pit of my heart. I hate getting older and you make feel 13 every time I talk to you! :) (And I mean that you make everything so fresh and new.) I loves ya! LOL.

Feralelf came looking for me yesterday. He had a most surprisingly hot and funny gift for me! It's his wonderful buff Dimata with a birthday cake just for me! But look at where the candle is! HA HA HA! This is the BEST! What an imagination this guy has! Pure genius!

Cum blow out the Candle..then keep blowing! XD

Stuck between his big foreskin lips is the perfect place for a candle! I bet the hot wax is making Dimata really horny! Ha ha ha, the tray looks like it is resting on Dimatas mighty balls! How cool is that? I still want a piece of that cake even though his perfect cock has been thrusted through it..I hope it's chocolate with banana icing.. XD Feral thank you so much man! Dimata by you is always so big and sexy! Nice big muscular arms there leading to a tight chest. Man I wish mine were that built! Love his ears they are very cute! Nice pointy chin, adorable tuft of hair and as always such beautiful eyes! He's looking for approval, like his eyes are saying 'Did I do okay?' Can you imagine having a dick that big and powerful it could do that just by getting hard? XD WOW! :P Thank you so much buddy!!! You are so kind hearted. Here's to many more Dimata images together! You certainly have a way with him. :)

I wanted to commission Jacy-J to draw Prince of Persia and Farah from the sands of time. (With the new movie and game I am in a Prince of Persia craze.) But she insisted on doing the pair as a birthday gift for me instead! How nice is that? She did this in a couple days time and it's stunning! I adore her take on these classic characters! The Prince has a sort of dreamy quality to him. His face is very handsome and his eyes remind me of movie star. Kinda gives it a hollywood feel. XD She gave him really illustrious hair, soft with hundreds of strand blowing in the wind. His chest and torso is one of her most detailed. You gotta look at that for a bit and really take it in! Her Farah has a very nubile, youthful look! It's such a unique and cute take on her! I have never seen her like this before and big smile crossed my face the second I opened it up. Love the shine on the boobies! XD HEE HEE.

I chose to show this image on the blog cause the colouring here gives the picture a very story book feel. Like the art found in Sonic and the Secret Rings, it gives it a very classic and charming feel. :) Jacy was very creative having Farahs dress wrap around the bottom of the image and the Princes armband wrapping around the top right on the image in contrast. Again, all adding to the mystique and fantasy feel of this beautiful piece! Thank you my lovely Jacy-J! I want to congratulate Jacy-J on being featured and interviewed in a local magazine! With her permission I would love to post the article here!

And now we come to the biggest surprise of all! Last night I got a gift from the one and only, the king of gay comics Patrick Fillion!!! I almost fainted! He drew Joey for me. He not only drew him to perfection, making him look like a super hero boxer, he added some cool features as well! Take a look at this most thoughtful and wondrous gift!

Joey Class Comics style blew me away last night!

I actually went into my room to check my e-mail for a second while I was entertaining took me awhile to reappear! Everyone knew something was up cause I couldn't stop smiling. I was lit up like a birthday cake! XD

Patrick rock so much!! It was like a dream, I had to slap myself. (So to speak.) WOW Joey is so freaking hot! I could go on for days about his huge cock with those big balls, that folded back tight foreskin, super thick shaft and collection of crisscrossing veins! X marks the spot! Gosh, there is so many details on the penis alone!

He's so handsome! He has a gorgeous face and a great smart Alec smirk! You don't mess with this guy!!! Such wild untamable hair! OH I how I do love his massive sideburns! Those are too awesome!!! :P There's something very fitting about those. ^o^

His chest is so epic! Patrick thought to add the little lines beside his nipples! XD This is one of my favorite features found on his guys. It's almost a trademark feature and to see Joey with them makes me light hearted!
Patricks Joey has been hitting the gym! Those arms are massive, so perfect for a boxer and so detailed. Even I could hang from them! LOLZ The torso is perfection, leading to his gorgeous hips! I could get lost in the darkness between his abs and never complain! He has the most beautiful legs! Great pose standing on his toes like that, it really shows off the muscles in the calves so well as the flex to support and balance him. NICE!

These legs are exactly what you need on a boy that bounces and boxes for a living! The band-aid is icing on the cake of this most perfect birthday gift!
Ha ha ha! H=His toes are so cute!!!! Mr. Fillion even added little toe nails like Caravaggia! XD AWE! The spreading action of his toes looks cool. What a sexy butt and wicked tail!
Last night I was so speechless and I still am! I feel like I am living in a fantasy.

Words can describe how happy you guys all made me. Thank you so much guys!!!! This has been with out a doubt my most memorable and exciting birthday day ever!

A little side note, I want to thank FallenAngel too! He gave me a cute image, but wants me to keep it private! ^_^

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chrs Redfield is the Ultimate Healer....

I wasn't going to ever do this blog, cause I felt it might come off the wrong way to some people. But I got a Resident Evil theme going here and this stuff is so awesome, I just couldn't contain it for any longer. So with the permission of the person these were made for I am now posting these long over due images of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil.
This is the story; around Christmas time Mr. Urbanmusiq lost his job and then faced some major heartbreak. Well...I had only know him for a few months at that time, but our friendship was already really strong. I felt so terrible for him. My family too had gone through a very rough fall and a horrendous Christmas that was saved by the love of my best friends. I felt his pain big time. So I decided to do something very bold. I put a call out to any artists that had the time to do some special healing images of Urbans favorite character Chris. The reaction was huge, I could not and still cannot believe it. I actually had to start turning people down cause I could not afford many more images at the time! LOL. Everyone worked really quickly and it all made the biggest difference in the world to him. I gotta toot you guyses horns on this. I saw a big difference from the time the first image went to him. His responses were awesome to say the least. Urbanmusiq is as good at giving kind praise as his current employer! XD

So let's take a trip down memory lane and even show a couple never before seen images! I hope you guys enjoy!

First off let's start with Demona, one of my ROCKS in the field. I came to her fist cause I know just how fast she can whip up an unforgettable Chibi. I gave my first idea, made just for her, the second it came to my mind. She had the sketch for me in like no time and the completed image very soon after that. Here is our get well card to Allain.... :)

Awe, that Herb cures a broken heart. ^_^

My Reaction:

Thanks so much for coming through for me and Allain Demona. You really pulled this one out fast and from the sketch he was a chibi masterpiece. One of your most heart felt Chibbi's, he is going to have a place in both our hearts for all time. ^_^ OK enough mush! He's awesome!!!! :lol::heart::kiss:
Now I am tempted to get you to draw Adult Chris!!!

Hey I should ask her to draw Adult Chris! What do you guys think? XD

The next artist to produce something was Chrisss. (He is currently wounded and unable to draw, poor guy.) I had an idea for Chrisss, but he had one too and offered it up. He did a super cute and well built Chris refusing to get naked for any stupid Zombie. Nope, he would only take it off for the person the card was made for! Now for the first time you can see the caption! :P

What a charming face he has! Chris as your private Stripper? I bet that is a dream come true for many fans!

My Reaction:
Hey Chrisss thanks for Doing Chris! :lol::widesmile::heart: He came out really cute! You did an amazing job. The colouring is top notch and the idea is very funny and hot. (The private caption made it even sexier!:tongue::heart:) You really must do more of this character when you have the time. He's so very adorable by your hand. Thank you for being there for my friend!

It is always nice to see an artist eager to draw new things. His Chris became very popular. Maybe one day he will do more too. I want to see what is under those pants!

Bet you can guess who was next? My dear friend, FallenAngel of course! Me and Fallen got up to some major mischief with this image. We made Urban a part of Stars and let him have his way with Chris. Oh, if only you could do this in the game huh Urbanmusiq? I love this image!!! XD Urban was a great sport and had no intention of keeping it private. He loved being in the spotlight! :P

I love FallenAngels take on Chris. His got a cute face and light athletic build. Really hot. Now if only we could see more of the guy behind him...LOL just kidding! XD He did a sweet job doing Urban Anime style! :P

My reaction: Fallen said this was for a friend of ours.

Yeah and that friend almost came in his pants when he saw you draw him! XD Ha ha ha. I don't know which one is hotter!!! Nice stuff man. Always love a scruffy guy lifting up his shirt, getting ready to cum! :heart:

You really came through for me and him! This means a lot to me. Thank you very much! :kiss::widesmile::heart::heart:

I have a hard time figuring out who did what image in what order and I regret not jotting down the reactions from Urbanmusiq in a special folder. They are really hard to find at this point. Hundreds of e-mails later...XD

So let's do an exclusive from Guytoonist23 first. He did up his own little idea as a total surprise to me and Urbanmusiq. Here is his nice and BUSTY Chris taking it off and asking a question that brought Urban to his knees. I know I still look at this and swoon. This image really makes you think about what is exactly under those clothes. Like you wonder if that cock is cut, or uncut and how thick it is and what exactly he means by R and R? XD I can't imagine getting too much rest with out a good work out before hand!

Man is his Chris freaking hot..He gave him just the right amount of fuzz. He is irresistible. Done all by hand too! That face is so perfect and that body woo...He even added a splotch of colour to him, bringing out more hotness. Can we hope for a cock out version one day? GUILTING YOU INTO IT GUYTOONIST! LOLZ joking.

I always say use the skills God gave you. Feralelf threw his hat into the ring and I knew the exact image I wanted him to do. A beyond super buff version of Chris and Leon at the Gym ready to take on Urbanmusiq. They are gonna give him the work out of his life!
He really came through with the two biggest version of the boys the world has ever seen. Their arms are bigger then I am!!! XD I love how he managed to show both guy nipples just under their shirts. Ha ha ha cute. Leon has a great big cut cock and Chris is uncut with a fucking nice huge foreskin half engulfing his massive head. Those balls are Chris look like they need someone to grab and cuddle.. XD cough..sorry lost myself again...
This image is just too awesome.

Urbanmusiq better just lie on his back and do what these men say! XD

Aneros was really into this commission. I remember wanting Chris in the shower beckoning Urbanmusiq to him. Aneros looked up the new down loadable costume for Chris and asked me if I would be interested in including it in the image. I snuck a comment about the new outfit casually into an e-mail to Urban and he came back stating how much he was already drooling over it. HA HA HA, awesome choice Aneros! XD That was very thoughtful of you to add something so special to this image.
It turned out really hot too. Fans of his new costume will be very happy to see this! He gave it lots of great details on the fabric too. (Hard to see here.) I love how he gave him that deep red head, the result of sweating all day long in the hot sun...he's a dirty guy..better get your mouth on that and clean him up Leon.. XD

Awe, he is tilting his head so innocently! I love a man in shades..can't resist 'em, especially when Aneros draw such a sexy body attached to them...Hoo hoo...that stubble is hot stuff! XD That mid section still makes me leak...XD saying that is a nice tummy is an understatement. XD

Last in this gallery of Stars is the wildly funny and hot image of Chris by the lovely ladies known as Le Peruggine. This idea was fun to come up with. Just kinda hit me! Le Peruggine added the ripping shirt, along with a million other charms. Love Chris hair here so much. XD

My Reaction:

Thank you so much for doing this so fast ladies! He is so magnificient! My friend was getting very hot looking at him! LOL. It's a very sexy and charming take on Chris. I love the facial hair. WAY SEXY! And the ripped shirt was an excellent touch. I really love how soft his hair looks. His chest is sexy and the gun position is perfect! XD Your Capcom boys are always so wicked awesome! :)
You two really came through for me and this REALLY cheered him up big time. It had a great effect on him that day.
All my love you two! :heart::kiss::heart::heart::heart:

Okay that's it! Shows more Resident Evil for awhile! LOL. ^_^


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