Monday, May 31, 2010

A Tale of Two Sinbads

Sinbad is so underrated. It was a such a great movie. The relationship between him and Proteus definitely hinted that there was more then just feeling of friendship involved! Proteus gave him more then a few casual looks! Pairing them seems very natural, but alas you don't see it ever. So after asking Ink-B to do Kale, I decided to ask some artists to take them on as well. Here is Urbanmusiqs amazing new piece! He did two variations of this! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Proteus is genuflecting nicely like a knight, accepting his friends thanks. :)

Sinbad minus the Chest hair! The plain white background makes the colours even more vibrant. :)

I have to say that Proteuses face is DREAMY!!! WAI! What eyes and his mouth makes me steam. Mmmmm I want to kneel in front of him! He has been given nice flowing hair, especially the detail above the ear. One of my favorite parts is how Urbanmusiq made Proteuses chest stand out. Notice the extra line coming up between his pecks. Makes it look very built, gives it a sense of motion of the muscles and makes him looking very I can't put this right, but I would say bouncy for lack of a better word. Like he has nice full compact pecks. Great for fucking! LOL. He is Sinbads perfect bitch boy now!

He looks much better in that kind of costume cause you get a real feel for his bodies handsome shape, like his nice shoulders :) I love his arms sticking out of his shirt like that. The fantastic shading on Proteus's muscles on his arms combined with the costumes tightness makes it look like he is not wearing anything. I had to take a double take. I really like the details in the shading like the shadow beneath Proteuses head on his neck. That looks cool. :) Proteuses dick is wild! Nice and thick and the head and the pink area below the shaft looks so tender! I just want to lick it up!!! XD
Love love love the details on his sash on the ground. Urban really did such a great job on his outfit!!!!!

Dang..Leon made me fall in love with this guy! I never felt so strongly about him before. I forgot how smitten by him I could be!

Do I even need to get into how freaking amazing Sinbad is? XD WOW WOW WOW! I mean, that face is very handsome and has so much expression in it! I really adore his chests and torsos! His cock and balls kick pirate ass! His cock looks super thick. That is one massive vein on his dick too! LOL. hot. XD hee hee Urban gave him some hot chest hair. The kind you rub your palm over time and again.
Ha ha ha, Sinbads eyes are full of a lot of surprise. The white really brings that out! XD I kept looking at his eyes to figure out what colour they were before this. His has really dark ones in all the images on that site. :P I like the brown, it's very fitting. They look nicer here then in the images I found. :)

The skin tones are perfect! they should be tanned being on the open ocean all the time. Mmmmmm Sinbads abs are fine! Loving the darkness between them. Hee hee, that is hot. With the bottom of his chest like that he looks like his is towering over Proteus!

Some of you might be wondering where this Sinbad image came from and where a more familiar image is. Ah, in a perfect world all commissions would go smoothly, or at least better then this process went. I guess I have to tell the story behind todays great image. I commissioned the artist Ienzo to do a picture of Sinbad and Proteus, the same one as above. He was very inquisitive about what I wanted. And as much as I do like these questions, I soon realized that as I explained the image in more and more detail, similar questions kept coming and that based on past experiences I assumed troubled waters may loom ahead.

Guys I gotta say, if you are curious about what a commissioner wants, all you have to do is sketch out a couple sample stick man style poses. And don't rely on the NOTE and PM system. Use MSN, Yahoo, AIM, or e-mail. These are the best forms of communication. In the end I did this. I sent out a stick man sketch to show what was desired. He got it. The pose was not a problem at all.

The artist said it was most important to get the image right and as I wanted it. I do not doubt this was his intention. Sadly it's a very hard to do this when you don't send your customer previews, or sketches and just post a final disastrous image up on Y! Gallery without the costumers consent, or at least allowing them to view it in private first.

I am gonna say something, nothing takes the fun and excitement out of an image as this action. In doing so, you remove the customer from the greatest thrill, the unveiling. In essence you give away the image to world at large, removing a sense of ownership and pride from you commissioner client. This is by far one of the biggest mistakes an artist can do. These sites are not paying for this art, the customer is. I have always said this. And online posting should always be secondary. It's just common courtesy. Maybe that comes off as a bit selfish, but at the same time, some people will not want their commissions up at all. So one has to prepare for that eventuality.

Now of course art is meant to be shared, but there is a time and place for these things and that is after you get the okay and both artist and the customer are happy with what has been accomplished. After all it is embarrassing for both artist and client when something goes up and then needs a major overhaul. Minor changes of course can always leer their ugly heads. XD

Proteus is looking good here. His leg is too close to his torso and his skin is too light. A line hanging from his lip should be taken out. Sinbad is the main problem...I gotta wonder why a smudge line at the top of his sword was left and even highlighted?

Sadly the image was not at all up to par with the art I saw littering Ienzo gallery. This was very upsetting. The colouring really paled in comparison to his other works and he needs to think about this and state it in his commission guidelines, that the customer cannot expect the level of attention he gives his personal pieces.

I won't sugar coat this, the first image has elements that were just terrible. Proteus was good, his leg was off and his was missing an aspect I had asked to see, but over all outside of his light skin, he was quite enjoyable. His face was cute and his hair was great. The cock is very well done as well.

The problem was Sinbad. The guy looked a fright. I was told he basically looked like the Zombie of a street bum. I mean, if you are gonna do sexy art for people, one would thing the artist should want to do is improve a characters physique. The chest and abs made him look very off. His chest is too small, his rib cage sticks out and his abs need definition. Features were added that I was not looking for as well such as the thick chest hair. Well I threw caution to the wind and sent my harsh critique to Ienzo. I figure this was it the end, the image was done and I had been left with something I was not happy with. A shame cause I really was excited about this pairing. I did ask for a change and Ienzo complied, after a lecture to me of course. So I did my best to guide the inspiring young artist on the right path. He was very receptive to my overly harsh critique. This was very heart warming at first.

Now right after getting the image and seeing it posted up, I discussed the art with great appall to Urbanmusiq. I pointed out what I didn't like and what I did and compared the fantastic art found within the artists gallery.
I even mentioned this being a very special pairing to me and how I had strong thoughts of getting someone else do to the image. With the image completed I figured this was a total wash. Just another missed opportunity and a good idea gone to hell. Well opportunity was knocking for Urban. He liked this pairing very much and felt I had been totally ripped off. So he graciously offered to redo the whole thing. I have never had anyone offer something so amazing before. (Then again I can count the amount of images I didn't like in the end, on one hand, with lots of fingers left over.)
So I said, 'sure why not?' I know Urbanmusiq would do a spectacular job. I hear that this is a common practice from artists as well.

Before I even had a response from Ienzo Leon was there with the completed Pencils and a magnificent image. I was very happy with what he delivered and okayed the completion of the image.

Soon after this the process with Ienzo continued. I never thought that he would actually try to improve the image. Usually at this point, completion, large changes are hard to do and very much frowned upon. I certainly understand that. But I thought the heck with it, I was left out of the process and felt I had wasted my money. Well he was good enough to fix it a bit. This definitely shows that he is learning and willing to meet his customers demands to a certain point. He could have easily told me to piss off. So kudos to him for that. And for that I can't say I wouldn't recommend him. I was fairly satisfied with the final result and we parted ways. Somethings never changed and I was left scratching my head as to why. My final e-mail went unanswered. Oh well...

The chest is smoother and the body while the same size has a nicer features to it. Sadly his body and face is still not very sexy. I think the chest could be bigger, the abs still need work, or should be removed. The lips on Sinbad are better placed and the skin tones are much nicer now. I do not hate this image, there is a lot to love and enjoy here too.

Today Urbanmusiq completed the image to my liking and did a fantastic job. He not only captured the characters he added to them. Building on their basic design and added elements to sex them up instead of adding a style that defeats the purpose of an image like this.

I guess the lesson here is if you dog your work, don't communicate and give a half hearted job, in the time when people feel all is lost they will turn to others. Especially those they already know will do the job with care.


  1. I have to say I am not really at all familiar with a lot of the Sinbad universe, really, but the results here speak for themselves and I say good work!
    And I also told ya before that I agree with a lot of what you said. I think it's totally just common courtesy to let the person paying be a part, let them see the image first. It prevents drama later. Whenever someone didn't lemme see it first, it has made me feel like crap and it always needed some edits in the image. It saves so much time and needless emotions. I could say a lot about that and other things but you pretty much said it all.
    That being said, I do think it was kind of him to try to fix the image up again. Not everything was fixed, but I do think that effort was nice. And they do have great pics in their gallery! it does them very good to have the quality of that image match the rest of their gallery! :3 At least you aren't letting things slide when things go unfair? ^_^

  2. Ohhhh these are awesome guys :D - FallenAngel

  3. Oh it's nice to see a work story that started not so good but eventually ended well ! :)



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