Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cum with me to Slumberland

It is interesting to note what we find has left a lasting impression on us in life. When I was a kid I barely new of Little Nemo. You would see images of him in old comic history books with the odd strip reprinted telling you just how wonderful, dark and magical his many adventures were. Growing up in the 80's and 90's you had to hope you could find a book at the library, or a local comic book shop, or even an older relatives house. Well I don't remember finding too much on Nemo until one day, the company that made the ultimate cartoon based games, Capcom produced Little Nemo the Dream Master for the NES and arcade. It would still be a few years until the movie would hit North American shores, but Capcom let kids enter the strange world of Nemo and while I only played the game for a short time, I really loved every second of it. It took you right back to 1905....and like the comic after you met the accomplishments in each stage, just as you got further, you were forced to wake up..echoing the original tales constant plight.

Nemo is now available for all to read for free because most of the strips have fallen into the public domain. It's a fairly dark, very enjoyable turn of the century comic. It's art is just fantastic. Some of the best you will ever see. It really seems way ahead of it's time. The main character Nemos constant torture to try to stay asleep week after week soon starts to have a very sympathetic effect on the reader. After all, we all go through that on an almost daily bases, wanting to return to our dreams. But in Nemos case, his dream world is very real. It's also always dangerously inviting. He leads a double life, yet we know nothing of his waking world outside of his bedroom, which is simple and plain. (At least in the strips I read.) Anyway before this becomes a review of a 105 year old comic, I will invite you to check it out for yourself here:

Little Nemo In Slumberland.

This is the search Link for Nemo on that same site.

Why the back story? Well, When I asked Urbanmusiq to take on Little Nemo the other day, I didn't realize the strange effect the art would start to have on me! I really got into this commission big time.
Enter the world of the Gay Dream Master by UrbanMusiq!

Imp attempts to lead Nemo to Slumberland. Under the warm moonlight the boys explore each others bodies. "Oh My dear Imp, you truly are a cannibal!" Nemo shoots a rocket of cum into the night sky that explodes brighter and more spectacular then any firework found on Earth. Sadly the spectacular display lights up all of Slumberland, echoing the dawn and Nemo awakes in his bed covered in cum. He scratches his head with a satisfied smile. "Oh well, maybe tomorrow night I will get to meet the Dream Prince."

I wanted to create a sort of grown up parody of Nemo and his mischievous friend the cannibal kid Imp. Who else better equipped to modernize a character like Imp, (who's original appearance might not be considered to PC these days), but Urbanmusiq, a master of men of colour? ^_^ The picture is truly epic in every regard. The boys glow in the moonlight. The image has a very warm feel too it and echos the inviting exaggeratedly perfect dream land sky.
I wanted Nemo to be much older and now dreaming of more then just childrens fancies. Urbanmusiq created the exact dreamer I wanted. This Nemo in his dream form is so chesty, he burst from his pajama tops. His cock is a thick gigantic pillar of lust. His smooth soft perfect balls heave with cum. Urban gave him a face bestowed with all the charms a prince of dreams should have. Someone pinch me I must be dreaming cause there is no way he should look this perfect! XD I also like the fact that Urban used the hair color from the original strip and combined on my request the pink pajamas from the art created for the Capcom game. That hair is just stunning. It's so shiny and sexy. Urban gave him some really juicy nipples, even he couldn't keep Nemos fingers off them! XD That's hot!

As for Imp, I wanted him uncut and to still have his original costume, but I let Urban have free reign on the the rest of his design trusting him to make him as cute and sexy as possible. I really think it's aweseome how Urban kept in Imps hair and made it sexy. I wonder if he uses Nemo Jizz to keep that hold? They didn't have hair gel back then did they? :P He's perfect.
Even the bed is wicked, with the pillars look so lively as the propel the lovers closer to the dream palace. The ride looks so calm and smooth.

I won't lie this image not only got me hot and bothered, it had a huge effect on me in my own dreams as well. As I got into the commission I thought about it constantly. I even sat and read many of the strips. It got to the point where last night I dreamed of my old dream land! I was in some sort of museum world, with cute costumed characters! A place where out of no where I tried to help scientist take control of a stegosaurus by grabbing onto it's tail by wrapping my legs and arms around it! I with a friend explored the edges of the museum world were there were small platforms that the fell off into mile deep dark rooms, with no apparent way down, but to jump. And in it was a very handsome unobtainable prince with a huge uncut cock that looked like a pipe with it's foreskin whole on the top of the head..ha ha ha why am I typing this? I guess cause I want to say that the art was so amazing it allowed me to have a Nemo like adventure of my own! I was very upset when I woke least I wasn't on the floor! XD

Perfect from the start! As you can see not much changed from the sketch to the final as far as the boys design and the bed went. (Well you might want to note one small change...I figured since Nemo is American...XD)

You can play the original game here:

After I got this splendid art I remembered just how much I loved Nemo as kid...once again an artist has let me rediscover a lost piece of my heart.
Thanks Urbanmusiq! You have given the gay art world another piece that will live on like Nemo himself as a classic, this one echoing the dreams of gay men everywhere...


  1. Oh man! I used to love that game! I forgot all about it until now. Thanks Dino and Urban!

  2. DP and Urban, you guys got some naughty ideas in any game LOL* great work! - FallenAngel

  3. Dinosaure Prince IS the Master of dreams!! :)

    great team work once again



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