Thursday, May 6, 2010

Awesome Anthros Joey, Na'vi, Spot, Cam, Dimata..

You guys are lucky. I called in sick today, cause well, I have a cough and a runny I have time to do a blog post! ^^
I want to start off with something pretty special. Ink-B was feeling the artist itch the other night. He wanted to draw Space Cadet, his favorite character, but he just needed a little inspiration. So I suggested pairing him with the Na'vi from Avatar. After all, a space travel as lusty as Cadet would be using all his skills to navigate his way to the Na'vi's home planet. A wonderful place where the friendly Na'vi tower high above humans and should have cocks that must overshadowing even his massive member. XD
He must have been really into it, cause it was like 3 hours after talking that this landed in my inbox!

Cadet meets a sexy Gay Na'vi guy. I know what Cadet is thinking, 'I wonder if that is blueberry flavored?' XD
I have to say he really made one hell of a sexy Na'vi. He looks nicely build with a smooth stomach and great lips. XD Is this the first image of Avatar Frot? XD Bet that cool cock head feels great against Cadets Abs. Sexellent details around the strips ink. Cadets eyes are so captivating. He's staring perfectly into his new lovers eyes and hypnotizing him no doubt. You don't need to speak Navi if you can pull off that kind of body language. You always do such an impressive job on him. His pose is so raw and primal with his arm just hanging like that. :)

I got another couple surprises this week and they all involved Mr. Joey! Out of nowhere the wonderful artists Ad140 took it upon himself to finish K3rry's amazing joey!
Take a look at this masterpiece. Absolutely adore that background and talk about bringing out foreskin detail... :P

This was my reaction:

WOW what a nice surprise! I didn't expect this image to get a colour job! I had to wait 7 hours to see this today. PURE TORTURE!!!! You gave him such perfect colours. The shading really brings out the wonderful muscles draw by K3rry. That foreskin even more spectacular! I really love the light reflecting off the gloves. Really cool. Thank you so very much for doing this for K3rry and me! I am proud that you love Joey this much! :heart::kiss::blush:

Man Ad140 you are such a sweetheart! K3rry and I can't thank you enough. Joey looks yummy with the skin colour you gave him. ;P That was just so wonderful of you.

Speaking of inspired Joey stuff, Urbanmusiq took another go at his cartoon countryman after he got home from School today. I can't believe the love my little creation is getting! XD Check his rugged hunky version of Joey, it's an all new fantastic look!

Joey Surrenders to your lusty attack! XD He's tempting you to take your best shot.

I really like the big thick eyebrows and gruff look. It's very Australian. Really hot thick arms and sexy legs there Leon! WOW. Those muscles are perfect! His torso is just so perfectly curved. What I love so much is the speedo design. Love the ring clip, that is sexy. Mmmm cold hard steal rubbing against those thighs, you just know he wants you to come over and pull them off for him. I bet he would practically beg for release.....XD It was really a perfect idea to add the southern cross stars off the Australian flag. Now he even better represents his homeland! Way to add to the character man! Thank you so much my friend and congratulations to you for finishing your course! :) It was such a nice surprise to wake up to this.

And now..more Joey..ha ha ha, this time I had the very high honors of being the first to commission Hydaria. Hydaria is a master of foreskin. Very few people can do them as realistically detailed then he can. He makes them look even hotter then the real thing at times! He has amazing colouring skills and does some really sexy cute faces and majorly hot bodies. For him I picked Cam and Joey to be enjoying themselves after a work out. Cam has his gear from 'The Game' on. It's such a great image that I commissioned Hydaria right away again. The man worked fast and with great passion. He asked for my input and valued my opinion very much. It was a delight to commission him.

My Reaction:

Hey Hydaria, it was beyond awesome to be the first person to Commission you.:widesmile::heart: I can't believe the speed at which you worked on this. It feels like only moments ago I was looking at your wonderful sketch.

You gave Joey the most sexy eyes. So well done. :blush: His body is spectacular. That chest is wow...Love the muscles so much. I really was dying to see what you would do with his foreskin, since yours are some of the most impressive around. I was not disappointed , he has a beautiful shape to it, it looks so delicious! XD Those speedos look so silky as well and he has cute balls too! XD The kind you just want to cup in your palm.
Cam is marvelous as well. Love the glow of his eyes and the soft furry hair you gave his stripes these were welcomed much appreciated additions to him. He's so innocent covered in cum like that! XD He's so hunky love his cock head!

Thanks so much again and I look forward to our next one. You are off to a perfect start! :heart::kiss:

Ok lets move away from Joey, but stick to Class Comics!
This is a commission that was worked on some time ago and finally completed today. FeralElf worked harder then I ever saw him work and put so much time into this piece. I really did my best to be at his side with this one. After all this was the mans first attempt at a Fillion character and he wanted it to be just right and so did I. The image speaks for itself, he should be very proud of this hulking sexy version or Spot!

Super sized Spot gets really fucking hot watching his muscles bulge. He's got two bones to take care of after this work out....

I got this idea while watching people work out at the gym..boy my wonders while I run...I gotta hand it to FerelElf, this image is so hot and sexy. I love the big thick balls hanging down from Spot there. They are beyond perfect. His foreskin wrapped around the top of his cock head with the tip poking out tips the scales of sensuality in this image right off the charts. He worked so hard to get him on model, from the spot placement, to the stubble on his big chin. He even added in the details on the nipples that would so pinchable. Love how his tummy is sticking in as his crotch is thrusted forward. That's very naughty... XD There is something about this scene that makes me feel spot might be feeling very open and the cool air from the conditioning unit is softly caressing his tight muscles and he feels so naked and lusty, that even the slightest touch to his throbbing member would be enough to make him release a load of hot cum.
Thanks so much for working so hard on it!

FerelElf had even more hot stuff to show this week! This is an older commission that is finally gonna get some love on this blog. When Feralelf helped create Garra I really was hoping he would draw him giving Dimata a good fucking, up against a tree... XD HA! FeralElf added some new features, some extraordinary muscles and some super cuteness to Garra. Ha, I remember when I sent him the sketch I did and he changed his hair based on my quick image and I had to demand he give back the beloved dreads he gave him in the first image. I wasn't going to mess with a perfect do!

Dimata looks really shocked as he takes in that massive member. He seems to be fighting it with all his might, but his cock is showing us he doesn't think this isn't so bad. Who wouldn't love to have cock jerked off between those rock hard abs? Fuck... XD It was great how FeralElf brought back the phimosis style cock for Dimata. I think that really suites him so well. That powerful neck on Garra is really nice leading to his huge body. The claws are just perfectly shaped and the right size. Love his huge hanging balls they look like they have a ton of weight to them. They must be filled to the max with cum. Feral gave him less of a tan this time and a more pink skin tone that looks great. The lazy slot has been hiding in the cool bush for too long! XD Great stuff man. So much raw power, yet still there is huggable, loveable, inviting quality to your men. They are not forbidding at all. ;)

Hey guys my buddy Vicky is looking for information on this manga. If anyone knows anything about it, please feel free to comment, or e-mail me. Thanks!

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