Friday, May 14, 2010

Look out Niyol! A 300 million year old enemy appears! Giving back To ZipOpen

Heh, that's my little anime style intro for this blog. This new character I will be presenting today has a bit of history behind him. He was actually under production since last August. I would sit and draw him from time to time. He went through a lot of different looks and costume designs.

I wanted to make a character based on the great Dragonfly Meganeura. Everytime I would draw a dragon fly character, he would come out a little too sweat and cute. I had him as a tour guide, then a delivery boy. Nothing matched what a true Meganeura, the king of the Carboniferous skies is all about. With a wing span of almost one meter, this was a top predator. A mail boy, just would not do.

It was also around this time that ZipOpen created his Elf Moth character Niyol. Niyol has some very fitting prehistoric qualities...but it would not be till mid April that inspiration would hit me again. I was looking at Niyol art one day and thought, this guy needs a rival, an adversary. What better to pry on a mothman, then a Dragonfly? So I tried to find some images of him that I had drawn from the summer and fall. Only able to find one, I decided it was a sign and I proceeded to start from scratch. I did a base sketch, then I looked up models.

I went to my good buddy Barts web site and found so much inspiration, the right aspects to create a perfect character feel into place. The site was so intricate to helping me design him, I named him after my friend. I went with the name Dart. I think it fits creature that zips around at such a high speed.
From there I did my best to sketch him up myself, explaining his various features, using aspects from different sources, and adding my own touches as well.
I explained that he should be tall, much larger then Niyol, to exemplify the inherited species size. I would imagine him to be around 8 1/2 feet tall. With a wing span of I guess about 4 meters. (I guess.)
From there it was the nerve wracking process of seeing how others felt about this project. I sent him off to a few very close friends to gauge their impression of him. This wasn't me saying, hey what do you think can you draw him for me? no, that came later,.... :P This was me trying to see if the inspect human looked good enough to be a gift for ZipOpens world.

Thankful I got a lot of positive feedback. The eyes on his head were of debatable importance at one point. (one of my first sketches lacked them.) I eventually decided to leave them in because I think they help give him a bit more sinister look. Not only did I get feedback, I got images. From Maduinshorn and Sirio came awesome sketches and from Artistg, one of ZipOpens best friends came an entire model sheet. Unbelievable!!!! :) This support was tear jerkingly welcome. They each brought the character to life, adding their own touches. He was looking perfect now. I felt the confidence to proceed forward...

Here is Sirios take on Dart based on my sketches. What a great surprise this was! She gave him a great body and perfect clothes. XD Sirio did a cool front and back view. This is perfect for working out the framework of the character. He is a real power house!

Artistg really fell for the Dragonfly. As he said, he would do anything for his buddy ZipOpen. His character guide is so perfect. He even did a variation of the tail, laid out his body details, leg spikes, and circumcision scar! XD
I think my jaw dropped for ten minuets when I saw how well laid out this was. God I love that face and eyebrows!

Both these concepts are so good, I must try to get these two masters to take him on one day too.

I had an idea to have Niyol in peril, but I also loved the sketch Maduisnshor did a lot. So I asked him if he could take his sketch and complete it. We both agreed to add Niyol to the image.

Dart stands gracefully on a small rock, the only dry piece of land he could find in the area. His keen sense of hearing alerts him almost too late to the fast approaching danger behind him. Looks like Niyol spotted him after having some fun in the fern tops.
Madiunishorn worked so freaking hard on this image and produced it so quickly. I am going to share his creative process here today as well. Niyol is so hot, big beefy and simply beautiful with muscles hard as rock, yet he has tender looking pink skin. He did an excellent job adding a nice pink tan to him. His cock is so hot and thick, with that foreskin even flaccid being pushed back by his powerful cock head. His wings are outstanding. So perfect. Wings are so hard for me to draw, so I really appreciate nice wings when I see them. Gotta love those pointy nipples! Maduinshorn is great creating those! Love how the shadow of his leg shows in darts wings, I was not expecting such amazing details like these!

Dart took on a few forms as you will soon see. Maduinshorn was given free reign with his costume colours. I knew he would pick the best colours, he didn't stray from what I too had in mind. He provided me with two variations of Darts eyebrows as well. I had the idea that they are made of a hard glowing exoskeleton material. He also did a version with hot bushy ones. This shows that Dart shaves them down to give him more of a insect like appearance to strike even more fear into the hearts of his enemies!

Dart could not have turned out better, he is just how I pictured him and so much more. Maduishorn drew him perfect from the start. He crated the tall bronze skinned god I wanted. He is sexy, yet dangerous. God I love those legs!!! HA HA Ha! His tail is so great with that slightly phallic tip! XD He even added little moth wings on a necklace! This further solidified his relationship to Niyol. :P

He went the distance giving him a nice markings like I asked (those are glowing chalk.) We made him cut because we decided he would hail from Kansas, the home of many of these animal that was once a swamp mixed with a tall fern forests. Though if ZipOpen would have asked for him to be uncut we could have done that too. :P I like how his dick is big, but not too huge. Funny enough my buddy Bart often says that I should have a few characters that have more normal sized did Maduinshorn know? XD
The background is nothing more then a triumph of design, placing the viewer right back into the swamps of old. The perspective is so great, with the trees closing in on the two men like that. The way Madiunshorn has positioned Dart your eyes seem to lock on his feet and then looking straight up at the danger facing him. Just amazing.

Mario's first sketch was so good, that it became the image you see above instead of just remaining as a ref sheet. As you can see very few things changed. The strap and antenna were pretty much it. I was not lying when I said he got him spot on.

The cool line art, Dart is now adjusting something! That was Maduinshorn up to mischief!!!! XD He also added in the end of his tail. Ah the tail and eyes, what a bugger they were. It was so hard to choose a fitting colour. We went through blue, green and even flesh colours. I liked them so much I put it to a bit of a vote and asked for the input of handful of close friends. (Still not too many cause I didn't want to bug to many people. XD)

The colours are ready, now a background must be added! Looks like Mario and I are going back to the swamp. We had a good laugh about how so many of our projects wind up there. Hee hee. Next time we will go to dry land I promise! XD
In the end we choose green, I liked the contrast with Darks skin colour and Caravaggia mentioned how it gives the character a more 'foresty' feel. Maybe we can try blue in future commissions. ^_^

The first image is actually the second that was produced. You see, as much as I thought Dart should be a rival for Niyol, he needs to have a reason to be so. And in the animal food change, what swamp animal is usually above that of inspects? Why Fish of course...and in the Carboniferous swamps, Fresh water was often the home sharks...and who is the head shark around here? XD
So the choice and story of Dart feel right into place. His Boss is Lil'Deep. Deep runs a sex slave trade. We often show him care free and fairly kind, but Deep has a rough history. He's a rogue pirate who trades in bodies...though I would like to think behind it all Deep is not such a bad guy and at times maybe there is some heart underlying his actions.
But as far as the mothmen go, Deep and Niyol at this time are a total scourge on them. They are particularly beautiful creatures and bring in a high price. Deep had to enlist the help of the Meganeura tribe to help capture them. The top warrior among them is dart and he takes great pride in his job. The Moths are looked at as a lesser race, one to be prayed upon. But This moth, this Niyol is different, he is strong and viral...even handsome...Dart enjoys hunting this one. He sees him as a worthy rival.

I always say that Madiunshorn tops himself with each new piece, but I can help it if that is true. Just look at the action and poses here. Lil'Deep is so big and buff. He's so squeezable and hunky! Check out those big balls!!! When I showed this to a friend he remarked that this was one of the most huggable Deeps to date. He looks so soft! XD He gave him a great shine and big tick eyebrows! Those spread open massive legs are magnificent. You just want to put a hand on each one and bend down and take a swallow.. XD
I asked Mario to have Niyol at spear point and he even added in that hair grab action!!! Genius! Mario was able to captivate the mood I wished for an create something that that would stir my imagination.
Dart looks so into it, just leaning right in stroking his meat, totally happyily proud and full of himself! Yet not over confident. He it focused on his prey. He knows what Niyol is capable of. Again his is perfect with the long muscular legs and super buff chest and torso.
I really love Niyols pose and how Mario tilted him slightly. He looks so angry and disgusted, but his cock is getting that says something. I think the long thin cock on his looks great. It's really sexy with the head again poking out. XD Perfect! Maduishorn you know how to give a man a perfect body and Niyol reflects this so much. Someone is going to get that tight butt smacked...
In case you are wondering Niyol has the ability to turn his wings into a small tattoo on his back when he is not flying.
What will be Nilyols fate? Can he save his friends? Guess this adventure will have to be continued!

The thin eyebrow version!

Maduinshorns I think second sketch of the scene. The first I think was missing Lil'Deep, so as you can see not much changed from this point.

The colours before Maduinshorn added the perfect background,a cool, foggy, dank, cave lair for the pirate Lil'Deep.

In the end the images were all sent to ZipOpen, who absolutely loved the character, the art and the concepts presented to them. He has insisted these be added to Maduinshorns gallery on YG. Because these are gifts I have only lightly watermarked these images and presented to the world fairly large res images for all to enjoy.

Thanks Maduinshorn, you were as always, so great to work with and bounce ideas around with. I could not have hoped for a better experience creating a new character for a friend. You are an asset and inspiration to those that share your trade. The world needs more artists like you my friend.

I want to thank Crimsonblood, Lastmanouthere, Urbanmusiq, Caravaggia, Artistg, Sirio, Ink-B, guytoonist23, FallenAngel and all the others that added their encouragement and support to his project.

Here are some of my sketches:

The discription was he should have a big chest due to his extra arms and wings.
None of these have the Barney Rubble like shirt buttons, he had in my very fist sketch and kept there afterward.

Here is ZipOpens original concept for Niyol before he had a name! XD Sexy huh?


  1. Very nice. They pull off some good muscle work in all the pictures.

  2. sexy and hot :D - FallenAngel

  3. Hi, it's me again, Jack-Jack.

    (I've posted my comment/request on previous posts, but maybe you just missed it)
    Here it is, please respond. I know you a nice guy.

    Oh My Gosh!!

    My heart beat faster, adrenaline flush!!
    My wild imagination sky-rocketed! What an excellent work to offer..honestly praise you!

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    I say a huge thank you when you agree to realize my fantasies in your're amazing!


  4. Jack Jack Frot is great! The best thing you can do is contact an artist and try to develop your idea with them yourself.



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