Thursday, May 27, 2010

Patrick Fillions Rikuo meets Caravaggias mystic brush! ! Gninrom and Nookiedog are making this the Longest Birthday Ever!

Hey guys! Wow, this is one never ending birthday celebration week, let me tell you. I am so spoiled!!! I completed Mario Galaxy 2 today, so I am in a great mood. So good I actually came up with a new original character! I will have to share that in another post though.
Okay down to da business! Everyone should remember that Mr. Fillion was awesome enough to draw Rikuo for me last year. It was the most exciting thing ever for me. Well, you guys might also remember that I had to choose between two images. After Patrick drew Joey, I asked him if I could find someone I trust to colour him and he said sure. That got me thinking...what about Rikuo? He is just too awesome to leave unfinished. Well yesterday I turned to my dear Caravaggia to take him on. Her colouring is turning the world on, but I was not sure if she would like to take on such a huge job. She was so into it, I had him completed to perfection for everyone to enjoy this morning! Have a look at the wonderful combination of two of my favorite artists talents!

The sketch becomes a complete splendor!

All Caravaggia had to work with was the sketch so she said she had to step it up for this one. And she stepped it up all the way to the moon! Caravaggia really knows how to bring out a boys muscles does she not? Look at how Rikuos features gleam in the sunlight! His muscle on his upper left leg and calve really bulge out at the viewer. It's so sexy. She really brought out the curvature of the back and the great details in the fingers. Love his blue eyes! That cock is outstanding! HA! She went ahead and did the top dark green and the bottom to match his chest and balls. I have never seen that cool!! Especially with that dark green vein running down the side! She added lots of nice touches of her own to Rikuo, like nice black nails and sexy pink nipples! The wave motion coming from the hand was a really creative addition and gives the piece even more energy and playfulness.
Caravaggia I just had to get this up right away, I am so proud of your hard work!

Let's keep the Caravaggia spotlight going shall we? That girl poops rainbows!
Next up is an image I had the hardest time of all containing..oh man...The wicked MiOworks drew Tonia and Skelldon on the beach a few weeks ago. I could have posted the line art, but I wanted to spring it only after Caravaggia had coloured this piece. They both did such fabou job, the image speaks for itself really!

Tonia doesn't like to work out, he would rather eat ice cream and work on his tan. Teasing his friend Skelldon makes it taste all the sweeter!

This is so cute!!! MioWorks art was so great, I got so excited my tummy started hurting! LOL!!! Tonia is so adorable! Nice big balls, thick flaccid cock, bushy pubes and a mischievous face! How could I ask for more? Caravaggia really brought out his eyes! I asked her what she thought about giving him baby blues and she went for it. I think it looks great. She really brought out his arching neck, big muscular arms and chest that MiO did so well!
I wanted Tonia to have on some Flintstones style head phones with dactyls for the longest time. MiO really got them just right! I knew that MiOworks would do the image exactly as I envisioned and add so much to it at the same time.
Skelldon is awesome as well. Big and beautiful! That cock is MASSIVE! What a thick shaft and yummy cock head! The pink really makes it stand out! XD That thing is about to be full erect any second. Twinks eating ice cream has that effect on a hard working stud. MiOworks gave him a great chest, huge nipples and nicely muscled arms. And Caraggagias colour on him accentuates every detail. Especially that long flowing blue hair that is highlighted so well! It looks soft as silk!

Thanks guys! Truly a classic! I am happy I chose you two to bring this concept finally to life! :) Love it and you two so much!

Last night Gninrom sent me a birthday gift! He is such a dear heart! I was playing Galaxy at the time and I came into my room, exhausted from the final few stars to find this masterpiece in my e-mail! We had talked about Hercules for a long time and we saved it for me for my birthday. AWE! Big hugs to you man!

I Had no idea he would do YOUNG Hercules! He is such a hot and most welcomed surprise!!! WOW! Loved him in the TV show. It was so hard for me to catch when I moved to the country. It's so amazing how spot on Gninrom got him! It's like he walked right out of the movie screen! Just perfectly gorgeous work!
Ha this is the perfect idea for him! You can just see his dorky young self cumming all over his face and smiling like that! Fits him exactly! XD You so know Phil would catch him doing this! LOL. :P
Gninrom gave him a freaking NICE long cock! Meg is gonna love deep throating that in a few years..but for now Icarus will have to do! LOL. That thing is wicked! Really beautiful colours. Especially his big blue eyes. They penetrate my heart. His expression is so delightful. ^0^ Ha ha ha those big awkward hands and feet rock! Dang guys have no idea how this is touching this is to me.
It has come like Mega Man, at a perfect time. This movie came out a few weeks after I turned 20 and the image is really taken me back to that wonderful summer. It was the first movie I took my niece to see. She wanted all the toys. ^_^ I collected almost everything I could from the movie, using all the money I made! (And I watched it 4 times with friends and family.) Thanks man! You really made me feel so carefree and young again with this. Ah to be back in 1997 for one more summer..Well this is the closest I will get! You kick ass Gnin!

Last we have another wonderful image that became a heart felt gift! My oldest buddy Nookiedog was working on this way back in December when I got Assassin's Creed 2 for Christmas. I started to play part one again, cause I never finished it...XD Anyway..XD I started to fall in love with the character Altair. Nookiedog is the best at doing realistic style men and I wanted to see how he would take on this up and coming video game start. Altair turned out to be a dark dreamy hunk, Check him out!

This must be one of the few times he smiles in life and what an expression! Alright, you caught me, now suck it.

There is a lot of Altair art out there and Nookiedog has given the world a take that is unlike the rest!
He is GORGEOUS! His face is very dark and alluring. Really dig the dark shadows around his eyes, with the stress lines beneath them. They give him a bit of well placed age. Nice job on his stubble which is thick and unshaven. Just how I would imagine a man of this age, constantly on the run would look. No time for constant grooming. XD His lips came out perfectly, so yummy!

Man I love that curve shape of his penis shaft and the pink head. The finger grab is really detailed. This got me hot! XD That turned out so spectacular! All the small details like the cuts and scars and hairs look really wicked! Nookeidog even gave him marking on his shoulders! Nice!!! Now he really does look like a real human! I like how his abs are done. They are hard, but not too defined, this is something you see rarely in art, but often in real life. Great stuff!! Nookiedog created a soft looking and wavy cape. I bet that would be nice and cool against his bare skin in the hot medieval sun. :) Wow, take time checking out that armor on his arm! It is really well done with so many tiny details. :)

Thanks again guys!


  1. Again you continue to get some pretty wild and wonderful lil birthday presents. :3 I am envious much! But I bet the gifts aren't even done. XD What a week. As usual Gnin did an excellent job. lol But everyone did an awesome job as well, of course! ^^

  2. I love the hercules one soooo much!



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