Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Greast Honor of all: Rikuo by Patrick Fillion

What an amazing week I had. This week many wonderful things happened to me. Among them was a picture, dedicated to me by the one and only, the master of Gay Comics, Mr. Patrick Fillion. What a dream come true.

Here are his kind words:

Hello Gang!

I drew this illustration of Rikuo as a special THANK YOU GIFT for my good buddy Dinosaurprince.

I felt it important to show him how truly appreciated he is. He has been so wonderful to so many artists here at the Y!, supporting and encouraging by generously commissioning artwork and being so enthusiastic about it all. He's a real inspiration and quite honestly I feel he's the embodiment of what a community like this one should totally be.:widesmile:

Dinosaurprince, my sincere thanks for all that you do. You are loved and appreciated, and this Rikuo's for you! :love::love:

BIG BIG BIG Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

My reaction came straight from my heart:

Oh man, what can I say? TOTAL DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Good sir, you words have left me with tears in my eyes. Huge HUGE HUGS to you my friend!!!
Rikuo my favorite character, done so gorgeously by your hand. If someone had told me a year ago this would be happening in my honor I would have just laughed!!!
It's been a heck of a half year for me. And this picture is all because a bunch of wonderful people allowed me into their world. I thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!!!
I want to thank everyone I have had the pleasure of working with as well. It was their hard work and kind attitudes that kept fueling me to come back and do more and more!!!

I love this pose! The spread open legs welcoming and beckoning the viewer closer. I love his sexy face, total Fillion style!! So cool!
That monster uncut with the pink head drives me crazy!!!! Any boy would love to cradle those balls!!!
The rock is just so well detailed and you can feel the cool breeze and feel the softness of the water. I love starfish!
The colours really balance Rikou in a way that he looks so strong, but he looks like he would be soft to the touch and so welcoming to a lover! I am so in love with this picture.

I can't thank you enough Mr. Fillion, but I promise I will continue to help out and create many more ideas and characters!
*Wrote with a huge smile and tears in my eyes*:
Long live gay comics and Yoai!!!
I bow down and tip my hat to you!!

Not only did he produce the picture, he included a thank you on the image and the page. What a truly amazing person to take time out of his busy schedule, during a time that Class Comics has been it's busiest ever. All I ever wanted to do was have fun, while meeting some of the people I admire. I still don't begin to fathom the impact I have had. But I guess I have indeed! I want to thank everyone who posted such wonderful comments on the page as well, I never felt so lucky and so a part of something like I do right now. You guys are my inspiration! :)

He had contacted me prior to the dedication and showed me his plans and asked me what poses I liked and how I felt about them overall. I loved both poses and I have to say it was a hard choice! But I went with the relaxed pose because it was just so inviting and cool looking!

I so love this image as well. It is very reminiscent of the character win poses in Nightwarriors, with limbs exaggerated and being flung towards the viewer. Is he reaching out for the viewers cock? XD This made for a very Hard choice.

This is the first view I got of Rikuo relaxed on the rock and spurting cum. It was love at first site, no doubt. It was those open legs and the fact that he was hanging on with all his might, trying to keep his balance as his orgasm overtook him that drew me in. I love how on the final his cum is glistening in the sunlight! SO COOL!

Mr. Fillion, you continue to inspire everyone on the net. Every artist I know looks up to you and are just as thankful as I am that you are such an encouraging part of the Y!gallery. I know I am not alone in the view that I feel you do more and are much more active then those that run the site. Your good nature and generosity will never be forgotten, you my friend are a real Superhero.
Raises cup of Root beer: All my love to you! Long live Class Comics!!!

Please check out Patricks sites, there is so much to see on each one!:

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  1. Very interesting stuff here. lol
    Well I can see you gushing, so its good that you are all giddy with glee here. :P

    Um well... hmm.... I like being honest with you, and I honestly like the second image a lot more, personally. XD; I suppose the playing with perspective and the face, as well as me liking standing poses, make it a winner for me. lol well good thing you didn't ask for my opinion back when you were given the choice then, I suppose. :P You chose what you prefered and not what someone else did, which is better.



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