Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Trilobite Emerges from the Cumbrian age

It's always great to sit and think about a new character, draw it and then send it off to see how a real artists will handle it. This new character I will be unleashing today it something I had in mind since I was a kid. (Though in all honesty he wasn't sexy until a few weeks ago!) When I was small I would sit in the bath tub and think of large cities under the ancient ocean and the rulers of these waters would be the Trilobites. Of course my characters looked like physical trilobites and were not very human like at all.
So I set out on the task of creating a trilobite who's role was not as ruler of the ocean, but lover and mystic. Trilobites lived in the ocean for over 279 million years, so I wanted to put in him a good role to convey that. A creature that is not physically old, but very wise, armed with the wisdom of the ages. He was originally supposed to be a purely evil character, but I changed that concept when I saw the following two pieces.

And so I present to you Chiida the Voodoo Trilobite!

This is Fydbacs take on him. As you can see his head is half human and half Trilobite. He is African, sporting large arthropod eyes and bony armor. His staff has the skull of an Ichthyosaurus on it. Here is is accompanied by a new Ceratopsian character Chase! Chase is a Chasmosaurus.
Fydbac included him a package of pictures she gifted to me. Her generosity towards me will never be forgotten.

Part of my reaction:

I really love the Trilobite Voodoo Priest!!! He's dang sooo cool! He's a really hard sell too. Next time I am requesting more of him! XD The Triceratops Chase is really awesome too. And I love the way his hair and face is so flowing. I really like his horns, they're really neat. Especially the one that is his nose. Very reminiscent of a Chasmosaurus, a Albertaceratops! Thank you so much for helping me name him.

I am happy that you chose both of them to have expressions of happiness, instead of it being a rape, or forced piece. It makes for such a nice and pleasant picture!
I really like his antennas. Thank you for doing such a cool job on such a difficult character. I think I frightened a few artist!

Such wonderful gifts, amazingly thought out, just crazy hot and made with care and passion. I am so overwhelmed by your generosity. Such a kind unselfish heart will take you places in life I can only imagine. And you deserve to be there as soon as possible my friend. All my love to ya!

Fydbac was late with her commission and made up for it by providing a totally fapable orgy of pictures! I will displaying them as well.

Now at the same time that Fydbac was working her fingers to the bone, so was my good buddy Ink-b! Here is his gorgeous take on Chiida.

Ink's picture is a delight to the eyes. He took a really sexy approach to him. Instead of doing the shell as simple armor he incorporated it into Chiidas hair. This gives him an almost Arabic Appearance. He added two spectacular glowing eyes and glitter around his head. His pointed ears and his sweet soft expression give him such a sexy and almost genie like affect. (My original ears were thin and long! Yuck!) I love the arm spikes and the thick uncut cock is drool worthy!
OK I love him to death! I never would have thought he could be made to look so sexy. Ink-b you a pure genius, sex just flows from your fingers.

This is what made me decide that Chiida would be a character that lives in a hut by the Ocean. A young witch doctor whose appearance frightens others. He often uses force and magic to have his way others. His sex is actually a blessing as it results in many strange benefits.....

Thanks guys you have expanded my kingdom in a new and wondrous ways. I can't wait to see you both create more of him in your own fashion!

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