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Dimata Origins: The Youthful Art of Tidekeeper

I first ran into Tidekeeper some time ago and almost immediately after discovering her gallery I jumped on her to do a picture of Rikuo and a male Felecia. I had the idea of having Felecia fallen at Rikuos feet and Rikuo posing with his hand behind his head. I chose circumcision for Felecia since he is American.

My Reaction:

I just sped home to look at this tonight. Ok All I have to say is WOW! This is gorgeous!!!! From the first sketch I knew this was going be a masterpiece. :heart::inlove:
The eyes really stand out on both characters and all the CG is amazing.
Can Felicia been in a sexier pose?????:heart:
It's like you could pet those fluffy ears on Felicia! This is AWESOME!!! I love the moon, that's an great touch. Even the way you did the oragane frill show that it is attached to the top of his head, that's really cool. Rikuo is so tall and sexy! I can't thank you enough! I dig his pink head poking through the foreskin, any guy would like to taste that! LOL.:drool:
It was a pleasure to have you do so many first with me and I have to say you really pulled them all off big time! And you're making me blush with those kind words!!:happyhappy::heart:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this masterpiece of sensuality for me.
I can't wait to work with you again.

Kindest Regards

Here for the first time ever is the gorgeous sketch:

Tidekeeper is certainly one of the friendliest artists I have have meet and her personality drew me back to her when I was looking to commission out my then very new Character Dimata. Her Anthro boys are legendary and I wanted to see what kind of special treatment she could give him. The truth behind Dimata's creation is that he was made originally to be a play thing for the character Zahn son of Winter created by my friend Patrick Fillion. It seemed like a natural choice, an anthro mammoth for a Barbarian with snow elemental powers! So I asked if Tidekepper could do a scene called Discovering The Mammoth. Here Romer has lead Zahn to the place he found Dimata frozen in the ice. Her picture took my breath away to say the least as it did Mr. Fillions as well.

Not only is the torch melting the ice, so is all that grindage! XD

My reaction:

Hey! Wow! I have to say this is your best work to date!!! Oh my gosh details!! so much variation in the colours and shading! The colours are divine!
You have to make a promise to me right now that you will draw more Dimata and Romer for me!!! They are simply gorgeous. I can't describe it, I had tears, when I got this last night! Seriously, they are that nice. Oh my Gosh, the love and details you put in has left me breathless. Those big blue eyes on Dimata, wow. And Romer has set the bar for future artist who I get to commission him. You really have him great African male and Dinosaurian features! The scales are great and the hands a feet are perfect! I may even ask you to do a character model sheet of both him and Romer in a future commission. Yes I love them THAT much. And lets not leave out Zahn. Those eyes, that face and the hair! OK the cock is super hot too! LOL. We have to do a sequel picture! That's all that is too it! XD When you have the time of course.
Take a bow my friend!

Here Romer is actually very close to original design and Tidekeeper not only gave him cool armor scales, but a tail for the ages! She made him very African looking as I had requested. Those hands are just too cool!

Here is her first sketches:

As she put it, Zahn is a sexy beast! Here his bottom is exposed. (Don't kill me for covering it up!) I decided to add the cape to add more action and to show that the cave is a cold and windy place.

Tidekeepers first Dimata. I was so in love with it that I showed it to everyone I knew right away and used it as an example of what he should look like when I sent him to others to be drawn. I really dig the icicle hanging from his foreskin.

A clean version of Dimata I can share with family and friends! I hope to have it completed one day soon.

All this helped propel the story of Dimata a little bit more. As this was going on, Ink-b gave me an entire cast to play with. I am sure we will be seeing more of Zahn in my prehistoric playground for sure!

Well you know me, one picture from an artist never seems to be enough and I had to see what Tidekeeper could do with a character I have been working hard to resurrect, Congo! Now I have to admit at first I thought the characters were border line shota looking, but such a cute and amazing picture was certainly not going to discarded by me! Nope, Tidekeeper the ever amazing person that she is made the characters a little older and more muscular looking and now we have this very playful masterpiece. (I swear I could hear girls squealing when it was posted...)

I remember when she asked me if I would like a little tail action and I was like, 'you so read my mind!!!' It was right on the list of things to request! It's great when I my mind is in sync with the artist!

My Reaction:

I am happy I kept this cause it is just so great!!!! The same applies here as in the Zahn image. The colours, the details everything just eye popping amazing. The blown up version of this is just KILLER. Ah you ladies and your eyelashes left on females turned to males! LOL. So cute!!! XD
Sweet choice of a backdrop. I love the tooth on Congo!!! A little canine. Cripes at this point these aren't even the Date East Characters, they're your own!!!! If only they had you working for them Congo would have been a huge star! Very nice indeed. No penis heads...TEASE! XD I have been wanting to say that since the sketch phase.
Love the banana, love the tail action, love the eyes and expressions! There isn't anything not to love here! :lol::heart::heart::heart:
This is great stuff, more characters I will have to commission in the future!

This is one of the first sketches, notice the cute dialog:

Tidekeeper I cherish these wonderful images and cannot wait until July when you are free again. I already have some many ideas for you to take on my friend. :)

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  1. All those drawings are really cool..
    So, that's how Dimata walked upon the earth XD



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