Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kentro Goes Colour! Sirio and JCArtblog bring us more Jurassic Love

Ah two of my old friends returned last month to breath life into my boys. I couldn't resist asking Sirio to continue to draw Romer. And at the same time Sirio was actually the first one to take on Kentro. Sirio was full of questions for me. Giving me choices of colours to use and wanting many examples of the animal that he was based on. The work is a masterpiece of power, passion and excitement.

Kentros Skin was based on this creature here.

His spine and plates were based on this fellow here.

Now with Romer we have a dilemma! The people at the Y!gallery don't like a Penis with a Frill! So Sirio was kind enough to create a couple images for me!!! There it is folks, Romer with a Frilled Penis!!

As well Romers head seems to be a subject of debate. Should he have a head frill, or not? Well I designed him with a frill. BUT never let it be said I am not flexible. Here he is with out it. If anyone wants to colour this let me know. Also feel free to comment on the two types.

My Reaction:

Oooh I love this so much! Sirio was the very first person I asked to draw Kentro for me! I had just sketched him out and sent him out right away! I was dying to have Sirio draw more Romer for me too. Dinosaur Frot Rocks!!!!
And there will be an alternate version of this on my site tonight!!!! XD

Your Kentro is so cute!!! XD I love his big black eyes. Those spikes are perfect! He certainly is a top!!! I love how their tails are together! This is so sexy!!!!! Faints!!!:exclaim:

Sirio took the time to read up on my description of Romer and include the place he loves to make love. That water and the splash is sexy and cool! DINOSAUR ACTION!!!! I LOVE IT!!!:lol::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Sirio, I thank you so much for this! You brought another of my characters to life and made me feel so special. You are a wonderful and VERY talented person. I thank my lucky stars everyday for meeting you and having you draw for me!!!! :kiss:
The only question is...what do we do together next?

The First sketch Sirio sent me. Not much to change here!!! XD

Now right after Fydbac and Sirio I asked Jcartblog if he wouldn't mind doing some of my boys in his style. The results are breath taking!!! Here we have his amazing take on Smilo and Kentro.

I just love commissioning you JC! You're such a sweet guy and such a fast worker! I mean I commissioned this on Saturday right and had it a few days later!!! XD

It really makes me happy to hear his appreciation in his comments. JC your art gets even more amazing with each piece!

I love this picture of Smilo and Kentro!!!! It's a Classic already! Your Kentro is just too much. He is so sexy! Awesome job on his plates and spikes! And amazing job on the hair/spikes. That is just an uber sexy pose! Dude people are going to fap to this! LOL!!! XD (I know I did! LOL) Those are some hot cocks! I like the circumcision scar on Smilo, nice touch! I really love how Regal and alert looking Smilo is, very cat like! And he is getting licked!!! That is so freaking hot! His pony tail resting on his shoulder is cute! Thanks for adding those butt dimples! Hee hee!!! You just want to pinch those cheeks!

I really love the background and foreground you added. Ah man takes me back to Jurassic Park! All I can hear is that line 'Don't go into de tall Grass.' lol Of course in this case I would LOVE to jump in!
You are sir are awesome!

JC really loved drawing Smilo. So much so that he gave me a couple bust shots that have become very popular as well. I think they are very frame worthy!

Awe man! He is so kind! What a killer gift! Your smilo is just so hot!!! I was so thrilled when I got his e-mail! I think I will ask for more Smilo and Dimata from JC very soon! Big kiss to you for this one!

Kentrosaurus pictures take from these sites:

Artist unknown.


  1. Um... I usually wanna say some good stuff but... DAMN would those horns and protruding bone hurt if you landed on his back? XD Sounds sharp!

  2. He's a total top!!! XD Hope you like Frot and Oral!!!

  3. Very cool art, but I think some Dinosaur are exactly doable lol



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