Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return of Tonia and Lil'Deep!

It's been pointed out that in a very short time I have sat with many artist and created many new characters. And in this explosion of sexiness, I fear some of my first characters might run the risk of being ignored. One of my Boys, Tonia, very lovingly created for me by Yelmo has not seen any action at all. Well all that is about to change. There are currently quite a number of Tonia works on the way. The first of these I present to you is done by Jacy-J! She took the original Tonia image and re-created him in her own sexy style!

This is such a wonderful and sensual picture of Tonia! I love the expression he has as the water cools and cleanses him before he swims. That tail and the armor is perfect! I love those soaking wet speedos with the bulge visible!!! Very erotic indeed! I would go swimming with him any day! And this image has prompted one of my up and coming images.

Today I got something very special in my inbox. A wonderful gift from Adonix. This as he puts it is one of first images of some hard core sex! The return of another of our boys, the super Sexy Megalodon boy Lil'Deep.

And OH MY GOD what an amazing return it is!!! It's beyond hot, without being too graphic. The muscle tone is incredible. Lil'Deep is really shark like here. In fact Lil'Deep has never looked so hot! Notice how Adonix made his elbow look kinda shark like. The dorsal fin really looks great too. I love the gills below his chest, great touch new touch as well. (Reminds me of Rikuo!!) His ass is so hard and hot!!!! XD I dig the beads in his hair and how he looks like he going to kiss Dimata.
And a new take on Dimata! WOW! I love Dimatas big full lips! Sooooo sexy!!! Faints...
Seriously that is such a cute expression on Dimata! That big dick on Lil'Deep is stuck right up Dimata's man hole and he is taking it all!!!!
Adonix topped it off with a background and cliff that reminds me of early morning as the sun rises over the primordial sea. This is one of the most beautiful pictures Adonix has ever created. I love it!!!!!!!

And speaking of wonderful pictures, here is the amazing finished picture by Conji of the Caveman and Dinoman. A wondrous birthday gift from the great Busiris. Big hugs to you man. You da Bomb!

Awesome colouring job! Love it! I like the pre-cum sticking from his arm to his cock! I will have to name these two! XD thanks so much again for working so hard and so fast too! This is one of the nicest birthday gifts ever!


  1. Teehee! Yay I like being a part of a very awesome birthday gift. I think I can go ahead and file that under "success, babeh" lol

    Um yeah XD lots of OCs! You are sure tired of hearing it. But I really really do have trouble remembering a lot of them since so many pop up so quickly! ;3;



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