Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Legends Winkly and Cirgy Return with Darkstalkers and Dinoboy fun and the completed Glypto by Ink-b!

I don't know how long it had been since I last saw Cirgy post an image on the Y!gallery. I will tell you one thing, this is one hard working and very talented young man! His male Lilith and Morrigan are the stuff of legend. I had to see if he was still around and to my delight he was! I asked him to do a an image of Rikuo getting some major action from his male Incubi! I wanted it to be in Rikuos stage and Cirgy went the extra mile doing the entire background and ALL BY HAND!!!

My reaction:

When you want Male Morrigan and Lilith, who else in the world do you turn to but Cirigy? I mean, this is all hand done! Amazing!!!! The picture just breaths! It's so alive. Yes in all their uncut glory! I asked for a cut Lilth, but when I saw the foreskin I wasn't playing Mohel!!!:tongue::heart: Just genius to throw the character in the boat from Rikous stage. The wings, the cocks, the expressions everything is amazing.
You got the Temptation pose perfect! It's all too much! :) Thanks for pouring every once of your talents into this picture!
As soon as I catch my breath we must work together once more.
Highly recommenced folks. I real star of the Y!Gallery right here!

The very first sketch he sent me, a masterpiece in the making!!!

More development, check out the amazing foreskin on Lilith!!! Someone get the tissues! XD

I hope I can call on him again to do another picture! More Capcom, or my own boys now? That will be a hard choice indeed!!! Thank you man, it was such a pleasure to have met you!

Another boy I thought had long admired and who has become a good friend is Winkly! This guy took on Steko and Rikuo with such passion it was unbelievable. Many a night was spent talking and being shown many different options for Steko. He went through many different colours and designs. Winkly would not rest until he was perfect and always had an idea, or two he wanted to throw in. The amount of detail threw me for a loop when I got the final frot image.
And here I present to you with great pride, Rikuo Meeting Steko:

My reaction:

Oh man another dream come true! Having the pure pleasure of the one and only Winkly draw for me!!!! Not only were you a true gentleman, you showed me every step of the way as you took on my original character Steko and Rikuo. Asking my opinion on everything and taking all my suggestions very seriously. Just a total class act. Thanks so much for providing me with such a gorgeous image. :inlove::heart::heart::heart:

I am in LOVE with your Steko, my Caribbean Stegosaurus! This is his first appearance on the Y!gallery and I couldn't have asked for a better premiere! He is just so freaking hawt!!!! I love his hair, his gorgeous eyes and all the wonderful details on his spikes and plates! You really set the bar on him.
And Rikuo is just so sensual, From his amazingly cute blue eyes, to his eye brow frills to his blush covered cheeks, that is one handsome face you gave him! That is also one nice thick foreskin on Rikuo and one hot cut cock on Steko.. Frot is so much fun! XD

It's the little details like the nipples going to a lighter colour at the tips and the indent on Rikous chest to show the gill that really show this piece was a labor of love.
Thanks again my friend, I can't wait to start our next image! :) You're the bomb!

He was nice enough as to provide me with a Cum shot version done just for this site!

Just one example of the many steps I was made a part of, choosing the skin tone on Steko!

Never satisfied, Winkly really wanted to get Steko as close to Adonix's take on him while still keeping his own style present. Here I was given the choice of two different faces!

Another friend made and I am excited to announce that he will be working on another commission for me in July! Winkly you ROCK!!! Much love to you!

And and not be be undone, Adonix who is with out the net at the moment has supplied me with a complete portrait of Glypto Scutes! Has an armadillo from the Eocene ever looked so hot? I think not!!! Kiss Kiss my friend! That is one sweet design! Gotta love the plates on his chest, that strong hunky body (faints) and his bundle hanging between his legs! It has got my mind creating so many new situations for him to fall into! XD You raised the bar yet again!

I can just see Glypto Running across the ancient plains protecting his kind from predators!


  1. Lots of new stuff. I cannot even tread it all in these past couple posts. I just know that it is pretty darn good that even if you have some nasty moments with commissions that there are still some superduper ones! :B

  2. Boat orgy! X) That's a good one XD



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