Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dimata is everywhere! Presenting The Original Dimata!!!

To think, it's only been since very late April that I first came up with Dimata. I lot has happened in such a short expanse of time. Today I have something very special to share with you all. Back around April 27th, I decided to commission Dimata out for the very first time. These images I am about to share predate Ink-B's work by about a week. And my images, yes I am showing you my images, were drawn around the 23rd of April.

As mentioned before Dimata was made for Zahn at first. I envisioned him in a mutual hand job scene with Zahn, but changed that to Frot when presented with the opportunity. Let's face it, everyone knows I love it!
So don't take a sip of anything cause you are liable to laugh and spit it all over your computer screen, but here is my first sketch of Dimata, known only then as my Mammoth boy:

I looked at a lot of Class Comics to come up with this!!!

Handsome bugger! As you can see even from the start Dimata had trunks in his mouth. The nipple hair is almost never represented by anyone.

As you can see I had drawn the penis somewhat like a Trunk. That feature had to go somewhere and I wanted the face as human as possible. My original concept had the foreskin lips looking like the end of a trunk. They would be on the side of the head and not on the tip. (I have seen messed up foreskin like this, with the hole on the side.)

Well I whored dear Dimata out and I got a bite with the amazingly talented Szadek. The man was a total Gentleman. He was determined to have tons of fun with Dimata and make Zahn as much like Mr. Fillions version as he could and well as you will see, you will think you were looking at a page from Class Comics. Szadek is know for ability to mimic any art style he sees. The man is about as gifted as you can get.

After I sent him to Szadex and he gave me 3 version of him and I had to choose. None had the tusks in his mouth, or at the edges of his lips, as he is now known for and as was in my original concept. Maybe it was due to lack of faith that I approved a couple concepts and went with the tusks on the side of the face. But I DO know I just loved his take on him!!!! XD (Sorry to every artist that wanted to do this as well, but I made you put the tusks in his mouth. This Beta Dimata is the first and only of his kind, sorta like long billed Donald Duck, or shoeless square footed Mickey Mouse.) And as I said I do love him. Every good character has a unique start and Dimatas is darn sexy!

As you can see I fiddled with various features from each version, before making my final choice.

Here he is! A after much decision and a lengthening of the Tusks Dimata was ready to into action! He just needed to lose the darkness in his eyes.

Szadek you really out did yourself. You gave him many mammoth features such as wrinkles around the eyes and extra hairy shoulders. I didn't realize you had given him a goatie until I saw the final! Neat!!!
For anyone wanting to commission him, I have to tell you that he got me on Yahoo right away and not only showed me the various character designs quickly, he gave me optional jewelry and accessories that could go on Dimata as well. He then showed me various poses that could have been used. I mean talk about an expert!!! I was floored. He even showed me the Background separately!!! He kept me informed as he went to each step. Always making sure I was happy with how the picture was going.

The final image to the far right was the one I originally wanted done. How could I go against Frot? I may ask him to do that one next!

Thanks you for drawing this wondrous masterpiece. I would swear Mr. Fillion himself drew Zahn if I hadn't seen you do ever step!!! I mean, the northern lights reflecting on the two of them is just amazing. I never would have dreamed you would have given me such a wonderful background. :)

Thank you for taking my once unknown and having enough faith in me and him to do so before anyone else. You made me very happy, treating me with respect and asking questions about him while doing research on the animal he is based on. You even gave him a Class Comics feel and look! The trunk like cock with unretractable foreskin is so perfectly designed.
Your faith was the stepping stone that prompted me to move forward with all my Original characters and I am in you debt for that my friend.
Big hugs and thanks to you, you are a master of ink and paint.
Has Frot ever been THIS hot in such a cold world?

And to top it off, today I got the completed Dimata by Nookiedog! It is HOT literally! For in his version Dimata is on all fours ready to strike, while leaking out steaming precum on a Volcano! This could make a two page spread in Playgirl!!!! Nookiedog keeps raising the bar. I love his take on Dimata as I have said, it so hot it got me Fapping!!! XD

I really love the shadows and darkness here, very prehistoric indeed! There is a sense of danger and adventure that makes it exciting to look at. Takes me back to every Conan comic and Tarzan book I read as a kid!!! And I dig the half haiy body, very cool.

I really get inspired by all the various takes on Dimata. It's very pleasing to see everyone trying to give me something special, it really warms my heart!
Thanks to everyones support this is just the start. Wait till you see SilverRuby and Neos take on him!

Don't forget to check out Zahn at Class Comics!!!


  1. aww you posted your own works in here now. Thats nice. lol :3

    All in all... You have a lot of refs and pics of the character and I am sure there are a lot more to come!

  2. hi,
    I need pictures and especially videos that I fantasize, a HOT COCK FIGHT on the ring and judged by a jury..
    I fantasize the hot cockfighters face2face and stare each other in the center of the ring before the fight begun! the jury call them from their corner to cockfight!
    wow, could you provide that?



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