Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet the Dune Mice as brought to goregous life by Zipopen!

It's no secrete that I am not only a fan of Patrick Fillions, but almost every sexy boy I have come up with so far was due to his inspiration and friendliness. Well a few months ago I was wanting to do a commission and the artist who I needed was not interested. So I got to thinking, 'what's wrong with me?' Fan art is amazingly fun to do, but why not make my own boys? I am someone that despite my lack of skills will sit and draw and write. I sized the moment and started in on some of my own erotic characters. I opened up Hot Chocolate and Bliss and set to work creating some characters that would fit into the world of Class Comics.

I wanted to do some mice for Camili Cat. I sent off my designs to various artists. I got a lot of positive feedback, but when one person jumped on it, I decided to respect that and wait for him to finish it. That person was my good buddy Zipopen, master of monster Cocks and foreskin!!!! Who else better to give my boys penises worthy of Class? XD

Zip did all this as birthday gift for me. What a super nice guy he is. He e-mailed me many times making sure he got everything perfect. He really wanted to make the image as special as he could. And man it is HAWT!

They are two Nubian Dune Mice, native to an Egyptian planet called Kumentutt.
Dune mice live for an unknown amount of time and pride themselves as guards of Tombs and Temples. Due to their rather large appendages they also have a huge sexual prowess and spend any free time using said members in any number of ways.

These are my two brothers separated at birth.

Travis has white spiky hair, white eye brows three tufts of white hair on his chest, white pubes, etc. He has rings of white hair around his wrists and ankles that end in fiery spikes. He like all Dune mice is cut. He is 14 inches with a pink head. He prides himself on his discipline and honor shown towards his friends, family and Pharaoh. He is calm, cool and an excellent lay! He is older then his brother by one year.

Troy is a little taller with dread locks. His hair is black. He is darker skinned. His penis head is Purple. He has no chest hair, or armpit hair. He has the rings of hair ending is soft spikes on the arms and wrists like his bro but they are grey. His tail is a lighter brown then his body.

He was taken to the Islands as child and raised as a DJ. He was never circumcised and is considered a rarity among the others. His brother especially enjoys docking and tugging on his foreskin.

This was my reaction:

I knew you were the perfect choice to help me create my Class Comics inspired Men!! Another little thank you to Mr. Fillion for providing us with such inspiration and wonderful comics!!!
Zipopen you really brought my boys to life!!! You took what I had sketched and presented it perfectly, from the hair, to the body types! Zipopen is a true master at making sure everything is done as per a clients wishes. I have never been presented an entire colour pallet to choose from before!!! And your kindhearted generosity will not be forgotten my friend!!
I love them to death!!! I didn't realize you had never drawn Cam before! He's got all your charms here! Very sexy and regal!!! As much as I am in awe of the characters I also cannot get over the throne!!! Wow!!!! So much detail!! :shocked::heart: I love that your name is mixed in with the hieroglyphs!:wink::heart:

As you have mentioned, these are characters I made after immersing myself in Class Comics back in April. I wanted to create a couple boys that would be constantly after Cam, to worship and have sex with him! So I went with the idea of two Egyptian Micemen Brothers that were separated at birth. They are from a race that prides itself on loyal service to Pharaohs and the protection of tombs. They live on a planet where Felenoids are treated as Royalty. Cam has become the latest recipient of there generous hospitality. Will he stay and lead them to a new age of ecstasy?
I know seeing this image has put even more and more ideas into my mind for their next meeting!
Once again my thanks to you Zipopen! I can't wait till our next project together!

At the moment Zip is working on a new picture. And I already have future plans for the Dune mice!

Zipopen's first Sketch, just amazing stuff. Love the Camili-Cat squint!

Check out all the Cool Camili-Cat stuff at Class Comics!


  1. I almost feel like I kept strongly suggesting making some OCs for yourself. lol and somehow... I created a monster!!!!!!! You made OCs and you have just kept exploding with OCs from there. Its like rabbits. You give birth to a new dude often. lol XD;

  2. Love your site, hope U update it regularly. Take care



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