Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gifts of the Past

Like I mentioned I had one crazy week! I seemed to be getting art left right and center. All in thanks for my continuing support! Fydbac was so kind as I mentioned. She has so much talent and the fact that she applies it so wonderfully to my boys makes me swell with joy and pride. Here are all the masterpieces she gave to me late last week!

What isn't perfect about this???? I mean, an elephant trunk cock spaying cum just the right way! And Dildo Rocks are the perfect terrain for a world of Prehistoric gay boys! Fydbacs Dimata is just so breath taking. I love him. He has that crazy wavy hair and that laid back expression that is just so cool!

OH MY GOSH! Fydbac and Dinoboy butt checks! How can I write comments when all I do is stare at those big fingers spreading those things? FAINTS....
Ok uh where was I??????
Fydbac the fact that you opened up your wild imagination just for me has touched me like you would not believe. I mean, A Bone Dildo tied to Kentros tail? That is pure unadulterated GENIUS! Fydbac is the Wile E. Coyote of Porn!
I love Romer giving that uncut monster some tongue action, while Kentro buries the side of his face in Romers cock screaming out in ecstasy. Can't stop the leakage...

I love this, that drench hair filled with sweat after hours of love making is just too cool!!! Only a mammothman could possibly hope to wear out the Son of Winter!!!!
I really appreciate how Fydbac remembers how Dimata was drawn as fan art for Zahn. I mean that says so much about how much she cares and enjoys doing these pieces. XD I love how is legs are so sprawled out and so weighted down as he holds on to his balance and consciousness with all his might!

I really love how Fydbac positioned Dimatas face so the tusks are up in the air! Classic Elephant action pose! I can hear him Trumpet as Romer sticks his cock deeper into him! So freaking hot....can't stand up....

I this has to be one of my very favorite pictures ever! The two boys, Chase and Dimata sharing a double sided Dildo, looking so venerable, but so turned on at the same time. The precum just oozing from that cut cock on the Ceratopsian's chest drives me wild. His hair flowing with his head tilted back makes me so light headed. This is just too good.
I just love Dimatas Bum and how you thought to include his ooze all over the ground.
More Genius, Fydbac you are LEGEND!

And even after all this my new partner in crime Cruxixion provided me with an awesome thank you! The first completed image of Trish Elk as done by him! He is doing an orgy scene that will have 4 of the original cast members in it! It's going to be tight!!!

Notice how well designed the antlers are. They are exactly like an Irish Elk!

Oh man what a nice thank you!!! I so didn't expect this! His take on him is divine! This has got me really excited. I can't wait to see him take on all my boys! XD Cute tusks!!
Thank you my friend Crux!

This inspired me to create two new Deer characters! Anyone want in? XD

Thanks guys it'a stuff like this that helps fuel me more and more.
Coming a belated birthday gift breaths life into two Class Comic inspired characters of my own design.

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