Friday, June 5, 2009

Jcartblog Creates a new Character for me!

Commissions are wonderful things. You never know just what to expect and even the simplest request can turn into something so unexpected you are just taken aback. Recently I asked JCArtblog if he wouldn't mind doing a take on Dimata and Romer. Well he not only gave me Romer, but a brand new character inspired by Ink-b's first Romer and Demonas take on Trevor Dactylous!!! So for the first time ever and only on this site I present to you Tarak Verlucent my new Pterodactyl man,

Not only is his Dimata stunning, he is in many ways extremely close to my original concept with his long cock erect with his foreskin stuck over his head. Standing beside him Tarak's got this tinman look to him that is alien and so dang sexy! I love him to death! The silky wings and frilled cock are just too much! The frill on the penis is why this is not allowed on the Y!gallery. It is also one of the features found on Romer below:

As you can see a few simple tweaks of various body parts was all it took for him to give me a new boy to play with! Yep Romer being a Parasaurolophus has a frill on his head crest and one to match that one along the bottom of his penis shaft!
Thank you so much JCArtblog, you have given life to a new cast member and provided my imagination with many new and exciting ideas to bring to life! You rock!

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