Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rex has been Working Out! By Adonix.

Hey guys! I'm back after a week, with lots more art.  First off this priceless piece by Adonix.  It's rex!  He's been working out hard and getting really buff in anticipation for his brand new comic! ;D  Here he is for you guys to enjoy.  He's rising out of a steamy sauna, getting ready to give his favorite muscle a work out with you! ;D 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oni At Kappa's Bathhouse Mini Comic!

I can't believe it's been a whole week and I haven't posted a thing!! I decided to feature Oni and Kappa-Chan in another image, soon after Sirio was done. What started as an image, soon became a three panel mini comic.  I think Caravaggia did an exceptional job on this.  She was having fun giving Oni a long, stiff cock and buffing him up. ;)  For Kappa-Chan, Caravaggia made her turtle shell more prominent.     
Almost all of Oni's muscles are nice and relaxed after a sensual bath from Kappa-Chan. Only one is still looking pretty stiff, but Kappa knows how to take the tension out of it! :P I hope you guys will enjoy this splendid comic by Caravaggia, FallenAngel and I.

So where was I? This week was brutal as far as work goes. I dealt with the stress the only way I know how. I took solice in a couple ipod games. :P I got horribly addicted to the Smurfs' Village and Banana Kong. I found myself constantly Jonsing for a Smurf fix while at work. That game is just to addicting. I started last Sunday I think and I am almost at level 20 already. During my down time I played the crap out of both titles. I had no shame playing the Smurfs while sipping coffee at the local Tim Hortons either! XD God, good thing I don't do drugs eh?  If you play, feel free to add me on Game Center.  My name is MatthewFlintstone there.
Banana Kong was created by simply ripping off two stages and various elements from Donkey Kong Country Returns, but that's okay.  It's a surprisingly fun and fairly polished title, that takes us back to the simple complexity of Game & Watch titles.  I have a feeling that if Nintendo still continued that line, this is the kind of game that would have been created for DKCR.  I still think these games should have stages, or at least some sort of obtainable goal, besides the mission checklists.   I love the art:

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lil Deep Fever Comic

A couple weeks ago I got incredibly sick. So sick I lost about 7 pounds.  You ever get so sick and weak that even sex is out of the question?  And then once you start to feel a little stronger, how great it is? XD  I started to wonder about how something like that would be like for our guys; Lil Deep in particular.  And so that's how this gay erotic comic  by FallenAngel and I came to be.  Sometimes, something fun can come out of the worst of times.

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Proudly Presents

Lil Deep and Dalach Dire Wolf 
staring in:
Lil' Deep Fever! 
Art By FallenAngel
Story By Dinosaurprince

You know, this started out as a simple one page idea, that (like Lil Deeps dick) just grew and grew out of control.  We had a lot of fun doing this.  Though, I was usually at work when Fallen was presenting me with pages and sketches and that can kinda suck!  LOL!  I wanted to share with you guys a little bit of the creative process that lead to this comic.  Fallens sketches are so wonderful, I really felt the need to present them.  So here is a rare sneak peek at some sketches and stuff!  

FallenAngel even did a few variations on Deeps foreskin in certain panels. As I said, we were really having too much fun with this!
Very early concept sketches from me, for Dalach and Deeps bed.

Completed rough for page one.  Lil Deep had trilobite covers at one point, until I got images of Sheldon Cooper and the green chair Penny picked up off the street.

I actually toyed a lot with the concept of Deep speaking with a heavy Caribbean accent.  You can see it a bit still on page 4.   In my mind the character still talks this way.  Maybe I will present the pages with slang at a later date.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Centurions And Barbarians Fuck For Sirio's Birthday!

It was Sirio's birthday a couple days ago, so I decided to ask FallenAngel to make something special for her big day.  I wanted to use one of her very first bara characters Caio Rufus Rapax, her Centurion villain.  He was in the first drawing I ever saw drawn by Sirio and instantly gained my interest in her works all those years ago.  We paired him with Acamas, FallenAngels Barbarian who is also one of HIS oldest creations. I think that's very fitting. :)  This is one heck of a yummy image.  Usually I write the praise, but dang, I don't think I could outdo Sirio's wonderful reaction:

OMG ....Oh hey  Black heart (cards)OBlack heart (cards) A-W-E-S-O-M-Eeeeeeehhhh !!
Thank you Matth and FallenAngel !
You were really sweet!
Caio is so cute drawing by FallenAngel !!
 Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) A lot of hugs for you two !! Black heart (cards)Black heart (cards)
çOç  Thank youuuuuuu !!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Joey and Harry In Love In The Locker Room ANIMATED COMIC!

La la la la la la la.. I got a huge treat today! ^O^  A first for this site!  It's an animated comic featuring Joey and Harry by the sensually talented Gene Lightfoot! (Aka Skyboy16.)   This project was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in the last 3 years.  I am so very proud to present this comic to you guys today.  This thing is boarder line actual gay porn! LOL! I hope you guys enjoy this, cause I am totally over the moon about it myself!  Gene was simply amazing to watch work.  It boggles my mind how quickly this came together and how much erotic splendor he poured into every frame!

Dinosaurprince's Kingdom Proudly Presents:
Joey and Harry In:
Love in the Locker Room
Art by Gene Lightfoot
Story by Dinosaurprince

The men look deep into each other eyes
"G'day! Names Joey, What's yours mate?"
The rabbit man swallows hard.  His throat suddenly very dry,
"Ha..Harry.." He manages to get passed his lisp.  
Joey gives him a warm tooth filled grin and moves closer.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Super Robot Wars Joshua Radcliffe Nude By Luisazo

Like I was saying last month, I have another Super Robot Wars Hunk for you guys to enjoy, courtesy of the mega talented Luisazo.  Still thinking about doing more pin ups of these Robot pilots as well.  Even though I had seen friends play the Game Boy Advance title that Joshua Radcliffe was in, I never really gave him my full attention till I saw him on the big screen.  Oh on the PS3, HD, fully hand drawn, oh boy.  Then he my eyes sparkling.  It was one of those moments, when you see a character you really like I just start dying to get the game he is in, you know?  Sadly, I doubt the PS3 Original Generations title is ever going to come out.   Beautiful art like this, more then makes up for it though. ;D  Maybe one day PS3's will be hacked and fan subs of this game will be readily available.  Until, that time, there's always the possibilities that lie with homoerotic art. Hee hee.  

 This the animation I saw when my eyes first caught a glimpse of sexy Joshua on screen. Dang, I want that jacket!  (And what's underneath of course.) 

Is That You Doctor Who Doing GAY PORN?

I was watching a twink fest called An Orgy In Colors when I noticed that one of the actors looks a heck of a lot like Matt Smith, who plays Doctor Who!  I have a lot of Doctor What do you guys think? XD  I have only seen a few episodes of the show, so maybe I am off on this one! The porn actors name is Timmy Taylor.  Funny enough, his official bio doesn't list where he is from! Must be an Alien!!

The doctor sure likes green slimy stuff...
A green penis! That proves it, he's an Alien! XD

I made refrence to his moles looking like a vampire bite to Uly the other day and today I found he actually did play a vampire in a recent porn short! Guess I wasn't the only one that noticed them. :P

Classic Tarzan, Conan and John Cater of Mars Puffy Stickers

Hey guys! Last Weekend Robert Fraser sent me this sticker set that he found online. It's from I believe the very early 80s. Imperial was making a lot of fun stickers and one of their box sets was a bunch of Tarzan themed sticker sheets.

I went online to try to find more and I did. Sadly, the picture quality of them was not very good. Only the one below was worth reposting:

All this lead me to find another very interesting set.  This one was called Dungeons and Daggers. It's obviously made up of rip off images from various comics, paintings and book covers.  You will see Conan, Red Sonya (I think) and even John Carter amongst the many characters.  I am REALLY tempted to buy this set, but it's $20.  Donations anyone?  Hee hee.

*Update, someone sent me a very nice donation, so I purchased the stickers.  Thank you very much to the contributor of the funds.  I am taking out the old images and replacing them with one from my camera.

 Wait a second...Now that I have these in  my hand and got a much better look at them, I noticed what appears to be a Hidden Penis! O__O  Take a look at the warrior with sword held high, the one above the horse on the first page.  Those are either the worst drawn abs in history, or that is one big, thick, uncut sausage of a dick sticking out of his loincloth.  Nobody could be that terrible of an artist could they? XD That's gotta be his barbarian dick!

 French on the back label?  These must be Canadian! :D Wait, why am I proud of that? XD


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