Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oni At Kappa's Bathhouse Mini Comic!

I can't believe it's been a whole week and I haven't posted a thing!! I decided to feature Oni and Kappa-Chan in another image, soon after Sirio was done. What started as an image, soon became a three panel mini comic.  I think Caravaggia did an exceptional job on this.  She was having fun giving Oni a long, stiff cock and buffing him up. ;)  For Kappa-Chan, Caravaggia made her turtle shell more prominent.     
Almost all of Oni's muscles are nice and relaxed after a sensual bath from Kappa-Chan. Only one is still looking pretty stiff, but Kappa knows how to take the tension out of it! :P I hope you guys will enjoy this splendid comic by Caravaggia, FallenAngel and I.

So where was I? This week was brutal as far as work goes. I dealt with the stress the only way I know how. I took solice in a couple ipod games. :P I got horribly addicted to the Smurfs' Village and Banana Kong. I found myself constantly Jonsing for a Smurf fix while at work. That game is just to addicting. I started last Sunday I think and I am almost at level 20 already. During my down time I played the crap out of both titles. I had no shame playing the Smurfs while sipping coffee at the local Tim Hortons either! XD God, good thing I don't do drugs eh?  If you play, feel free to add me on Game Center.  My name is MatthewFlintstone there.
Banana Kong was created by simply ripping off two stages and various elements from Donkey Kong Country Returns, but that's okay.  It's a surprisingly fun and fairly polished title, that takes us back to the simple complexity of Game & Watch titles.  I have a feeling that if Nintendo still continued that line, this is the kind of game that would have been created for DKCR.  I still think these games should have stages, or at least some sort of obtainable goal, besides the mission checklists.   I love the art:

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  1. A gorilla on a hog, thats new LOL* yeah your right it got a DK feel. You better show some Smurfs too.

    Thanks also for that wonderful naughty gift you did with Caravaggia :D



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