Friday, May 30, 2014

Striking A Demonic Pose: Gojioni And His Monstrous Cocks!

 "Come on, step closer, young mortal stud.  Bend down before me and worship.  Take my long, smooth, uncut dick into your mouth.  Give in to temptation.  I dare you."

Continuing the spectacular birthday celebration week, I have Aneros's first completed image of Gojinoi.  As I mentioned in the past, Aneros played a huge part in this creatures creation.  He was the first to give the Oni a shot.  He did many sketches of the character.   We went over many different horn variations together.  It was not easy to settle on the horns he would and wouldn't have.  It was thanks to the sketches and all the hard work Aneros did, that I got my first inspiration regarding Gojionis true back story.  In fact, it was from goofing around with one of his sketches that I playfully gave Gojionis tail a personality of it's own. ;P  Aneros and I have decided to keep those images in the vault for now, but I hope you will enjoy this red hot image of Gojioni by him. Just the very start of our adventures with him, for sure. :D  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Strider The Centaur Fills The Night Sky With Stars

The kind folks at Class Comics really spoiled me on Saturday.  As well as the incredible image of Gojioni, they also sent me this exciting image of my favorite Centaur Strider! ^O^ The studly stallion was drawn here by David Cantero as a promotion for the upcoming Space Cadet book 2.  I got to be the first to see it, as well as present it to the world!  That's truly an honor.  (Especially considering my feelings towards the character.)   
Dang, David just finished two Ghost Boy and Diablo books, is already far into the next one and is hard at work at Space Cadet 2 as well.  At the super fast pace that David draws you KNOW Space Cadet 2 is just around the corner!  The mans the Road Runner of Gay porn!  (Fallen you got some competition there my friend!! kidding.)  
After 4 years of waiting, the return of such a beautiful creature as Strider is more reason to celebrate then any birthday!  I didn't get Strider till I got home late Saturday Night.  Due to the time, I couldn't help but imagine his golden arrow shooting off into the dark late spring night and filling it with warm glowing stars.  (It's a Fantasia thing!)  Thanks again everyone at Class Comics!

Thanks to everyone for all the beautiful creatures you all sent!  I saw Rio 2 on my Birthday. It was okay, a bit of a mess, but enjoyable overall.  It had some big shoes to fill, with the first movie being so good.  It didn't really meet up to my expectations, but I certainly had a good time watching it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bubble Dreams

This picture came my way at time when all the fun of the day should have been in the past.  My friends had all gone home and I expected to end the day, per usual alone. I would be sure to be facing with the reality of being another year older and all the entails a little harder at this point.  Thanks to my dear Zerimar, that turned out to not be the case.  His adorable image of us as the characters of Bubble Bobble served perfectly as a reminder that no matter how old I get, I'm still a kid at heart.  I would dream not of the fears of growing older, but of lovely memories of childhood.  Locked in a deep sleep, my dreamland was one of video games, dinosaurs and magical creatures.  For the first time in many months, I had sweet dreams.  Thank you Zerimar! <3 br="">

Zerimar wasn't the only one giving me this kind of message on Saturday.  My mom had a big surprise for me, in the form of Smurf Village cake! :P hee hee.  This cake is sooooooooooo good.    

Monday, May 26, 2014

Muscles At Midnight! Belvadars Offer Of Cake And Sausage

Most people settle with making a birthday cake on the day of someones birthday, but not Guytoonist!  Oh no!  He had something much better in store. Before I left to embark on a day of adventure, he mentioned 'preparing' something for me and asked me who my hunk of choice was. I got home close to midnight and there he was waiting for me.   He had a very nice drawing of a cake all prepared! Mmmm...That cherry looks good enough to eat doesn't it?  Hmmm?  Oh yeah! Belvadar was holding it up!!! :P  Hee hee. XD Of course I am just being silly.
I was pretty overwhelmed.  (As were the people I immediately shared this with!)  Belvadars offer of cake comes at a price. As you can see, he is instructing me in the position I must take in order to get a taste of that cherry filled wonder. (Unless that is blood!!!)  Oral, or anal it was my choice, but I won't say what position I took!  It's been since Christmas that we had a Guytoonist hunk to share here on the blog.  Posting a picture from my old friend as nice as this, was reason to celebrate more then any birthday!   I could not think of a better way to end my night, then with his powerful rendition of Belvadar.  His dark as night Belvadar was a ray of beauty that lit up my world in the darkest hour of the night.  Thanks rock as always.  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Multi-Coloured Oni Temps Me At Lunch! Patrick Fillion Draws Gojioni!!!!

Just as I was leaving to meets some friends for lunch and start an afternoon of fun, I heard a little beep from my ipod.  Curiousity got the best of me and picked the thing up with one foot out the door, I read the e-mail message and ran right to my PC. The plans could wait for a few minuets.  I sat down and opened up the e-mail, that held a plethora of images dedicated to our newest star Gojioni!  Our Oni of mixed decent, is still growing and evolving so it was absolutely mind blowing to get Patrick Fillions feedback and praise regarding the character.  He mentioned love at first sight upon see him! OoO  I was not expecting such high praise for this little guy! 
As you know, Patrick has a stunning stable of Satanic studs.  The best in the gay erotic industry.  To say not only getting the input on my first demonic boy toy from him, but to also be handed such  gorgeous pictures of him left me inspired,  would be the understatement of the year!  The more I shared with Patrick regarding my plans, the sketches of him that had not gone public, etc, the more my mind explored the character.  The pieces all started to fit together.  Who he is, what drives him and the issues he faces having such a strange body.  As of this moment, I can honestly say that the evolution I talked about regarding him is complete.  I know exactly where I want to go with him design wise. I just hope I can meet the expectations of everyone! XD  For now please take a gander at our multicolored monster as only Patrick Fillion can draw him!  Our rising star from the land of rising sun should have a bright future ahead of him!


I owe a big thanks to you Adonix, Patrick and Aneros!  You all gave me the inspiration to keep pushing this guy.  Next step will be his comic! (I hope.)

Anubis Smiles Upon Me!

Now around mid morning Caravaggia send me a godly gift!  A glorious image of Anubis in his human form!  Well as human as he can muster with those ears of his! :P  The lovely God of ancient Egypt is acting a little shy and playful about showing off his erect dick to us!  Caravaggia wasn't shy when dosing out the sexy to him though!   This wonderful picture was an excellent complimentary piece to the Anubis image of Hydarias that Caravaggia just coloured a few days prior.  
It's funny that arund the time I opened this, I headed out to a church garage sale near me.  I think this God was indeed smiling upon me, cause I got some amazing deals of some very rare items!  I'll show them to you guys! 

 The first thing I got was the Manga Messiah volumes.  They were free!!! :D  I had seen this stuff long ago, so I was pretty interested in it.  I was willing to pay for it, but they insisted.

  Disney Cruise Line Pluto and a sheep my mom wanted for the bathroom. 25 cents each!  You can only get that Pluto if you go on a Disney Cruise. I don't really collect plush characters, but he is pretty unique and was only a quarter.  It wasn't a hard decision to make! 
 Lord Of The Rings Checkers for a buck! :D I gave this to a friend of mine.

The coolest thing I got at the garage sale was the Star Wars Mugs.   It really was my lucky day! 10 cents lie!!!!  I gave them more then they asked for it, of course.

Dimata My Lucky Mammoth!

Lastmanouthere was out there for me alright!  In the early morning hours of my birthday, he was hard at work, sending something very special.  We have worked together since 2009 and while he has been away for a bit he is back to drawing again. He said he wanted to finally send me his take on Dimata, the character he feels is this blogs most iconic. That was a wonderful thought and a magical image to wake up too!  to start (And an amazing way to continue our adventures together again!)  Dang, Lastman has been putting that new stylus of his to some good use! Dimata is looking so solid and yet so sweet and shy. I love that he is ducking down into the frame so he can fit in to the card! So cute! I think this Dimata might be divine beyond his sexiness.  Only moments after opening this, I was given a scratch and win Tetris card.  I won three times on it!  I'm not a multimillionaire, or anything, but I did win $12 and that was enough to make jump for joy. Thanks again dear Lastmanouthrere!

Vann Illias Gonna Make A Banana Cake!

Early Friday evening FallenAngel sent over an e-mail with special instructions.  Fallen shook his finger at me.  "You wait till morning before opening this.  You can have this for your birthday breakfast!"  What did he mean by that? I found out in the morning when I opened up it only to find Vann Illia 'spreading' the love with a specially made banana birthday cake!  Only FallenAngel! Hee hee!  The character we have done the most with, what better choice?  I think Vann is trying to impress me by showing how big he is compared to that candle and banana.  Oh Vann. you have nothing to prove, whenever FallenAngel draws you! I think Fallen channeled a little of the Filipino summer heat into this lovely picture!

Romer Wakes Me With A Tail Fucking Solo!

Sirio and I have such a long history together.  She never let's me forget how endearing our first OC project together was to her.  She sent this to me on Friday afternoon, saying how she cannot think of me with out thinking of our dinosaur man Romer. ^__^  She's such a sweet heart.  At least unlike Mr. De Leon, I didn't have to wait a week, but still, even a day was killing me!!! LOL! I was so glad I waited though.  Romer looks a little upset that due to all that fucking with his own tail, he might send his dick over the edge too soon.  He's giving it, the 'You better not' look! :P hee hee.  Easy there big guy, just stroke it gently for a bit!  Raises punch filled cup:  Here's to many more wonderful projects together with Romer Sirio! Thank you so very much!

Smilo Starts The Party!

Hey everyone! I just had the most amazing, jaw dropping, wild and fun birthday weekend in years. I have so much good stuff to share. I have decided to do things a bit differently this year. Instead of trying to shove all the images into one post, or post them over the coming days, I am gonna post each artists contribution separately and give a little feedback on the events of the day it was sent! ;D  I hope you guys enjoy this!!
I am gonna start off with Leon De Leons wonderful gift. I was shocked that Leon had time to anything this year. He has been an angel in real life to his boyfriend, who's life has been torn asunder after coming out of the closet.  Sigh...not everyone can be understanding. It's good to see his family is there for him and his love.  Amidst all the chaos, he created this, something I think he was itching to do for awhile. It's his own sexy take on Smilo.  Smilo was about the second, or third of my characters that Leon took on. (I can't say which it was as he appeared in our second project together that also stared Lil Deep!)  He infused Smilo with all his grace and charms.  He even adorned him with a massive uncut dick and booby grabbing stripes!!! NAUGHTINESS I LOVE!!! Thank you so very Much Leon!!! Leon sent me this earlier in the week, like on TUESDAY.  Do you know how hard it was to wait till Saturday to open this?  XD  The little zip file waiting in my inbox was help enough to give me courage to make it through a very brutal work week!

  Thank you so much Leon and Alex!  HUGE X's and O's right back at you my friends! ^O^

Friday, May 23, 2014

Anubis Walks The Moonlit Temple Nude

Anubis takes on his human form and takes a break from his regular judging duties. He enters the land of the living. He's on the hunt for a pure of heart target that deserves his very special kind of blessing.  With his hard on guiding him like a dowsing rod, he causally strolls through the halls of his temple.  His lust rises as he closes in on his target. His body is alive with passion.  He slides and rubs his body sensually against the the hard stone structures as he passes them. He steps fully into the moonlight and allows his massive cut cock to rub against a large pillar. He pretends he is frotting with the God Min.  He leaves a long trail of precum behind him as he walks.  It dangles from his cock head and bounces and slaps against his legs. It's cold and sticky, the feeling of which drives him wild.  Soon he spies someone before him. His eyes light up, his heart races and the purest smile appears on his handsome face.  He's looking at you...Are you ready to be judged?

This epic picture was sketched with love by Hydaria and had it's godliness amplified by Caravaggias amazing colors.  We wound up doing two versions. What do you guys think of the idea of him wearing a golden mold over his ears?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Did We Get The Job? Ixy And The Snakemen!

Before Ixy settled with his current choice, he held auditions for any and all to come prove their worth in being his bodyguard.  They came from far and wide. One couple even made their way across the ocean, coming all the way from Egypt.  They confessed that their attraction came primarily due to Ixy's relation to the great serpent God.  The duo proved to be fearsome in appearance only! Once alone with their boss, they became overly amerous towards Ixy.  (A draw back that was also caused by his relationship to Quetzatcoatl.)  As much as Ixy found these two to be an appealing choice, their constant ravaging of his ass with their 20 inch cocks soon proved to be a bit too much for even him to take.  He thanked them for their interest and promised they would always be welcome to visit, but if they stayed on, he would need to hire someone to constantly protect his ass from them. :P

This fantastic image featuring Ixy, Ali and Dahli was drawn by FallenAngel.  This is his third take on Ali Aspen and just one of many beautiful images he has created with Ixy.  This was fun to do, cause I encouraged Fallen to really push the length of the those dicks!  I think he put in a lot of sensuality into this image. Despite the images complexity, he did it in a very short time. Sometimes I think he works faster, the naughtier the scene is! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ixy Nude On High!

A little while ago I promised a couple new images featuring Ixy.  Well, I got a bit behind in my postings, but I plan to catch up a bit today.  Here is the first for you all to enjoy!  This is Aneros aka Voiders take on our little Ixy.  Not so little here though! He's resting is big water spout on a water spout! (Lucky gargoyle....)  It's been a long hard day of fucking and he's letting him cock cool down on the smooth cold stone.  I thought that was a pretty clever and unique setting for an erotic image.  Aneros always has some great ideas up his sleeves. He could have left the image with just yummy ixy and his gorgeous seating arrangement, but no!  He went one further and drew in a whole epic Myan pyramid in the background, adding scale and sense of place to the image.  Beautiful stuff, I think!  I hope you do too. Lasmtanouthere was very intrigued by this one. Me? I am a little afraid of heights to every pose like Ixy is! LOL!  

Speaking of Pyramids, I found this the other day. I am a big fan of the cash guzzling Smurfs' Village game by Beeline.  I am a bit troubled by their newest update. They are putting in an Egyptian theme, but the Sphinx is being done in black face style.  That's a little disturbing to see in 2014.  I'm not sure who allowed this to go through, but after the heat Capcom felt with Resident Evil 5, I am really shocked they let this one slip through the cracks.  I adore old cartoons and I understand that his is based on the 'Swoofs' design, but even in the 80s the cartoon producers had the forethought to make the Swoofs less offensive by painting them green.  (In the game they have gotten away with leaving them almost the same as the comics, save for the lip colour.) 

This defacing of one of the oldest, most beloved and mysterious structures in black history has pushed me over the edge.  Am I expected to erect a shrine to racism on my planet? That's asking a bit much.  It was already hard enough to swallow the Swoofs in their original form, but I don't think anyone would want a Sphinx that looks like this.  Why didn't they just use a normal Smurf?   From comments I have read online I am not alone on this.  However Beeline has decided that anyone that brings up the subject will be permanently banned by them on their sites.  This shows they know they are about to do something very wrong. It will be interesting to see if they get any negative press from this.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Muscles For Mothers Day! Chiida Vs Barund The Vampire

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm, Baralust has been cooking up some hot and steamy chocolate daddies for your mothers day delight.  Here we have Chiida our Voodoo Trilobite Vs Barund a dangerous Vampire from the world of Zahn Son Of Winter.  Even a vampire with hypnotic power proves to be no match for our Chiida.  Chiida cast a spell on him to super size his muscles.  The vampire becomes slow moving and uneasy with the sudden addition of weight to his frame.  He drops his guard as he adores himself.  His balls fill with cum and his cock tingles with an accelerated urge to release with the slightest touch, as he vainly looks himself over. Before he knows it, Chiida is upon him, ravishing him and making him his sex toy.
Or did Barund see it coming and allow those massive antennae to wrap around his mega cock and dig deep in his ass?  Surly he wouldn't protest the tightest, hottest frotting experience of his life, would he?  I doubt he was as willing to let Chiida shove that bony antennae down his tight piss slit.  That antennae is gonna have a long journey ahead of it if Chiida wants to get to the very bottom of that 18 inch uncut cock!  It looks like he's already struck the right nerve, cause the top of Barunds cock is starting to bubble out cum....

It was a total pleasure to have Baralust draw Chiida again. When we talked about what to do together, I knew exactly who I wanted him to draw, because I had wanted this for the longest time!  Even though Barund first appeared in Rapture #5 last winter, I had the extreme honor of being introduced to him years ago by Patrick.  Back then his story was a working part of Zahn 3.  The story proved hot enough and strong enough, that Patrick released it as a short story for Rapture #4.  Barund may be a Vampire, but the truly monstrous thing about him is not his fangs, but his massively long, thin cock.  Barund has one of the longest dicks in the Class Universe, probably only outmatched by Bob and Strider.  He's got that perfect combination of hair and smoothness, that works so well.   Add that he is adorned with tribal accessories and haunting face paint and you got one sex bomb of character worthy to the world of Zahn.  Baralust took his frame and super beefed him up. Making for a new delightful take him.    

Zahn Meets Barund.  You just know he's not gonna be able to shut off that hot stream of piss any time soon, don't you? ;D This makes their first meeting all the rawer and hotter. Fucking amazing.

Will Zahn survive Barunds cock and blood lust?  Check out Rapture #5 to find out!

Fuck me, what a double chocolatey treat Baralust created! I hope you liked it!!!  I hope that stain on my pants is from my chocolate milk...

Zahn looking uber fucking sexy with those Conan eyes of his....yum, yum, yum.  Can't wait for book 3! XD


Friday, May 9, 2014

Joey And Harry Animated Encore!

I decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of "Love In The Locker Room."  The animated comic found overwhelming popularity here with thousands of views.  I called upon the talents of Mr.Genelightfoot once again, to animated a hot, sweaty situation for the Rabbit and Kangaroo men!  We decided to take the action from the locker room, to the shower.  These big boys needed some cleaning up!  Nothing like a hot shower after a steamy workout and Joey and Harry know exactly how to do both with ease.  (Thanks to Gene!)

Harry is having a great time keeping Joeys foreskin firmly over his head with his thumb, while stroking the shaft up and down with his firm grip.  He works it ever so carefully to keep the foreskin from slipping back all the way.  The rhythmic way the water drips over and covers Joeys huge chest, really brings attention to it's size and grandeur.   This almost clockwork animation Gene did with the water has a memorizing effect that is very pleasant to gaze upon. It reminded me very favorably of a classic game from my childhood called Rain Shower.   (Fans of the game will hopefully know what I mean!)  The image is very sultry and at the same time, relaxing to take in.  Thanks Gene!  Let's see if we can't do a full comic sequel for these two some day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dimata Jerks Off By Hydaria

Back in December, Hydaria drew this lovely image of Dimata jerking off.  It was a really sexy sketch.  At the time I couldn't find anyone who had time to color it up and lord knows I was going through a tough emotional time.  Despite that, the sketch brought me a lot of holiday joy.  I was going to leave it till this Christmas to be completed, but after Hydaria drew another sketch for me a couple weeks ago, I decided to go about getting both colorized.   For the this image I turned to always trustworthy Caravaggia. She gave the image a cozy cave feel.  Caravaggia always brings out the best in peoples art.  I think she did an immaculate job here.
Dimata sits on soft gooseasaurus down pillows in his cave.  In the warm pocket of security that is the glow of the fire light, he digs his bum deep into the pillows.  He wiggles and leans further and further back.  Once he is totally relaxed, his hands start to wander to his hips.  Hips that hold his trunk like cock that is crying out for attention!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Welcome Back Lastmanouthere!

Tonight I am very proud to be able to announce the return of Lastmanouthere.  It has been way too many moons since he last grace us with the magic of his pen!  Recently I helped him in the purchase of a new stylus and this gorgeous hunk was the first result of it's use!  Lastman says he will further flesh out this character and make him a part of Ignatius D'Marrow world.  (He kinda looks like he might be related!)  Thank you very much for letting me present this to the world Lastman.  I am super excited to see what else you cook up for us!!! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Big Gay Papa Smurf For Spring

Since this has been the first half decent day of spring where I live, I thought it would be fitting to share with you guys this big Papa Smurf drawn for me by master Adonix! :D  He's super adorable, don't you think?  I think those flowers are growing just to get a little closer to that big red bulge in Papa's pants.  Adonix knows I am addicted to the Smurfs' Village game.  So he has been teasing me with some sweet Smurfy gifts like this one, since last year.  XD  This Papa Smurf would give He-Man a run for his money! XD (Maybe that is what happened, he found the sword and oops!  Instant bara Smurf!)

Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 Ixy's For Lastmanouthere!

In Celebration of Lastmanouthere birthday today, I have three incredible images of Ixy to share!  The first comes from a new face to our little blog.  The very talented artists name is Keitaro87.  He worked hard and fast to get get not only one, but two characters done in a very short time.  Ixy must have bestowed the blessing of the Mayan Gods on him to have done it all so quickly and with such finesse.  I am hoping that this will be the first of many images featuring this bright young talent.  You may remember Ixy's bodyguard from a comic we did a couple years ago.  We haven't featured him in some time!  But today he's found his way into two new images. :)

Next up we have a savagely handsome looking Ixy by Caravaggia.  He's enjoying a little after party alone time with this thing called a balloon.  He's wondering how the smooth plastic would feel on his cock.  Years from now, guys desires will be the exact opposite...Ixy's dark skin looks wonderful bathed in the soft red light of a Mayan sunset.  Everyone has left the party, but Ixy is still full of lust!   I asked Caravaggia to place his foreskin hole on the side of his cock head, instead of the center for a change. 

And finally we got some real hard core action from Sirio!  Ixy's young Bodyguard has decided to stop jerking off and shove his thick dick right up Ixy's Ass.  Ixy is in total control though!  He's enjoying every inch of this birthday ass bash thanks to Sirio! 

It's been awhile since we had some Mayan fun around here.  I was happy to see that everyone worked hard and fast to get these done.  And this isn't the end of the party! No! Not by a long shot.  Ixy's gonna be celebrating all the way through Cino De Mayo!  I hope you will join us for more Ixy in the coming days! :)  Happy birthday dear Lastmanouthere.  We all hope you have a wonderful day.  (And that you save some cake for us!!!)  All our love to you my friend!

You can check out Keitaro87s gallery by click here! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Anime Brithday Cray!

Hey guys!  It was Cray's birthday on the 30th of April.  To celebrate the occasion, I asked FallenAngel to anime up, or multi-talented friend!  Fallen placed him on a nice warm Chilean beach, ready for all the sexy men to come enjoy his birthday with him!  To see how well Fallen captured Tomas, here are some sexy snap shots for comparison!  Happy Birthday Cray!  All our love to you buddy! 

Cray deserves a big congratulations  for his first comic to be published by Class Comics.  It was this months Strip Show, published on his birthday!!!!!!  It features Camil-Cat having a hard time, just trying to shower in peace!


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