Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 Ixy's For Lastmanouthere!

In Celebration of Lastmanouthere birthday today, I have three incredible images of Ixy to share!  The first comes from a new face to our little blog.  The very talented artists name is Keitaro87.  He worked hard and fast to get get not only one, but two characters done in a very short time.  Ixy must have bestowed the blessing of the Mayan Gods on him to have done it all so quickly and with such finesse.  I am hoping that this will be the first of many images featuring this bright young talent.  You may remember Ixy's bodyguard from a comic we did a couple years ago.  We haven't featured him in some time!  But today he's found his way into two new images. :)

Next up we have a savagely handsome looking Ixy by Caravaggia.  He's enjoying a little after party alone time with this thing called a balloon.  He's wondering how the smooth plastic would feel on his cock.  Years from now, guys desires will be the exact opposite...Ixy's dark skin looks wonderful bathed in the soft red light of a Mayan sunset.  Everyone has left the party, but Ixy is still full of lust!   I asked Caravaggia to place his foreskin hole on the side of his cock head, instead of the center for a change. 

And finally we got some real hard core action from Sirio!  Ixy's young Bodyguard has decided to stop jerking off and shove his thick dick right up Ixy's Ass.  Ixy is in total control though!  He's enjoying every inch of this birthday ass bash thanks to Sirio! 

It's been awhile since we had some Mayan fun around here.  I was happy to see that everyone worked hard and fast to get these done.  And this isn't the end of the party! No! Not by a long shot.  Ixy's gonna be celebrating all the way through Cino De Mayo!  I hope you will join us for more Ixy in the coming days! :)  Happy birthday dear Lastmanouthere.  We all hope you have a wonderful day.  (And that you save some cake for us!!!)  All our love to you my friend!

You can check out Keitaro87s gallery by click here! 


  1. I love these, they're brilliant! Okay but that's easy, Ixy is such a hot character after all! ^__^

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ixy's been one of my favorites since the first pic you posted of him! Always good to see more of him and his bodyguard buddy. :-D

    Well done, Keitaro, Caravaggia, and Sirio! And happy birthday, Lastmanouthere!



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