Sunday, May 25, 2014

Anubis Smiles Upon Me!

Now around mid morning Caravaggia send me a godly gift!  A glorious image of Anubis in his human form!  Well as human as he can muster with those ears of his! :P  The lovely God of ancient Egypt is acting a little shy and playful about showing off his erect dick to us!  Caravaggia wasn't shy when dosing out the sexy to him though!   This wonderful picture was an excellent complimentary piece to the Anubis image of Hydarias that Caravaggia just coloured a few days prior.  
It's funny that arund the time I opened this, I headed out to a church garage sale near me.  I think this God was indeed smiling upon me, cause I got some amazing deals of some very rare items!  I'll show them to you guys! 

 The first thing I got was the Manga Messiah volumes.  They were free!!! :D  I had seen this stuff long ago, so I was pretty interested in it.  I was willing to pay for it, but they insisted.

  Disney Cruise Line Pluto and a sheep my mom wanted for the bathroom. 25 cents each!  You can only get that Pluto if you go on a Disney Cruise. I don't really collect plush characters, but he is pretty unique and was only a quarter.  It wasn't a hard decision to make! 
 Lord Of The Rings Checkers for a buck! :D I gave this to a friend of mine.

The coolest thing I got at the garage sale was the Star Wars Mugs.   It really was my lucky day! 10 cents lie!!!!  I gave them more then they asked for it, of course.

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