Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Multi-Coloured Oni Temps Me At Lunch! Patrick Fillion Draws Gojioni!!!!

Just as I was leaving to meets some friends for lunch and start an afternoon of fun, I heard a little beep from my ipod.  Curiousity got the best of me and picked the thing up with one foot out the door, I read the e-mail message and ran right to my PC. The plans could wait for a few minuets.  I sat down and opened up the e-mail, that held a plethora of images dedicated to our newest star Gojioni!  Our Oni of mixed decent, is still growing and evolving so it was absolutely mind blowing to get Patrick Fillions feedback and praise regarding the character.  He mentioned love at first sight upon see him! OoO  I was not expecting such high praise for this little guy! 
As you know, Patrick has a stunning stable of Satanic studs.  The best in the gay erotic industry.  To say not only getting the input on my first demonic boy toy from him, but to also be handed such  gorgeous pictures of him left me inspired,  would be the understatement of the year!  The more I shared with Patrick regarding my plans, the sketches of him that had not gone public, etc, the more my mind explored the character.  The pieces all started to fit together.  Who he is, what drives him and the issues he faces having such a strange body.  As of this moment, I can honestly say that the evolution I talked about regarding him is complete.  I know exactly where I want to go with him design wise. I just hope I can meet the expectations of everyone! XD  For now please take a gander at our multicolored monster as only Patrick Fillion can draw him!  Our rising star from the land of rising sun should have a bright future ahead of him!


I owe a big thanks to you Adonix, Patrick and Aneros!  You all gave me the inspiration to keep pushing this guy.  Next step will be his comic! (I hope.)


  1. MAC-ism "Whats your fav color?" I go for the gray - FallenAngel



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