Friday, May 23, 2014

Anubis Walks The Moonlit Temple Nude

Anubis takes on his human form and takes a break from his regular judging duties. He enters the land of the living. He's on the hunt for a pure of heart target that deserves his very special kind of blessing.  With his hard on guiding him like a dowsing rod, he causally strolls through the halls of his temple.  His lust rises as he closes in on his target. His body is alive with passion.  He slides and rubs his body sensually against the the hard stone structures as he passes them. He steps fully into the moonlight and allows his massive cut cock to rub against a large pillar. He pretends he is frotting with the God Min.  He leaves a long trail of precum behind him as he walks.  It dangles from his cock head and bounces and slaps against his legs. It's cold and sticky, the feeling of which drives him wild.  Soon he spies someone before him. His eyes light up, his heart races and the purest smile appears on his handsome face.  He's looking at you...Are you ready to be judged?

This epic picture was sketched with love by Hydaria and had it's godliness amplified by Caravaggias amazing colors.  We wound up doing two versions. What do you guys think of the idea of him wearing a golden mold over his ears?

1 comment:

  1. I think I'm leaning slightly towards the gold, but it's hard to decide -- he looks damn good either way!

    Nicely done, Hydaria and Caravaggia, and thanks for sharing this!



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