Thursday, May 22, 2014

Did We Get The Job? Ixy And The Snakemen!

Before Ixy settled with his current choice, he held auditions for any and all to come prove their worth in being his bodyguard.  They came from far and wide. One couple even made their way across the ocean, coming all the way from Egypt.  They confessed that their attraction came primarily due to Ixy's relation to the great serpent God.  The duo proved to be fearsome in appearance only! Once alone with their boss, they became overly amerous towards Ixy.  (A draw back that was also caused by his relationship to Quetzatcoatl.)  As much as Ixy found these two to be an appealing choice, their constant ravaging of his ass with their 20 inch cocks soon proved to be a bit too much for even him to take.  He thanked them for their interest and promised they would always be welcome to visit, but if they stayed on, he would need to hire someone to constantly protect his ass from them. :P

This fantastic image featuring Ixy, Ali and Dahli was drawn by FallenAngel.  This is his third take on Ali Aspen and just one of many beautiful images he has created with Ixy.  This was fun to do, cause I encouraged Fallen to really push the length of the those dicks!  I think he put in a lot of sensuality into this image. Despite the images complexity, he did it in a very short time. Sometimes I think he works faster, the naughtier the scene is! 


  1. And I bet it'll be a fun visit when they come back. :-)

    Nicely done, FallenAngel! And thanks for sharing another Ixy pic, DinosaurPrince!

  2. Thank you - FallenAngel ^-^



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