Monday, May 26, 2014

Muscles At Midnight! Belvadars Offer Of Cake And Sausage

Most people settle with making a birthday cake on the day of someones birthday, but not Guytoonist!  Oh no!  He had something much better in store. Before I left to embark on a day of adventure, he mentioned 'preparing' something for me and asked me who my hunk of choice was. I got home close to midnight and there he was waiting for me.   He had a very nice drawing of a cake all prepared! Mmmm...That cherry looks good enough to eat doesn't it?  Hmmm?  Oh yeah! Belvadar was holding it up!!! :P  Hee hee. XD Of course I am just being silly.
I was pretty overwhelmed.  (As were the people I immediately shared this with!)  Belvadars offer of cake comes at a price. As you can see, he is instructing me in the position I must take in order to get a taste of that cherry filled wonder. (Unless that is blood!!!)  Oral, or anal it was my choice, but I won't say what position I took!  It's been since Christmas that we had a Guytoonist hunk to share here on the blog.  Posting a picture from my old friend as nice as this, was reason to celebrate more then any birthday!   I could not think of a better way to end my night, then with his powerful rendition of Belvadar.  His dark as night Belvadar was a ray of beauty that lit up my world in the darkest hour of the night.  Thanks rock as always.  

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