Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dimata Jerks Off By Hydaria

Back in December, Hydaria drew this lovely image of Dimata jerking off.  It was a really sexy sketch.  At the time I couldn't find anyone who had time to color it up and lord knows I was going through a tough emotional time.  Despite that, the sketch brought me a lot of holiday joy.  I was going to leave it till this Christmas to be completed, but after Hydaria drew another sketch for me a couple weeks ago, I decided to go about getting both colorized.   For the this image I turned to always trustworthy Caravaggia. She gave the image a cozy cave feel.  Caravaggia always brings out the best in peoples art.  I think she did an immaculate job here.
Dimata sits on soft gooseasaurus down pillows in his cave.  In the warm pocket of security that is the glow of the fire light, he digs his bum deep into the pillows.  He wiggles and leans further and further back.  Once he is totally relaxed, his hands start to wander to his hips.  Hips that hold his trunk like cock that is crying out for attention!

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