Friday, May 9, 2014

Joey And Harry Animated Encore!

I decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of "Love In The Locker Room."  The animated comic found overwhelming popularity here with thousands of views.  I called upon the talents of Mr.Genelightfoot once again, to animated a hot, sweaty situation for the Rabbit and Kangaroo men!  We decided to take the action from the locker room, to the shower.  These big boys needed some cleaning up!  Nothing like a hot shower after a steamy workout and Joey and Harry know exactly how to do both with ease.  (Thanks to Gene!)

Harry is having a great time keeping Joeys foreskin firmly over his head with his thumb, while stroking the shaft up and down with his firm grip.  He works it ever so carefully to keep the foreskin from slipping back all the way.  The rhythmic way the water drips over and covers Joeys huge chest, really brings attention to it's size and grandeur.   This almost clockwork animation Gene did with the water has a memorizing effect that is very pleasant to gaze upon. It reminded me very favorably of a classic game from my childhood called Rain Shower.   (Fans of the game will hopefully know what I mean!)  The image is very sultry and at the same time, relaxing to take in.  Thanks Gene!  Let's see if we can't do a full comic sequel for these two some day!

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