Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Strider The Centaur Fills The Night Sky With Stars

The kind folks at Class Comics really spoiled me on Saturday.  As well as the incredible image of Gojioni, they also sent me this exciting image of my favorite Centaur Strider! ^O^ The studly stallion was drawn here by David Cantero as a promotion for the upcoming Space Cadet book 2.  I got to be the first to see it, as well as present it to the world!  That's truly an honor.  (Especially considering my feelings towards the character.)   
Dang, David just finished two Ghost Boy and Diablo books, is already far into the next one and is hard at work at Space Cadet 2 as well.  At the super fast pace that David draws you KNOW Space Cadet 2 is just around the corner!  The mans the Road Runner of Gay porn!  (Fallen you got some competition there my friend!! kidding.)  
After 4 years of waiting, the return of such a beautiful creature as Strider is more reason to celebrate then any birthday!  I didn't get Strider till I got home late Saturday Night.  Due to the time, I couldn't help but imagine his golden arrow shooting off into the dark late spring night and filling it with warm glowing stars.  (It's a Fantasia thing!)  Thanks again everyone at Class Comics!

Thanks to everyone for all the beautiful creatures you all sent!  I saw Rio 2 on my Birthday. It was okay, a bit of a mess, but enjoyable overall.  It had some big shoes to fill, with the first movie being so good.  It didn't really meet up to my expectations, but I certainly had a good time watching it.

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