Sunday, May 25, 2014

Vann Illias Gonna Make A Banana Cake!

Early Friday evening FallenAngel sent over an e-mail with special instructions.  Fallen shook his finger at me.  "You wait till morning before opening this.  You can have this for your birthday breakfast!"  What did he mean by that? I found out in the morning when I opened up it only to find Vann Illia 'spreading' the love with a specially made banana birthday cake!  Only FallenAngel! Hee hee!  The character we have done the most with, what better choice?  I think Vann is trying to impress me by showing how big he is compared to that candle and banana.  Oh Vann. you have nothing to prove, whenever FallenAngel draws you! I think Fallen channeled a little of the Filipino summer heat into this lovely picture!

1 comment:

  1. Vann is always hot. Especially if he is drawn by FallenAngel.

    So it is your birthday? Happy birthday to you. If I can, I would like to give a link to a hot image. I know you've liked it, and I dare you to guess who is this guy.

    Happy birthday again.




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