Sunday, May 11, 2014

Muscles For Mothers Day! Chiida Vs Barund The Vampire

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm, Baralust has been cooking up some hot and steamy chocolate daddies for your mothers day delight.  Here we have Chiida our Voodoo Trilobite Vs Barund a dangerous Vampire from the world of Zahn Son Of Winter.  Even a vampire with hypnotic power proves to be no match for our Chiida.  Chiida cast a spell on him to super size his muscles.  The vampire becomes slow moving and uneasy with the sudden addition of weight to his frame.  He drops his guard as he adores himself.  His balls fill with cum and his cock tingles with an accelerated urge to release with the slightest touch, as he vainly looks himself over. Before he knows it, Chiida is upon him, ravishing him and making him his sex toy.
Or did Barund see it coming and allow those massive antennae to wrap around his mega cock and dig deep in his ass?  Surly he wouldn't protest the tightest, hottest frotting experience of his life, would he?  I doubt he was as willing to let Chiida shove that bony antennae down his tight piss slit.  That antennae is gonna have a long journey ahead of it if Chiida wants to get to the very bottom of that 18 inch uncut cock!  It looks like he's already struck the right nerve, cause the top of Barunds cock is starting to bubble out cum....

It was a total pleasure to have Baralust draw Chiida again. When we talked about what to do together, I knew exactly who I wanted him to draw, because I had wanted this for the longest time!  Even though Barund first appeared in Rapture #5 last winter, I had the extreme honor of being introduced to him years ago by Patrick.  Back then his story was a working part of Zahn 3.  The story proved hot enough and strong enough, that Patrick released it as a short story for Rapture #4.  Barund may be a Vampire, but the truly monstrous thing about him is not his fangs, but his massively long, thin cock.  Barund has one of the longest dicks in the Class Universe, probably only outmatched by Bob and Strider.  He's got that perfect combination of hair and smoothness, that works so well.   Add that he is adorned with tribal accessories and haunting face paint and you got one sex bomb of character worthy to the world of Zahn.  Baralust took his frame and super beefed him up. Making for a new delightful take him.    

Zahn Meets Barund.  You just know he's not gonna be able to shut off that hot stream of piss any time soon, don't you? ;D This makes their first meeting all the rawer and hotter. Fucking amazing.

Will Zahn survive Barunds cock and blood lust?  Check out Rapture #5 to find out!

Fuck me, what a double chocolatey treat Baralust created! I hope you liked it!!!  I hope that stain on my pants is from my chocolate milk...

Zahn looking uber fucking sexy with those Conan eyes of his....yum, yum, yum.  Can't wait for book 3! XD


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