Monday, May 19, 2014

Ixy Nude On High!

A little while ago I promised a couple new images featuring Ixy.  Well, I got a bit behind in my postings, but I plan to catch up a bit today.  Here is the first for you all to enjoy!  This is Aneros aka Voiders take on our little Ixy.  Not so little here though! He's resting is big water spout on a water spout! (Lucky gargoyle....)  It's been a long hard day of fucking and he's letting him cock cool down on the smooth cold stone.  I thought that was a pretty clever and unique setting for an erotic image.  Aneros always has some great ideas up his sleeves. He could have left the image with just yummy ixy and his gorgeous seating arrangement, but no!  He went one further and drew in a whole epic Myan pyramid in the background, adding scale and sense of place to the image.  Beautiful stuff, I think!  I hope you do too. Lasmtanouthere was very intrigued by this one. Me? I am a little afraid of heights to every pose like Ixy is! LOL!  

Speaking of Pyramids, I found this the other day. I am a big fan of the cash guzzling Smurfs' Village game by Beeline.  I am a bit troubled by their newest update. They are putting in an Egyptian theme, but the Sphinx is being done in black face style.  That's a little disturbing to see in 2014.  I'm not sure who allowed this to go through, but after the heat Capcom felt with Resident Evil 5, I am really shocked they let this one slip through the cracks.  I adore old cartoons and I understand that his is based on the 'Swoofs' design, but even in the 80s the cartoon producers had the forethought to make the Swoofs less offensive by painting them green.  (In the game they have gotten away with leaving them almost the same as the comics, save for the lip colour.) 

This defacing of one of the oldest, most beloved and mysterious structures in black history has pushed me over the edge.  Am I expected to erect a shrine to racism on my planet? That's asking a bit much.  It was already hard enough to swallow the Swoofs in their original form, but I don't think anyone would want a Sphinx that looks like this.  Why didn't they just use a normal Smurf?   From comments I have read online I am not alone on this.  However Beeline has decided that anyone that brings up the subject will be permanently banned by them on their sites.  This shows they know they are about to do something very wrong. It will be interesting to see if they get any negative press from this.

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