Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daryl Dixon Jerks Off Alone, or Walking Dead Wank

This Walking Dead image was inspired by a the recent events of the show (YES I RETURNED TO IT, THANKS TO A LACK OF FAMILY GUY AND AMERICAN DAD WHEN IT CAME BACK.) and some anime versions of Daryl that FallenAngel found on Pixiv. Daryl is enjoying a picture of Rick, but is filled with sorrow at the same time. Not having seen his best friend in so long, he can't help wondering about his fate. The story of how this image came together has one more factor. Fallen thought Rick had died, probably because of my saying that Daryl didn't know Ricks fate at the moment. Oops. So the joke he had in mind originally was Daryl jerking off to Rick with out him knowing he's dead. Cue embarrassed Angel Rick. The angel was so cute, I convinced him to leave it in. So now we have a this wonderful 'sad wank' situation going on! :P Thanks Fallen for beefing up Daryl too. He makes a nice beefcake I think! He should be getting stronger from beating all those baddies every week, anyway!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vann In The Coils Of The Snake Men

Vann Illa, the Barbarian Elfs quest for some very mythical equipment is cut short, after a wrong lead lands him square in the snatches of two studly snake men.  He was ambushed and captured while trying to amscray out with their idol.  (An idol that does little more then release two horny snake men it would seem.)  Now he's chained to the floor in the pyramids deepest chamber, forced to endure penetration from their slimy, scaly, sixteen inch cocks.  They fill his ass and mouth with hot cum, over and over and over.  Having been locked up themselves for eons, cursed to guard the idol, they relish at the chance to finally release their pent up semen.  Eventually their passion will give way to exhaustion.  They will collapse and Vann will use his mighty strength to escape.    (And will probably use it to beat the crap out of whoever gave him this false lead.) 
This image was done by Aneros as you probably already assumed!  I had been wanting to do a story with Vann and some Egyptian snake men for a long time now.  I drew a lot of little sketches at work last year, but they all were tossed out by accident.  Aneros was nice enough to take on the concept from a description I gave and some very basic sketches. We decided to use Ali Aspen, because I haven't used him in forever and I think he fits the casting pretty perfectly. XD  This is certainly one of our more hard core Vann images we have done together.  It was a lot of fun to try to come up with these characters and keep them as 'human' as possible.  Aneros gave the boys some brilliant scales, that really make them pop out of the page.  I really enjoyed watching Aneros work on this one, as I always do.  I have been psyched for a week, waiting to post the final version for you all to enjoy!  I have to say that this image has inspired me to do more reptile and lizard like humans for our heroes to encounter. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

1920's Amron By Yelmo

Journey back with us to the late 1920s. To a small theater where an audience is being address by a young man on stage...
 "And now presenting an Urbanmusiq cartoon, 
featuring the art of Yelmo 
and wrote by DinosaurPrince!"
"Dim those lights!"
"Raise the curtain!"
"Hush the audience!" 

 The title appears on screen:
Amron, Sabel and Stone in 
"Fili Me Wif yer Love!" 

Thanks to Yelmo, we get to see what Leon De Leons characters would have looked like during the golden age of animation.  I'll have to convince him to do some of my regulars like this next!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cloud Gets Covered In Snow By FallenAngel

In honor of Adonix's 30th birthday, FallenAngel and I presented with two young, virile, Final Fantasy studs.  Hunky Snow gives it hard to twinky Cloud, until he unleashes his flurries all over the 21 year old. (oy puns.)
Originally just planned as Could getting a pounding, the image was going so good, that we did a second image.  Like you didn't already see it below. :P  Happy Birfday Adonix!  I hope your year is filled with Fantasy men and fun!

2014 looks interesting for Class Comics

Class revealed the 5 covers of their upcoming books a week ago.  It looks like 2014 will be a busy year for them. (And my wallet!)  Here's my thoughts on these upcoming titles....

This cover is so epic, I am doing this post just as excuse to display it here.  Now as fucking hot and dark this is, one thing made me giggle when I posted it.  It's the snake inspecting Deimos's ass.  This is cause, you know snakes also smell with their tongues... "Sniff, sniff!  Someone had tacos last night didn't they?"
 Yeah, it's been 10 freaking years since the purple devil known as Deimos appeared in Class Comics.  Makes you feel old doesn't it?  In honor of his 'birthday' Patrick and Fraser got a whole slew of artists together to draw up some stories for him.  Ever since last years DEAD OF WINTER, Deimos has skyrocketed in my own personal popularity charts.  So I am really excited for this one.  I have know since last year that blog artists and dear friend Leon De Leon will join in the celebration.  He started working on his piece since last summer.  I can tell you, it's gonna be hot! 
It's going to be very thrilling to see Jcob Mott, who has only done one Panel of Deimos previously, go on and do a full story featuring him.  As well, Eric Mars, of Ani-Males, the lovable Butch McLogic and of course the man who took over the art of the series, Logan who will not only draw, but write stories for the book!  Sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun.  I hope we get a few cameos from characters outside of the regular cast as well.

 Probably the most anticipated book on my list is Ridehard #2 by Alexander.  As you know from my review, it was a surprisngly wonderful title from 2012.  Many were hoping it would get a sequel. (These are never guaranteed.)  I am really happy and excited that it got one so quickly.  Alexander is a super talented artist, who not only draws, but makes sculptures like this one of CAM!

Seriously, they got to start mass producing these things!!

Looks like Spot is being a bad boy in this issue...
 The Naked Justice series drawn by Jacob Mott is coming back after a long hiatus.  I actually didn't even realize it had been over 3 and a half years since the last title was released.  Finding that out certainly racked up the anticipation meter quite a bit!  Jacob always brings it big time, when doing erotic comics, so we know this will be a treat for sure.  My main interest, (as I am sure it will be for many,) will be the origin of Spot and Ani-males, set to be revealed in this issue.  I'll be counting the days till this one comes out for that reason alone! 

David Cantero will be back on board to bring us the next installment of Ghost Boy and Diablo.  The series has taken a turn I really, really, REALLY love.  The duo have found themselves on a prehistoric island!!!!  Dang...Did NOT see that one coming.  There so many questions that have to be answered still...like,will they all make it out alive? Will there be some caveman sex? Some dinosaur men action?  And most importantly is there going to be anything else going on sexually with Peters hunky dad? XD  Since David is a lightning fast artist, I am hoping, we won't have to wait very long to find out!  

And Finally Class has a brand new title, done by a brand new artist: Rubo Art.  It is called Planet of the Machos.  I like the art style and character designs for this one.  It has a very 70s/80s fantasy and sci-fi grove going for it.  I haven't seen much of it, outside of some character sketches and this cover, but if the dick-adactyls flying in the background are any indication of the planets typical fauna, then were are in for some wild adventures!

I wonder if the Planet of the Machos will have many dick inspired monstrosities?

 There doesn't seem to be any Cam, or Locus on the horizon.  There was a few character designed shown last year for a new Cam story, but little else has been said about it at this point.  That's okay, we always get a lot of Cam, so we know more is coming sooner, or later.  One person that didn't make the cover list was Zahn.  I am wondering if that was upsetting to some fans?  There seemed to be a lot of comments by people wondering what happened to him.  This is probably mainly due to Patrick naming 2014 the year of the son of winter on January 2nd.  Soon after posting the covers on their web site, Patrick issued a special notice to people on Facebook, that Zahn is being worked on and will indeed be out this year. 

 So we call all take a bill and relax! XD  I can't believe it's been over 3 years since the last issue.  Time just files.  (Hell this year is the 5th anniversary of this blog.  I can't believe it.)  Now, that's would be awfully long wait, if not for the many stories Zahn has been in through Strip Shower, Rapture, Boytoons etc.  Still, I can fully understand why people are starting to chomp on the bit so feverishly.  The last book did end in a major cliffhanger that left Cauldrons life possibly hanging in the balance!  At least fans can rest easy, knowing the answers are coming soon! 

 On top of this, Class has FINALLY announced Space Cadet #2 is on the way!  WOO HOO!  So yeah, Byron, you just squeeze on into that shot and push those other two aside.  Your #1 around here! Hee hee.  Joking, joking..But no I do love Space Cadet so much! So I am very excited.  More on that another day though...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Appreciative Adonix Orgy

In response to the amazing pieces of art given to him on his birthday in 2012, Adonix drew up a thank you greeting card.  The artists and I were very surprised and impressed with the orgy presented to us on the screen.  A capture of the feeling Adonix was feeling towards all the hot art.  I long kept this one private, but with his birthday coming again tomorrow, I felt it would be nice to finally present it to you blog followers.

Adonix has a brand new Tumblr site.  There is some old pieces and ton of new ones as well!  You can check it out here:

So what do I have in store for my dear friend?  Well, there just might be something to share here tomorrow! ;D  But for now, I will show you what I did get him.  As we all know, he is a HUGE Final Fantasy fan.  I had found a Chocobo mug on a gaming website a few weeks before his birthday.  The mug just had a simple image of the birds head, with some footprints on the opposite side.  Listings online had it going for way more then it was worth.  I was still determined to get it, until I found the one pictured below.

With a whole slew of Chocobos from various games and CLOUD too, how could I resist?  Heck, it was all I could do, to NOT get one for myself too!  It made the official mug look sad in comparison. I got double lucky that day, as the store also had a mug made featuring Adonix very favorite character of all: Squall Lionheat!  He got the mugs yesterday just in time for his birthday! (whew!)   His thanks were very heartfelt.  I was very happy he liked them so much.  He even took a picture of both them together:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mandusa Returns

I got a spiffy new picture of our Male Medusa character by FallenAngel.  Urbanmusiq/Leon De Leon and Aneroes drew him up a couple years ago.  He's been waiting patiently to return every since.  (And collecting thousands of hits in the process!)  He's crawled out of the darkness and into the light.  He's enjoying the warmth of the spring sun and sea air, just outside his temple, now that winter has ended.
This image was going to ring in the spring season.  It would have been perfect to do so, after yesterdays super warm weather.  Sadly, we were hit with a giant snow storm today.  It was so bad that most companies let their employees out early.  Will old man winter ever retire for the year?  >__<


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sketch of Smilo By Yelmo

Hey guys.  I have another wonderful sketch to share tonight.  This one was given to me just before Christmas last year by Yelmo.  (Ferv.)  For a long time I was using this as my avatar on Facebook. :D  The choice of paper makes it look like something from a very old sketch book.  I can see a young explorer, his heart aflutter, upon meeting Smilo along the tundras of Prehistoric Paradise.   Working up the courage and asking the young brave to stop for a moment, so that he may capture him for his own personal research. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sketches Of A Centaur

Tonight it is my pleasure to show you guys a bit of the creative process that went into creating Suiji Kǒudài. Caravaggia was the first to draw the character, but at the same time she was working, both Fallenangel and Maduinshorn were kind enough to also help bring him to life. Maduinshorns liked his concept and sent me two brilliant sketches. Both of them feature his horns. They were feature that almost got left on the drawing table, till I decided how to use them. (I always imagined him as having a dark side.) I love his take on the character. He's extraordinarily powerful looking and the horns complement that exponentially.  He looks like he fell out of some bad ass fighting anime based on Greek Mythology. 

Branches are always put to good use when a centaur wants to relax and enjoy a blow job from a human.  This was the fist sexual image of Suiji Kǒudài.  The warrior below him may one day have his story filled out.  He is an original creation of Maduinshorns. 
The second sketch image of Suiji Kǒudài  drawn by FallenAngel was accompanied by many different color schemes for the character.  He did up at lest 4 of these images.  It also featured his take on the Dojo landlord and his second take on the Teacher.  In his initial sketch of the centaur his bangs had a curve much like muttonchops.  (See below) 

With Maduinshorns, Fallen and Caravaggias help I was better able to conceptualize the character in my mind. I can't thank them enough for their guiding hands.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stone In The Grass

This is another 'not so little' something that was whipped for Leons birthday via a request from yours truly to the one and only WTJOHN.  Has been sometimes since the sexy buffness, provided by his pen has graced these blog pages, so I am more then thrilled to share him with you today.  He took on Urbanmusiqs Stone.  The great brutish warrior is enjoying a nice nap in the grass, cooled by a calm summer breeze. (What I wouldn't give for one of those days in this 30 below weather right now...)   He must be dreaming of Amron, cause his uncut member has grown to half mast and flopped down onto his hips. How cute.  I envy anyone walking past this vision. 
Stone was sent to me while I was at lunch.  I took a peek at him on my ipod and he busted the sides of the screen, trying to fill all that beefiness in!  Needless to say, I was full after that viewing.  No need for dessert, when John is drawing up such a fine main course.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tameh And Dore, Nesting Site Blow Job

Today Dore and Tameh get it on deep in a pteranodon nesting ground.  The two came to the cave with opposite reasons; one to hunt, the other to protect.  Dore has persuaded the egg thief to leave his friends eggs alone, by offering a protein feast from his cock.  Before blowing his load however, Dore decides he is gonna enjoy Tamehs riotous, rigid rod too.  As he gets sucked, his eyes become fixated on Dores dick.  Tameh cannot resit the site of Dores huge dick and massive balls.  He soon finds himself gravitating to it.  In the cool mist bedding the cave, the two enjoy each others dicks so much, it soon becomes a competition as to who can make the other cum more and who can consume the most sperm and precum.  Both extract a lot of boy honey.  As one sucks the other, they watch with keen eyes, the gathering pool form.  They dive for the others dick before it has a chance to run down their shafts.   How they love to lap up one anothers copious amounts of sweet precum from their mushroom heads and under each others foreskins.   After each orgasm they increase the suction on each others heads and deeply explore each others piss slits with their tongues.  They slurp and dig to make sure they every drop of delicious cum.  Tameh agrees that this manly breakfast is much better then eggs. 

This lovely image was drawn last month by in Jyagger.  He's a fairly new artist, his gallery not even being a year old as yet.  He is still open for commissions and I would recommend sending him an idea if you have something nice in mind.  As you can see, he creates some very powerful looking men!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Suiji Kǒudài In Fighters Fortune

 We're going to start off March with a continuation of our "Year of the Horse Celebration."  I got the second comic featuring Suiji Kǒudài drawn up by FallenAngel to share today.  I hope you enjoy our bizarre little manga!  We certainly had a blast writing and drawing it for you guys to enjoy.

And so all's well that ends well.  The Dojo is safe and Suiji is off to new adventures.  I have a few more ideas for Mr Suiji, plus some sketches and things to share, so this won't be the last of him, for sure.  Poor Fallen.  We started this back in January, but Fallen fell ill and it was put on hold till recently.   He's all better now and drawing like a mad man!  (And we wouldn't want it any other way!)  LOL.  


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