Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stone In The Grass

This is another 'not so little' something that was whipped for Leons birthday via a request from yours truly to the one and only WTJOHN.  Has been sometimes since the sexy buffness, provided by his pen has graced these blog pages, so I am more then thrilled to share him with you today.  He took on Urbanmusiqs Stone.  The great brutish warrior is enjoying a nice nap in the grass, cooled by a calm summer breeze. (What I wouldn't give for one of those days in this 30 below weather right now...)   He must be dreaming of Amron, cause his uncut member has grown to half mast and flopped down onto his hips. How cute.  I envy anyone walking past this vision. 
Stone was sent to me while I was at lunch.  I took a peek at him on my ipod and he busted the sides of the screen, trying to fill all that beefiness in!  Needless to say, I was full after that viewing.  No need for dessert, when John is drawing up such a fine main course.

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