Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vann In The Coils Of The Snake Men

Vann Illa, the Barbarian Elfs quest for some very mythical equipment is cut short, after a wrong lead lands him square in the snatches of two studly snake men.  He was ambushed and captured while trying to amscray out with their idol.  (An idol that does little more then release two horny snake men it would seem.)  Now he's chained to the floor in the pyramids deepest chamber, forced to endure penetration from their slimy, scaly, sixteen inch cocks.  They fill his ass and mouth with hot cum, over and over and over.  Having been locked up themselves for eons, cursed to guard the idol, they relish at the chance to finally release their pent up semen.  Eventually their passion will give way to exhaustion.  They will collapse and Vann will use his mighty strength to escape.    (And will probably use it to beat the crap out of whoever gave him this false lead.) 
This image was done by Aneros as you probably already assumed!  I had been wanting to do a story with Vann and some Egyptian snake men for a long time now.  I drew a lot of little sketches at work last year, but they all were tossed out by accident.  Aneros was nice enough to take on the concept from a description I gave and some very basic sketches. We decided to use Ali Aspen, because I haven't used him in forever and I think he fits the casting pretty perfectly. XD  This is certainly one of our more hard core Vann images we have done together.  It was a lot of fun to try to come up with these characters and keep them as 'human' as possible.  Aneros gave the boys some brilliant scales, that really make them pop out of the page.  I really enjoyed watching Aneros work on this one, as I always do.  I have been psyched for a week, waiting to post the final version for you all to enjoy!  I have to say that this image has inspired me to do more reptile and lizard like humans for our heroes to encounter. 

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