Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everett The Reluctant

Hey ho guys!  Been awhile, but we're back with style.  Today I proudly present Lastmanoutheres latest OC! He's the Giner Captain of young Edwards, Everett.  Oh Lastman does love his Ginger boys...XD While Everett is no boy.  He's a warrior, who's taken the time to better understand the world he lives in and who is and isn't truly worth protecting.  As you will soon read, he's no pigeon, who takes the world as it was presented to him.  Everett is the perfect Captain to guide Edwards on the proper path of 'patrolling.'  Here's hoping Lastmanouthere will pair the two of them together, showing Everett 'teaching' the young man, for us all to enjoy! His story is below!

In his youth, Captain Everett of the Outer Patroll was a rash, aggressive fellow.  He joined the ranks to make sure the unclean, corrupt outsiders would never gain access to the Citadel and destroy the last traces of civilization there.  It that had taken so much effort to preserve it after the great destructive cataclysms. As most artists, the discovery of his Art made it easy for him to rise through the ranks and eventually become Captain.

As he aged however and, more importantly came in contact with the population of the City outside of the Citadel, he begun to realize not all of what the Enlightened ones said was literally true, or even made sense. Everett during his patrols, came to know Pappa Marius and his family of exiles.  Though reticent he learned to appreciate these outsiders almost as much as he did the people in the Citadel. In particular he had a deep respect of the brave Seigfried and of Marius himself. It became harder and harder for him to carry on his duty as a protector of the Citadel and his Enlightened ones and at the same time not think of the outsiders as a threat to them.

In one of his rounds with Edwards, Everett and his other cadets stopped a brawl between a band of rogues from Reinhart's band, and Zachery and other of Marius's kids. This earned him the eternal scourge of the rogues, and appreciation from Zachery. Though a child back then, Everett felt a connection with the boy and dedicated himself to watch over him when his designated guardian Seigfried wasn't around,.  He did so with the purpose of gaining his heart and to eventually take him to the Citadel once Zachery was of age. This didn't happen, though, as the arrival of Alexander and the maelstrom of chaos he brought with him disrupted all of Everett's plans. Only his trusted underling Edwards knew of Everett's not-so-platonic love for Zachery, and the reluctance he feels to act upon these feelings given both their ages and their opposed backgrounds.

Everett's Art is called the Black Strobe, which slows and speeds up time as he pounces into his enemies, allowing him to confuse them and leave them open for more punishment. This is accompanied by a blinding succession of powerful light and unnatural darkness, which resembles the effects of a stroboscopic lamp. His letter is the Epsilon, shown in his chest badge.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Never Give Up The Crown

Hey guys!  It's Friday and I have the day off!  Guess what I am going to do? Well, first off I will be posting this wicked awesome piece by Darian821 of course! After that, it's time to get the Halloween decorations out of storage.  :P  It's never too early for Halloween and Cam, Class Comics big orange cutey, is in festive colous all year round!  

It was Patricks special day and while Cam is arguably the 'King Cat' of Class Comics, he's willing to let Patrick get a little of the spotlight.  As long as Patrick agrees to take his kings cane for a bit first that is!

Darian did a splendid job on the piece.  Making Cam look super adorable by combining aspects of his old and new self. Yup, we went for the circumcised Cam.  He looks so hot like this!  Check out the blush and the highlights in the hair.  VERY CUTE!   Darian even gave him some extreme girth.  Fuck, even Doctor Pupae would be proud of that crazy width!!!  He would probably be jealous he didn't do that Cam!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Emil Sucks and Fucks The Void

Alight so the story behind this blog post actually starts a year ago.  This goes back to last July and August, when I was doing projects for Patricks birthday with many talented artists.  I asked Genelightfoot to do piece where Emil Durand was fucking his 'grandson' Void.  That piece turned out beautifully, as you will see below.  Patrick was so smitten with it, that he asked if he could use it in Hook-Ups Meaty that was coming out at the end of summer.  We both agreed and the image made it's way into vol 2. Though sadly, a mistake was made and there was no mention of my role in it's creation.  (In fact, accidentally only one contribution was cited, out of I think 4 total.)  So if you have seen the Meaty volumes, don't think I am trying to take claim of being part of something I wasn't!!!
Anyway, let's get back on track.  I really loved seeing the fantasy come real of Emil and Void together.  I knew Patrick did too.  So this year for Patricks birthday  I splurged a little and asked Gene to do the piece below.  He did this in record time.  Which is something to note, because Gene has always worked very fast.  He did just before he moved to a new home.  I had no complaints, though he modestly said it could have been better.  I told him no way!  The only thing that was omitted due to lack of time was the cum shot from Emils cock. (Though that might look odd with him cumming over and over anyway!)  I was super happy with it, as was Mr. Fillion. I hope you will enjoy it as well! :)

Emils dick is still lubed from fucking Void. He takes advantage of that smooth goo to work his shaft all the way over his circumcised head.  He is enjoying every inch of his grandsons cock.  Getting right in there and wiggling his head as savours the spacey shaft!  Genelightfoot really outdoes himself with every piece!  

Here is the piece that was done last year. It's in the same area as you can see!  Void, drawn to Earth by Byron, is drawn back again by his Grandfather.  Emils rampage on the beach sent hormonal signals through space directly to Void.  Unable to resist the cock that created his father, he sets his course back to Earth.  Once there he teleports the two of them to a realm where Emil can let go of his Earthly bonds and inhibitions and partake in the immense pleasure that can only come of two titanic men making love to each other.

You noticed that I've censored it a little bit!!! You will have to get the Meaty to see Voids uber thick foreskin covered cock!!! XD  You can do so by clicking the link below!

Here is a bit of the creation process.  As you can see originally Gene was going to have Void playing with his nipples and his dick position was yet to be decided on.  

You can pick up the Meaty this image is in here: 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Zahn The Merman Plus: Saying It with Centaur Spray!

Hey guys! Summer is still blazing, despite back to school and I got two amazing pieces to keep it super hot all weekend.  These were done for Patrick Fillions birthday as well.  In a continuation of the men to mermaids theme we started back in 2014 with Locus, by Rubensome, we know have Zahn to add to the list.  All thanks to Yelmo, I very proudly present to you, Zahn the Little Merman Barbarian!   Though, let's face it, there's very little in regards to anything on Zahn.

Yelmos given us a first time look at what Zahn would be like swimming under the water.  His hair unfurled in a hot sexy mass adding to his already supreme hunkiness!  The lighting totally exemplifies every aspect of Yelmos wonderful work.  From the classic merman tail, to the exquisitely tight foreskin pinching the pink head of Zahn. One of his best works ever.

Now since we are on a mythological man kick, I decided to add to this post the gift Leon De Leon sent to Patrick for his birthday.  Leon did this as a pure gift, which was super kind of him.  We talked about 4, or 5 guys, but honestly I don't think either of us could top his desire to draw and my desire to see him draw the king of the centaurs again.  It wasn't hard to think of a pose, or a comedic twist to the idea.  Leon works with the swiftness of a racehorse. Leon just NAILS the character.  If they ever do make a comic featuring him, I would recommend him to try to take that on!

Strider Spraying It, Not Saying It!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bound To Zahn

Inspiration for this image came to me Aneros own insatiable hunger for the men I find on Tumblr. I often send him lots of goodies in hopes of creating some inspiration.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to ask him to drawn Zahn, or Cam for the piece, but the more I developed the kind of pose I wanted, the more we both leaned towards Zahn.  It was the snowflake necklace I found that pretty much sealed the deal. I had never seen anything that screamed that it was made for the character, that much before!  I wanted Zahn to be dealing with some love chains and it was Voider that decided that they belonged shacked to the base of his shaft. (How did I not figure that in?)  Good thing I work with such creative minds and amazing talents like him.  He even bestowed Zahn with a bit of a 5 o'clock shadow, that sent Patrick to heaven! XD

The king of cold, adores the icy metals touch on his skin.  The massive shackle at the base of his cock sends waves of pleasure up his shaft. Cum guzzles out at his dick tries to achieve a full orgasm again and again, tough contact with the metal alone. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spooky Surprise For Fillion

Hey guys! Another sweet treat for Patrick birthday came from myself and Xlyph. Always awesome to work with my old friend.  Xlyph enjoyed the idea so much, he had it done before I could say 'Boo.'  Speaking of boo, I wonder if sucking on Ghostboys dick tastes like Booberry? XD Well, I am never going to find out through experience, but his creator Patrick Fillion might be able to tell us.  Especially after an offering of a birthday blow job.  Seems Ghostboy doesn't mind getting a little suck off strange every now and again.  (At least after the events of 7 Days.)  Of course offering it to ones creator is hardly cheating.  Still, we promise we won't say a thing to Bruon GH. (wink.)

I hope you guys enjoy this wickedly beautiful treat from Xylph!  I know Patrick and I already have!  :D

Please check out his art at:

Friday, September 2, 2016

Cool Cummings! Or Class At The 2016 Olympic Games!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long delay between posts.  Life has been...not great.  What is great though, is the abundance of art I have to share with you.  Most of which was done in honour of Patrick Fillions 43rd birthday, which past last week.  I am going to start with the piece we spent the most time on, a Classy tribute to the 2016 Olympics, featuring the Main Men of Class!  The boys Zahn, Byron and Peter have joined the Canadian swim team.  No embarrassing antics here, unless you count how easily they kept slipping out of their speedos!  Man, picking out all those speedos was a lot of fun..

Of course they couldn't wait to get out of those tight speedos and let their boners bounce!  Now, if these guys get into any pee antics, any involvement with the law will be voluntary!!!  Fallen did a kick ass job on Peters circumcision scar and the tightness of Byrons foreskin on his moist pink head.  I wonder of Zahn would be asked to trim is hair a bit?  I think FallenAngel would be angrier than Zahn...


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