Saturday, September 10, 2016

Emil Sucks and Fucks The Void

Alight so the story behind this blog post actually starts a year ago.  This goes back to last July and August, when I was doing projects for Patricks birthday with many talented artists.  I asked Genelightfoot to do piece where Emil Durand was fucking his 'grandson' Void.  That piece turned out beautifully, as you will see below.  Patrick was so smitten with it, that he asked if he could use it in Hook-Ups Meaty that was coming out at the end of summer.  We both agreed and the image made it's way into vol 2. Though sadly, a mistake was made and there was no mention of my role in it's creation.  (In fact, accidentally only one contribution was cited, out of I think 4 total.)  So if you have seen the Meaty volumes, don't think I am trying to take claim of being part of something I wasn't!!!
Anyway, let's get back on track.  I really loved seeing the fantasy come real of Emil and Void together.  I knew Patrick did too.  So this year for Patricks birthday  I splurged a little and asked Gene to do the piece below.  He did this in record time.  Which is something to note, because Gene has always worked very fast.  He did just before he moved to a new home.  I had no complaints, though he modestly said it could have been better.  I told him no way!  The only thing that was omitted due to lack of time was the cum shot from Emils cock. (Though that might look odd with him cumming over and over anyway!)  I was super happy with it, as was Mr. Fillion. I hope you will enjoy it as well! :)

Emils dick is still lubed from fucking Void. He takes advantage of that smooth goo to work his shaft all the way over his circumcised head.  He is enjoying every inch of his grandsons cock.  Getting right in there and wiggling his head as savours the spacey shaft!  Genelightfoot really outdoes himself with every piece!  

Here is the piece that was done last year. It's in the same area as you can see!  Void, drawn to Earth by Byron, is drawn back again by his Grandfather.  Emils rampage on the beach sent hormonal signals through space directly to Void.  Unable to resist the cock that created his father, he sets his course back to Earth.  Once there he teleports the two of them to a realm where Emil can let go of his Earthly bonds and inhibitions and partake in the immense pleasure that can only come of two titanic men making love to each other.

You noticed that I've censored it a little bit!!! You will have to get the Meaty to see Voids uber thick foreskin covered cock!!! XD  You can do so by clicking the link below!

Here is a bit of the creation process.  As you can see originally Gene was going to have Void playing with his nipples and his dick position was yet to be decided on.  

You can pick up the Meaty this image is in here: 

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