Friday, September 16, 2016

Never Give Up The Crown

Hey guys!  It's Friday and I have the day off!  Guess what I am going to do? Well, first off I will be posting this wicked awesome piece by Darian821 of course! After that, it's time to get the Halloween decorations out of storage.  :P  It's never too early for Halloween and Cam, Class Comics big orange cutey, is in festive colous all year round!  

It was Patricks special day and while Cam is arguably the 'King Cat' of Class Comics, he's willing to let Patrick get a little of the spotlight.  As long as Patrick agrees to take his kings cane for a bit first that is!

Darian did a splendid job on the piece.  Making Cam look super adorable by combining aspects of his old and new self. Yup, we went for the circumcised Cam.  He looks so hot like this!  Check out the blush and the highlights in the hair.  VERY CUTE!   Darian even gave him some extreme girth.  Fuck, even Doctor Pupae would be proud of that crazy width!!!  He would probably be jealous he didn't do that Cam!

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