Friday, September 9, 2016

Zahn The Merman Plus: Saying It with Centaur Spray!

Hey guys! Summer is still blazing, despite back to school and I got two amazing pieces to keep it super hot all weekend.  These were done for Patrick Fillions birthday as well.  In a continuation of the men to mermaids theme we started back in 2014 with Locus, by Rubensome, we know have Zahn to add to the list.  All thanks to Yelmo, I very proudly present to you, Zahn the Little Merman Barbarian!   Though, let's face it, there's very little in regards to anything on Zahn.

Yelmos given us a first time look at what Zahn would be like swimming under the water.  His hair unfurled in a hot sexy mass adding to his already supreme hunkiness!  The lighting totally exemplifies every aspect of Yelmos wonderful work.  From the classic merman tail, to the exquisitely tight foreskin pinching the pink head of Zahn. One of his best works ever.

Now since we are on a mythological man kick, I decided to add to this post the gift Leon De Leon sent to Patrick for his birthday.  Leon did this as a pure gift, which was super kind of him.  We talked about 4, or 5 guys, but honestly I don't think either of us could top his desire to draw and my desire to see him draw the king of the centaurs again.  It wasn't hard to think of a pose, or a comedic twist to the idea.  Leon works with the swiftness of a racehorse. Leon just NAILS the character.  If they ever do make a comic featuring him, I would recommend him to try to take that on!

Strider Spraying It, Not Saying It!

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