Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ixy Is Excited About Lastmanoutheres Birthday!

First off I want to wish Lastmanouthere a very happy 29th birthday. You still don't look a day past 18! (You lucky %#$#@!!!!) XD We haven't seen much from Lastman these days, but I know that's going to change in a bit! To celebrate his 2012 birthday, I asked MiOworks and FallenAngel to take on some Ixy themed images for him. What better character for your end of the world birthday, then a sexy Mayan? :P Both artist did the images very quickly. In fact MiOs came in unexpectedly fast, which was just perfect. Looks like Ixy get's very excited by the thought of creamy birthday cake! :P I think we would all rather have the cream from that MiOworks created pillar, then any cake frosting. MiOworks created a big cuddly Ixy. I love how he's got his foot against the front of the frame. He looks like he's doing his best to squish as much of himself in there as he can. :P

Sit down to claim your present Lastman!

For Fallens gift I envisioned a scene were the Sun God Sibling (Another of Lastmans awesome characters) was handing Ixy some cake. His intentions are good, but he's smitten with Ixy and he's not paying attention to his heat. Looks like he over did it cutting that cake, trying to impress the Mayan hunk. Oops. I hope you enjoy this funny and silly image from FallenAngel!


  1. Happy Birthday !!! ^o^ I love Mio's colors ! And the crushed cake, hahaha !

  2. Gerry "Lastman"May 4, 2012 at 11:08 AM

    Thanks all for their effort and appreciation! While I have been very slow at drawing lately, I keep myself aware of you all guys :)



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