Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sun and Moon God Siblings Drawn by Astasia666

As promised here is the second half of Astasia666's latest works for me. The two gods of the sky seem perfect for her pen to take on. They are drawn with a sublime timeless beauty. They came out looking like two classic gods from antiquity. Very few Gods drawn this nicely were, ahem, as hung as this though!

The Sun God dances through the soft clouds. He carefully balances and keeps his orb of light from moving out of control as he races across the sky.

The moon God flashes his Moon Scepter. If you put this image above the Anuar one from yesterday, it almost looks like they are connected. :D

I really hope these images will inspire not only Lastmanouthere to draw more of these two, but possibly some future fan art as well. If you would like to see more of Astasias art, you can follow her Tumbr account. There's a lot of wild stuff here, you won't find anywhere else!

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