Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ixy Strikes a Pose By Luisazo

This is the newest image of Ixy, our sexy little Mayan priest. After Luisazo's astounding Nehme and Janatu image, I really wanted to him to return to our Mayan world. This time, taking on the star and his sidekick Tucatiuh too of course. I found a pose I liked and showed it to Luisazo. He liked it too, so from there it was a matter of determining the pose of the toucan dragon and the state of Ixy's foreskin. :P I thought it was really sweet that Luisazo decided to make the background a tribute to FallenAngels piece:

Ixy turned out incredibly handsome. He has a very princely face. I love that nose on him! :P His mighty Mayan cock with it's juicy pink tip peaking out is so hot. Luis did a super job of getting his costume down perfectly. It looks really fantastic. Tucatiuh is just too adorable. I love how smooth his beak looks and how long his neck is. The creature looks so cheerful. Just about as cheerful as I was when I received this image. Thanks so much Luis! :D


  1. Nicely done! Always nice to see more of Ixy (and Nehme and Janatu).

  2. I can never stop wondering at the talent all the artists display with my Ixy! I love the bold colors, the illumination, the lovely smile :)



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