Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday wishes to Maduinshorn 2012

For his birthday FallenAngel and I whipped a very special treat for our dear friend Maduinshorn. I picked two of his favorite video game characters, Sol-Badguy from Guilty Gear and Batsu from Rival Schools to appear together. Funny how Capcom never made a Vs game with the Guilty Gear people, eh? Seems like the next natural choice. Here Sol gets Batsu by surprise as he walks by. The quick surprising insertion of his index finger, hits Batsus male g-spot and he instantly orgasms all over the locker room floor. "Oops!" Sol realizes that this surprise attack wasn't very well thought out. He hardly got his big uncut dick hard before this match was over. Throwing up his hand, he sighs. "Oh well, there's always round two in the showers!"

This is the first time I ever requested any Rival Schools, or Guilty Gear characters for this blog, despite my fond memories for both games on my Playstation and Dreamcast. I really enjoyed the way Fallen captured these two. Especially the expression on Batsu as he tries to grip the lockers and that nice foreskin on Sol! XD
Once again, I hope you had a wonderful birthday Maduinshorn! Thanks for making so many days feel like birthdays for me throughout the year!


  1. Replies
    1. Fallen I wanted to tell you I appreciate it a lot this gift from you and Matthew! Thank you very much! =D

    2. Oh I'm Maduinshorn by the way, LOL.

    3. Maduishorn, your welcome, glad you enjoy it ^_^



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