Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anuar Caveman Cum Shot By Cray

Just over a year ago Lastmanouthere introduced us to the bone hunter brothers. A couple of caveman barbarian types that were hot very popular. I had a chance to commission Cray recently and after seeing his marvelous work with Conan, I wanted to see him exert his skills on Anuar. The friendly brother, loves to watch his buddies explode with joy. Who wouldn't want to make hot Bukkake friends with this warm and handsome caveman? Especially the way Cray captures him! :D

Cray did this image in just a few short hours on Thursday. He worked like mad on it, but never for a second skimped on any details, or tones. This image is a wonderful successor to his Conan piece. The image is given a perfect early morning mood with that wonderful salmon colored sunset. Perfect backdrop for some prehistoric lust! Anuar comes out breathtakingly strong, handsome and fucking built. That uncut cock screamed for so much attention, Anuar couldn't contain it anymore. He played with it and played with it, taking his hands away at just the last second before cumming time and again, before focusing back on the men, whos cocks dangled by his face. But as the caveman shot out their hot streams of cum on him, Anuars cock, flexing and bouncing against his massive legs, was brought past the point of no return. It erupted a mighty torrent of cum all over his leg and the warrior to the right of him.
Thanks so much Cray for doing such an incredibly detailed and freaking hot picture of Anuar. You certainly made his long awaited return a memorable one!

Okay this has almost nothing to do with the above post, but I am including it anyway. I was looking for some dinosaur stuff, the result of influence by Crays picture and I came across something I hadn't seen since I was a child. It's funny the cool things you forget even existed when you were young. I had one of these, in fact just about everyone I knew had something like it. It's a Game & Watch Ruler with a dinosaur pinball game in the middle. I was really excited to find this, as it was totally by accident. Of course the rulers were rip offs, but they were cool. Something fun to play around with while your teacher prattled on about something completely uninteresting. You just don't see cool stuff like this anymore. When I was a child I didn't put much value into these objects being that they were rip offs, but now, 20 years later, they seem like awesome artifacts from the long forgotten past. :P

There were also pure Game and Watch style rulers that had the typical black LCD characters on them. They were only holographic in nature and so no game could actually be played on them. Which was probably why I shunned them as a child, looking at them as a way to sucker kids out of money. Now, I think they are pretty creative and stylish.

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  1. Thats one hot caveman! I almost mistaken those rulers are fully functioning Game and Watch LOL*



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